1949 - The Separation: The founding of the East and West German States (00:09:02)
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1949 - The Separation: The founding of the East and West German States

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Location and time:

Germany, Bonn, 23-05-1949


On May 23rd, 1949, the Federal Republic of Germany was established. In 1949, during the Berlin Blockade, Western forces airlifted food and supplies into West Berlin after it had been cut off from Soviet-controlled East Berlin . West Germany benefited from the American Marshall Plan for the reconstruction of Europe after the war and was a founding state of the European Union. The reconstructed West Germany once again became one of the world"s major economies and the democracy was reconstructed.

Sound Bite and conversation:

Taylor, Ostrander

(Member of US Supreme Command) , speaking English:
-  "One could say that upon the defeat of that regime, that there wasn’t much right of any kind left for the German people. "

Annan, Lord Noel

(Member of British Supreme Comand ) , speaking English:
-  "I’m afraid you’re perfectly right when you say that the military government often thought of the German politicians as bloody nuisances who had no power and no real reason for being there. "

John, Antonius

(Journalist in Bonn) , speaking German:
-  "This republic was established based on the so-called Frankfurt Documents, a letter from the Allied Forces to the President, a kind of constitution. That means it originated from the Allied countries, a kind of green light, and I always considered that a flaw. "

Schumacher-Hellmold, Otto

(journalist in Bonn) , speaking German:
-  "Well, he was a good listener. He was patient and let people finish their thoughts. To a certain extent, he set the stage for results that were in accordance with his concept. "

Rühl, Lothar

(employed by the Parliamentary Committee) , speaking German:
-  "There were quite a few politicians who didn’t want the Basic Law at all because they said that it would be a roundabout way to reunification.. "

Hamm-Brücher, Hildegard

(City Councilor in Munich) , speaking German:
-  "Simply because it was important for every single West German to emerge from the misery, and any particular empathy or the particular thought that this was impossible for a part of the Germans – that was gone. Simply gone. "

Annan, Lord Noel

(Member of British Supreme Comand ) , speaking English:
-  "He wanted, of course, a Rheinland and a good Catholic-dominated politics in Western Germany. "

John, Antonius

(Journalist in Bonn) , speaking German:
-  "Tactical reasons played an important role – and practical considerations. And I want to express myself very cautiously: practical considerations which had a little “help”. And there was indeed even then also a committee to investigate bribery. "

Heubl, Franz

(founding member of CSU) , speaking German:
-  "It was the passion to create a state that could have international recognition and that would give its people at home a real future. A state that would communicate hope to the younger generation and be in the position to reconstruct itself economically in order to guarantee a secure social system. "




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