1938 - Munich Conference: annexation of Czechoslovakia's Sudetenland (00:09:16)
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1938 - Munich Conference: annexation of Czechoslovakia's Sudetenland

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Location and time:

Germany, Munich, 30-09-1938


The Munich Agreement was an agreement regarding the Munich Crisis between the major powers of Europe after a conference held in Munich in Germany in 1938 and concluded on September 29. The purpose of the conference was to discuss the future of Czechoslovakia and it ended up surrendering much of that state to Nazi Germany. It stands as a major example of appeasement. Because Czechoslovakia was not invited to the conference, the Munich Agreement is commonly called the Munich Dictate by the Czechs. The phrase Munich betrayal is also frequently used, especially because of the military alliances between Czechoslovakia and France and between France and Britain, that were not taken into account.

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Haitian Creole :

1938, 1938 - Munich konferans, ke Nazis Adolf métrage, Hitler ke Nazis Adolf métrage, Arthur Neville, Arthur lan Neville Chamberlain, Baigneurs nan Wannsee, Benito Mussolini, sipòtè Alman, timoun ak flè, Czechlovaki, Czechs demontre, diktatè, Eberhard Grieser, Eduard Goldstücker, Almay, Gertrud Franke, Hans von Herwarth, Hermann Goering, Hitler, Hitler sou Obersalzberg, diskou Hitler a, kontra Munich, trayizon Munich, konferans Munich, Munich bouch epi pase lòd, Munich pak, Nazi, Almay Nazi, Nazism, métrage politik yo , Reinhardt Spitz, Ryszard Zysek, Sudeten Alman lib kò yo, Sudetenland, Walter Schmid, Werner Thimm, Wladyslav Bartoszewski, Wladyslav Szpilmann,

Hebrew :

1938, 1938 - ועידת מינכן, אדולף מדה, אדולף היטלר מדה, נוויל ארתור, ארתור נוויל צ'מברליין, מתרחצים בואנזה, בניטו מוסוליני, עידוד גרמנית, ילדים עם פרחים, צ'כוסלובקיה, הצ'כים להדגים, דיקטטור, אברהארד Grieser, אדוארד Goldstücker, גרמניה, גרטרוד Franke, האנס פון Herwarth, הרמן גרינג, היטלר, היטלר על באוברזלצברג, הנאום של היטלר, הסכם מינכן, מינכן בגידה, ועידת מינכן, מינכן להכתיב, הסכם מינכן, נאצי, גרמניה הנאצית, הנאציזם, פוליטיקה מדה , שפיץ ריינהרדט, רישרד Zysek, הסודטים הגרמני בחינם חיל, חבל הסודטים, וולטר שמיד, ורנר Thimm, מקבלי התואר לשנת Wladyslav, Wladyslav Szpilmann,

Russian :

1938, 1938 - Мюнхен Конференции, Адольф кадры, кадры Адольф Гитлер, Артур Neville, Артур Neville Chamberlain, купающихся в Ванзее, Бенито Муссолини, аплодисменты немецкий, дети с цветами, Чехословакия, чехи демонстрируют, диктатор, Eberhard Гризер, Эдуард Goldstücker, Германия, Гертруда Franke, Ганс фон Herwarth, Герман Геринг, Гитлер, Гитлер на Оберзальцберге, Гитлер речи, Мюнхенского соглашения, предательство Мюнхен, Мюнхен Конференции, диктовать, Мюнхен, Мюнхен Пакт, нацистской, нацистской Германии, нацизм, политика кадры , Reinhardt шпица, Рышард Zysek, немецкий Судетские свободный корпус, Sudetenland, Уолтер Шмид, Вернер Thimm, известного Бартошевский, известного Szpilmann,

Sound Bite and conversation:

Franke, Gertrud

(Sudeten German at the Munich conference) , speaking German:
-  "I threw flowers to Hitler as well, just like so many other people and I was crying in happiness. The charisma Hitler had- and a lot of people can affirm, who were very near to him-, cannot be expressed in words. "

Chamberlain Neville, Arthur

(Prime Minister of the United Kingdom) , speaking English:
-  "In my opinion the result achieved in the Czechoslovakian question is only the first step towards a solution which might bring peace for whole Europe. "

Goldstücker, Eduard

(Czech diplomat) , speaking German:
-  "This was an awful betrayal on behalf of our allied, who ever since the foundation of Czechoslovakia kept ensuring us that they guarantee our safety and freedom. We had been betrayed. "

Schmid, Walter

(The Ministry's of Foreign Affairs colleague) , speaking German:
-  "When we heard about the result of the Munich conference we were all satisfied – this was true for the population as well -, that we could avoid a war this way. Of course we didn’t know that Hitler’s intentions were totally different than those known by the public. "

Hitler, Adolf

(german conductor) , speaking German:
-  "This is my last territorial demand from Europe, but this is a demand from which I will not back off. I must fulfill it. I have made an offer for Mr. Benes. The main point is the same he has already ensured us. The decision is in his hand: War or peace. He is going to accept the offer and finally he is going to give back Germans their freedom; otherwise we will press him to do it. "

Chamberlain Neville, Arthur

(Prime Minister of the United Kingdom) , speaking English:
-  "I will meet the German Chancellor because I think that the negotiation might be successful. My policy has always been to ensure peace. "

Goldstücker, Eduard

(Czech diplomat) , speaking German:
-  "On the next day there was a big demonstration – the biggest ever organized in Czechoslovakia. It was in front of the parliament of that time, the Rudolphinum, where they called on the government to resign. They demanded a new government, one which was elected and ready to protect the country. "

Hitler, Adolf

(german conductor) , speaking German:
-  "Mr Benes cannot give presents to Sudetenland Germans. They have right to their own lives just like any other people. The Germans in Czechoslovakia are neither defenseless nor abandoned. "

Spitzy, Reinhard

(Hitler’s rapporteur) , speaking German:
-  "It was a strange situation. Hitler didn’t intend to have the Anschluss yet, he only wanted the national-socialist party to govern in Austria. On the other hand he thought, that once the reports on France and England were positive and there was no Russian threat, why not to make this step. "

Goldstücker, Eduard

(Czech diplomat) , speaking German:
-  "Anytime the Czech government had accepted the conditions the Germans in Sudetenland came up with bigger and bigger demands so that there no agreement could be signed. "

Hitler, Adolf

(german conductor) , speaking German:
-  "As a member of German society and a citizen of the Empire I announce that my homeland has joined the German Empire. "




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