1933 – The takeover of Hitler: Machtergreifung (00:08:59)
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1933 – The takeover of Hitler: Machtergreifung

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Location and time:

Germany, Berlin, 30-01-1933


On January 30, 1933, Adolf Hitler was officially sworn in as Chancellor in the Reichstag chamber with thousands of Nazi supporters looking on and cheering. In the March, 1933 elections the Nazis received 44 % of the vote. The party gained control of a majority of seats in the Reichstag through a formal coalition with the DNVP. After the Reichtag was set on fire (and the communists blamed for it) the Enabling Act gave Hitler dictatorial authority, passed by the Reichstag after the Nazis expelled the Communist deputies. Under the Enabling Act, the Nazi cabinet had the power to pass legislation just as the Reichstag did. The Act further specified that the cabinet could only approve measures submitted by the Chancellor (Hitler) and that it would lapse after four years time or upon the installation of a new government. The Enabling Act was dutifully renewed every four years, even during World War II.

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Catalan :

1933, segle XX, Adolf Hitler, antisemitisme, exèrcit, ària, ària persones, autocràtic, Berlín, el racisme biològic, la porta de Brandenburg, Canceller d'Alemanya, Colònia, derrota, dictador, dictadura, Egon Hanfstaengl, eleccions, el feixisme, foc, pirotècnia, Führer, genocidi, Imperi alemany, Party, alemanys, dol SA alemany dels treballadors-partit, Hans Mayer, Hans Tollman, Heil Hitler, Hermann Göring, Hindenburg, Hitler, ideologie joventut, Holocaust, Hitler, Isabelle von Papen, jueu, jueva, Josef Felder, Lebensraum, espai vital, Repressió, marxant SA, Marion Dönhoff, Mein Kampf, líder militar, la meva lluita, nacional-socialisme, nacional, Nationalsozialismus, Nazi, Nazi Alemanya, Nazi Party, nazisme, Neo-nazisme, nova ordre, NS grup socialista, polític, política, la pobresa, Reichsheer Reichskanzler Reichstag, Schleicher, Schutzstaffel insigne, convulsions, Runes de Sig, soldats, baralles de carrer, Stéphane Roussel, esvàstica, Tercer Reich, Tisa von der Schulenburg, totalitari, atur, Villa Schroeder, guerra, la Segona Guerra Mundial,

Italian :

1933, Novecento, Adolf Hitler, antisemitismo, esercito, Ariano, Ariano persone, autocratico, Berlino, biologico razzismo, porta di Brandeburgo, cancelliere della Germania, Colonia, sconfitta, dittatore, dittatura, Egon Hanfstaengl, elezioni, fascismo, fuoco, fuochi d'artificio, Führer, genocidio, Impero tedesco, il partito, tedeschi, dolore SA operaio tedesco-partito, Hans Mayer, Hans Tollman, Heil Hitler, Hermann Göring, Hindenburg, Hitler, Hitler youth, Olocausto, ideologie, Isabelle von Papen, ebreo, ebreo, Josef Felder, Lebensraum, lo spazio vivente, Machtergreifung, marciando SA, Marion Dönhoff, Mein Kampf, capo militare, la mia lotta, nazionalsocialismo, politico, nazionale, Nationalsozialismus, nazista, nazista Germania, nazista partito, nazismo, neonazismo, New Order, NS gruppo socialista, politica, povertà, Reichsheer Reichskanzler, Reichstag, Schleicher, Schutzstaffel insigne, sequestro, Sig rune, soldati, combattimenti di strada, Stéphane Roussel, svastica, terzo Reich, Tisa von der Schulenburg, totalitario, disoccupazione, Villa Schroeder, guerra, seconda guerra mondiale,

Korean :

1933, 20 세기, 아돌프 히틀러, Antisemitism, 군대, 아리아, 아리아 사람들, 독재, 베를린, 생물학 인종 차별 주의 브란덴부르크 문, 독일, 쾰른, 패배, 독재자, 독재의 장관, 에곤 Hanfstaengl, 선거, 파시즘, 화재, 불꽃, 총통, 대량 학살, 독일 제국, 독일 노동자 당, SA 독일인, 슬픔-파티, 한스 마이어, 한스 Tollman, 하 일 히틀러, 헤르만 괴링, 힌덴부르크, 히틀러, 히틀러 청소년, 홀로 코스트, ideologie, 이사벨 폰 Papen, 유태인, 유대인, 조세 프 펠 더, Lebensraum, 생활 공간Machtergreifung, 행진 하는 SA, Marion Dönhoff, Mein Kampf, 군사 지도자, 나의 투쟁, 국가 사회주의 국가 사회주의 Nationalsozialismus, 나치, 나치 독일, 나치 파티, 나치즘, 네오-독일 국가 사회주의 새로운 순서, NS 그룹, 정치인, 정치, 빈곤, Reichsheer, Reichskanzler, Reichstag, 슐라이허, 친위대 insigne, 발작, 시 그 룬 군인, 거리 싸움, Stéphane Roussel만 자, 제 3 제국, Tisa 폰 der Schulenburg, 전체 주의 실업, 빌라 슈뢰더, 전쟁, 제 2 차 세계 대전,

Sound Bite and conversation:

Roussel, Stéphane

(Journalist in Berlin) , speaking German:
-  "Since then two words could not leave my mind: „Hitler mobilizes“. This was a rehearsal and many more rehearsals were to come before the war broke out but it was visible that Hitler wanted to create machines out of the people."

Hitler, Adolf

(german conductor) , speaking German:
-  "“On January 30th in Germany the die was cast. And I do not believe that the opponents who laughed back then are still laughing today.” "

Felder, Josef

(Reichstag - representative) , speaking German:
-  "The party had to say no. But it did not have any influence any more. It could not put across its “no” against a powerful resistance."

Hitler, Adolf

(german conductor) , speaking German:
-  "... it is natural that a historical event like this, here or there, is accompanied by such sad phenomena ..."

Göring, Hermann

(soldier in Germany and the Soviet Union) , speaking German:
-  "“I do not have to serve justice. My task: destruction and eradication.”"

Tollman, Hans

(captive in Berlin, 1933) , speaking German:
-  "“I saw, when in our cellar, that they had thrashed a Jewish lawyer until he was bleeding.” "

Marion Dönhoff

(student in a german school, 1932) , speaking German:
-  "I always said: the combination of terror and success is unbeatable..."

Mayer, Hans

(German Jew) , speaking German:
-  "“We felt all this, that this was a turning point, but no-one guessed, that it was a decisive day for the whole century”."

Papen, Isabelle von

(Franz von Papen daughter) , speaking German:
-  "My father thought that there were enough left from the old cabinet and that they could control and bring Hitler to his senses, and work together with him, it would work out … but Hitler disappointed him."

Schulenburg, Tisa von der

(sculptress in 1933) , speaking German:
-  "They did not take him seriously enough. They rather mocked him because they could not imagine that once he would have such power."

Hitler, Adolf

(german conductor) , speaking German:
-  "“We are not tolerant. The goal that leads me on, is that I should sweep away all these thirty parties from Germany!“ "

Hanfstaengl, Egon

(son of Hitler’s press chief) , speaking German:
-  "“Many thought they could gobble up Hitler, hold him back. They thought they could bring Hitler into a decent, honourable system.“"

Hitler, Adolf

(german conductor) , speaking German:
-  "„...we won’t capitulate!“"

Roussel, Stéphane

(Journalist in Berlin) , speaking German:
-  "Hitler’s party lost votes, the state of the economy got a little bit better. The Nazi party was only successful because things were not going well."




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