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1972 - Khim Phuc: a girl from Vietnam

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Location and time:

Vietnam, Trang Bang, 08-06-1972


On June 8th, 1972, South Vietnamese planes dropped a napalm bomb on the village of Trang Bang, Vietnam, suspected by US Army forces of being a Viet Cong stronghold. Kim Phuc Phan Thi (born 1963) was a resident of Trang Bang and after being severely burned in the attack, she fled naked from her village. Her escape was caught on film by Associated Press photographer Nick Ut and the image became one of the most remembered images of the Vietnam War. The photograph earned Ut a Pulitzer Prize. After taking the photograph, Ut promptly took Thi to a hospital in Saigon where it was determined that her burns were so severe that she would not survive. However, after 14 months of medical attention, she returned home. When she was an adult, due to pressure from people to use her as an anti-war symbol she requested permission from the Vietnam government to go to Cuba to resume her studies. By this time she had converted from her family’s religion of Cao Dai to Christianity. Pham Van Dong, the Prime Minister of Vietnam at the time, became a friend and patron of the girl. She then moved to Cuba, after receiving permission, and met Bui Huy Tuan. They married and, in 1992, they went on a honeymoon. During an airplane refueling stop in Gander, Newfoundland, Canada, they got off the plane and defected to Canada. They now live in Toronto and have two children. In 1996, she met with (and expressed forgiveness for) the American officer who ordered the strike; she also met the surgeons who saved her life. On November 10th, 1997, Thi was named a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador. On October 22nd, 2004, Thi was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Law from York University in Toronto, Ontario, Canada for her work to aid child victims of war around the world.

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Arabic :

1972، ولقطات الفيديو الجيش، تفجير، تفجير بانج ترانغ، "الحزب الشيوعي"، دورفيديلي، هانس شيشير، جون بلامر، جون بلامر في الكنيسة، كيم فوك، كيم فوك في هافانا، والده كيم فوكس مع أخيها الميت، النزول من مشاة البحرية، لقطات الفيديو العسكري، والعسكري، النابالم، والنابالم سحابة، نك Ut طائرات الهليكوبتر، والبروفيسور زيلنر، الجندي لقطات الفيديو، بدء الولايات المتحدة طائرات، الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية، فيتنام، حرب فيتنام، وحرب فيتنام لقطات الفيديو، والحرب، والزفاف,

Bulgarian :

1972, армия видео кадри, бомбардировки, бомбардирането на взрив Trang, комунистическата партия, Dorfidylle, Ханс Scheicher, Джон Плъмър, Джон Плъмър в църква, Ким Phuc, Ким Phuc в Хавана, Ким Phucs майка с брат си мъртъв, морски пехотинци слязат, военни, военни видео кадри, напалм, напалм облак, Ник Ut хеликоптери, професор Зелнер, войник видео кадри, Старт САЩ джетове, САЩ, Виетнам, войната във Виетнам, войната във Виетнам видео кадри, война, сватба,

Catalan :

1972, seqüències de vídeo de l'exèrcit, bombardejos, bombardeig de Trang Bang, Partit Comunista, Dorfidylle, Hans Scheicher, John Plummer, John Plummer a l'església, Kim Phuc, Kim Phuc a l'Havana, Kim Phucs mare amb el seu germà mort, Infanteria de Marina desembarquen, seqüències de vídeo militars, militars, Napalm, napalm núvol, Nick Ut helicòpters, Professor Zellner, soldat d'imatges de vídeo, començament U.S. dolls, EUA, Vietnam, guerra del Vietnam, seqüències de vídeo de guerra del vietnam, guerra, casament,

Chinese Simplified :

1972, 陆军视频镜头, 轰炸, 在董里爆炸, 共产党, Dorfidylle, 汉斯 Scheicher, 约翰的轴承, 约翰在教堂, 金 Phuc, 金 Phuc 在哈瓦那, 金 Phucs 母亲与她死去的弟弟, 海军陆战队下船, 军事, 军事视频镜头, 凝固汽油弹, 凝固汽油弹云, 尼克. Ut 直升机, Zellner 教授, 士兵视频镜头, 美国喷气机, 美国, 越南, 越南战争, 越南战争视频镜头, 战争, 婚礼,

Chinese Traditional :

1972, 陸軍視頻鏡頭, 轟炸, 在董裡爆炸, 共產黨, Dorfidylle, 漢斯 Scheicher, 約翰的軸承, 約翰在教堂, 金 Phuc, 金 Phuc 在哈瓦那, 金 Phucs 母親與她死去的弟弟, 海軍陸戰隊下船, 軍事, 軍事視頻鏡頭, 凝固汽油彈, 凝固汽油彈雲, 尼克. Ut 直升機, Zellner 教授, 士兵視頻鏡頭, 美國噴氣機, 美國, 越南, 越南戰爭, 越南戰爭視頻鏡頭, 戰爭, 婚禮,

Czech :

1972, armáda videozáznam, bombardování, bombardování Trang Bang, komunistická strana, Dorfidylle, Hans Scheicher, John Plummer, John Plummer v kostele, Kim Phuc, Kim Phuc v Havaně, Kim Phucs matka s bratrem mrtvého, námořníci vystoupit, vojenské, vojenské videozáznamy, Napalm, napalm cloud, Nick Ut vrtulníky, profesor Zellner, vojáku videozáznam, Start USA tryskami, USA, Vietnamu, vietnamské války, video záběry války ve Vietnamu, válka, svatba,

Danish :

1972, hær videofilm, bomber, bombning af Trang Bang, kommunistiske parti, Dorfidylle, Hans Scheicher, John Plummer, John Plummer i kirken, Kim Phuc, Kim Phuc i Havana, Kim Phucs mor med hendes døde bror, Marines landsættes, militær, militære video optagelser, Napalm, napalm cloud, Nick Ut Helicopters, Professor Zellner, soldat videofilm, Start U.S. jets, USA, Vietnam, Vietnam-krigen, vietnam-krigen videofilm, krig, bryllup,

Dutch :

1972, leger videobeelden, bombardementen, bombardementen van Trang Bang, communistische partij, Dorfidylle, Hans Scheicher, John Plummer, John Plummer in kerk, Kim Phuc, Kim Phuc in Havana, Kim Phucs moeder met haar dode broer, Marines ontschepen, militair, militaire videobeelden, Napalm, napalm wolk, Nick Ut Helicopters, Professor Zellner, videobeelden, Start U.S. soldier stralen, Verenigde Staten, Vietnam, Vietnam oorlog, videobeelden van de vietnam oorlog, oorlog, bruiloft,

Estonian :

1972, armee videomaterjali, pommitamine, pommitamine Trang Bang, Kommunistliku Partei, Dorfidylle, Hans Scheicher, John Plummer, John Plummer kirikus, Kim Phuc, Kim Phuc Havannas, Kim Phucs ema koos surnud vennaga Marines maha minna sõjaväe, sõjaväe videomaterjal Napalm, napalm pilve, Nick Ut helikopterid, Professor Zellner, sõdur videomaterjali, Start U.S. joad, USA, Vietnam, Vietnami sõda, Vietnami sõja videomaterjali, sõda, Pulmad,

Finnish :

1972, armeijan videomateriaalia pommitukset, pommitukset Trang Bang, kommunistisen puolueen, Dorfidylle, Hans Scheicher, John Plummer, John Plummer kirkko, Kim Phuc, Kim Phuc Havannassa Kim Phucs äiti kuollut veljensä kanssa merijalkaväen poistua, sotilas, sotilaallinen videomateriaalia Napalm, napalm pilvi, Nick Ut helikopterit, professori Zellner, sotilas videomateriaalia, Aloita US suihkukoneet, Yhdysvallat, Vietnam, Vietnamin sodasta Vietnamin sodan videomateriaalia, häät,

French :

1972, les séquences vidéo armée, attentat à la bombe, bombardement de Trang Bang, parti communiste, Dorfidylle, Hans Scheicher, John Plummer, John Plummer dans l’église, Kim Phuc, Kim Phuc à la Havane, la mère de Kim Phucs avec son frère décédé, le débarquement de Marines, des séquences vidéo militaire, militaire, Napalm, napalm nuage, Nick Ut Helicopters, professeur Zellner, soldat de séquences vidéo, Start U.S. jets, USA, Vietnam, guerre du Vietnam, guerre du Viêt Nam de séquences vidéo, guerre, mariage,

German :

1972, Armee Videomaterial, Bombardierung, Bombardierung von Trang Bang, kommunistische Partei, Dorfidylle, Hans Scheicher, John Plummer, John Plummer in Kirche, Kim Phuc, Kim Phuc in Havanna, Kim Phucs Mutter mit ihren toten Bruder Marines aussteigen, Militär, Militär Videoaufnahmen Napalm, Cloud, Nick Ut Helicopters, Professor Zellner napalm, Videomaterial, Start U.S. Soldat jets, USA, Vietnam, Vietnam-Krieg, Vietnam Krieg Videomaterial, Krieg, Hochzeit,

Haitian Creole :

1972, métrage vidéo lame, babondaj, babondaj detonasyon Trang, pati kòminis la, Dorfidylle, Hans Scheicher, John Plummer, John Plummer nan legliz, Kim Phuc, Kim Phuc la, manman Kim Phucs ak mouri frè l' la, nan gad kòt yo débarquement, militè, militè vidéo métrage, napal, napal, nwaj, Nick Ut Hélicoptères, pwofesè Zellner, sòlda, vidéo métrage, aux kòmanse dyèt nan Etazini, Vyetnam, lagè Vyètnam, lagè Vyètnam vidéo métrage, lagè, maryaj,

Hebrew :

1972, קטעי וידאו צבא, בפיגוע, הפצצת טראנג באנג, המפלגה הקומוניסטית, Dorfidylle, הנס Scheicher, ג'ון פלאמר, ג'ון פלאמר בכנסייה, קים פוק, קים פוק בהוואנה, קים Phucs אמא עם אחיה המת, נחתים לרדת, קטעי וידאו, צבא, צבא נאפלם, נאפלם ענן, ניק Ut מסוקים, פרופסור צלנר, חייל קטעי וידאו, ארה ב התחל ג'טס, ארה ב, וייטנאם, מלחמת וייטנאם, קטעי וידאו של מלחמת וייטנאם, המלחמה, חתונה,

Hindi :

1972, सेना वीडियो फुटेज, बमबारी, स्ट्रांग बैंग के बम विस्फोट, कंयुनिस्ट पार्टी, Dorfidylle, हंस Scheicher, जॉन प्लंमर, चर्च में जॉन प्लंमर, किम Phuc, किम Phuc में हवाना, किम Phucs मां उसके मृत भाई के साथ, मरीन लगना, सैंय, सैंय वीडियो फुटेज, napalm, napalm बादल, निक यूटी हेलीकाप्टरों, प्रोफेसर Zellner, सैनिक वीडियो फुटेज, शुरू अमेरिकी जेट विमानों, संयुक्त राज्य अमेरिका, वियतनाम, वियतनाम युद्ध, वियतनाम युद्ध वीडियो फुटेज, युद्ध, वेडिंग,

Indonesian :

1972, cuplikan-cuplikan video tentara, bom, bom Trang Bang, Partai Komunis, Dorfidylle, Hans Scheicher, John Plummer, John Plummer di gereja, Kim Phuc, Kim Phuc di Havana, Kim Phucs ibu dengan kakaknya mati, Marinir turun, militer, militer cuplikan-cuplikan video, Napalm, napalm awan, Nick Ut helikopter, Profesor Zellner, prajurit cuplikan-cuplikan video, mulai U.S. jet, Amerika Serikat, Vietnam, Perang Vietnam, cuplikan-cuplikan video perang vietnam, perang, pernikahan,

Italian :

1972, riprese video esercito, bombardamento, bombardamento di Trang Bang, partito comunista, Dorfidylle, Hans Scheicher, John Plummer, John Plummer in chiesa, Kim Phuc, Kim Phuc a L'Avana, madre di Kim Phucs con suo fratello morto, Marines sbarcano, militare, militari riprese video, Napalm, napalm nube, Nick Ut Helicopters, Professor Zellner, soldato riprese video, U.S. Start getti, USA, Vietnam, guerra del Vietnam, guerra del vietnam riprese video, guerra, matrimonio,

Japanese :

1972 年、陸軍映像、爆撃、爆撃のトランバン、共産党、Dorfidylle、ハンス ・ Scheicher、ジョン ・ プラマー、教会のジョン ・ プラマー、金 Phuc、ハバナ、死んだ兄とキム ・ Phucs 母の金 Phuc 海兵隊上陸、軍事、軍事のビデオ映像ナパーム弾、ナパーム弾にクラウド、ニック Ut ヘリコプター、教授ツェルナー、ビデオ映像、開始の米国の兵士のジェット機、米国、ベトナム、ベトナム戦争、ベトナム戦争映像、戦争、結婚式,

Korean :

1972 년 육군 영상, 폭탄, 폭격 트 랑 빅뱅, 공산당, Dorfidylle, Hans Scheicher, 존 플 러 머, 존 플 러 머 교회에서, 김 Phuc, 하바나, 그녀의 죽은 동생과 함께 김 Phucs 어머니 김 Phuc 해병대 상륙, 군사, 군사 영상, 네이팜, 클라우드, 닉 Ut 헬기, 교수 Zellner 네이팜, 영상, 시작 미국 군인 제트기, 미국, 베트남, 베트남 전쟁, 베트남 전쟁 영상, 전쟁, 웨딩,

Norwegian :

1972, hæren videoopptak, bombingen, bombingen av Trang Bang, kommunistpartiet, Dorfidylle, Hans Scheicher, John Plummer, John Plummer i kirken, Kim Phuc, Kim Phuc i Havana, Kim Phucs mor med broren døde Marines land, militære, militære videoopptak, Napalm, napalm Sky, Nick Ut Helicopters, Professor Zellner, soldat videoopptak, Start U.S. jets, USA, Vietnam, Vietnam-krigen, Vietnamkrigen videoopptak, krig, bryllup,

Polish :

1972, armia materiału wideo, bombardowania, bombardowania Trang Bang, partii komunistycznej, Dorfidylle, Hans Scheicher, John Plummer, John Plummer w kościele, Kim Phuc Kim Phuc w Hawanie, Kim Phucs matki z jej zmarły brat, Marines wysiadają, wojskowych, wojskowych materiałów wideo, Napalm, Chmura, Nick Ut helikoptery, profesor Zellner napalm, żołnierz materiału wideo, Start U.S. jets, USA, Wietnamu, wojny w Wietnamie, materiału wideo wojny w Wietnamie, wojny, ślub,

Portuguese :

1972, imagens de vídeo de exército, bombardeamento, bombardeio de Trang Bang, partido comunista, Dorfidylle, Hans Scheicher, John Plummer, John Plummer em igreja, Kim Phuc, Kim Phuc em Havana, mãe de Kim Phucs com seu irmão morto, desembarcam fuzileiros, militar, militar imagens de vídeo, Napalm, napalm nuvem, Nick Ut Helicopters, Professor Zellner, soldado imagens de vídeo, iniciar U.S. jatos, EUA, Vietnã, guerra do Vietnã, guerra do Vietnã vídeos, guerra, casamento,

Romanian :

1972, filmul video armata, bombardamente, bombardarea Trang Bang, Partidul Comunist, Dorfidylle, Hans Scheicher, John Plummer, John Plummer în biserică, Kim Phuc, Kim Phuc în Havana, Kim Phucs mama cu fratele ei mort, debarca marini, militare, militar înregistrări video, Napalm, napalm nor, Nick Ut Helicopters, profesorul Zellner, soldat material video, Start U.S. jet-uri, SUA, Vietnam, războiul din Vietnam, imagini video de la războiul din vietnam, războiul, nunta,

Russian :

1972, армия видео кадры, бомбардировки, бомбардировки Trang Bang, Коммунистическая партия, Dorfidylle, Ханс Scheicher, Джон Пламмер, Джон Пламмер в церкви, Ким Фук, Ким Фук в Гаване, мать Ким Phucs с братом мертвых, высадки морских пехотинцев, армия, военные видео кадры, напалмовые, напалмовые облако, Ник Ut вертолеты, профессор Целльнер, солдат видеоматериалы, начало США самолетов, США, Вьетнам, войны во Вьетнаме, видео кадры войны во Вьетнаме, война, свадьба,

Vietnamese :

năm 1972, quân cảnh quay video, bom, bom Trang Bang, Đảng Cộng sản, Dorfidylle, Hans Scheicher, John Plummer, John Plummer trong nhà thờ, Kim phúc, Kim phúc ở Havana, bà mẹ Kim Phucs với anh trai của cô đã chết, thủy quân lục chiến xuống, quân sự, quân sự cảnh quay video, bom napalm, bom napalm mây, Nick Ut Helicopters, giáo sư Zellner, người lính cảnh quay video, bắt đầu U.S. máy bay phản lực, Mỹ, Việt Nam, chiến tranh Việt Nam, cảnh quay video của chiến tranh Việt Nam, chiến tranh, đám cưới,

Sound Bite and conversation:

Phuc, Kim

(Napalm victim) , speaking English:
-  "He was holding my hands, crying and crying like a little boy."

Plummer, John

(Captain of the US-Army) , speaking English:
-  "When I saw her in the TV, the thought hit me, to maybe finish off this story now. I was hoping that she could forgive me and finally takes the guilt from my shoulders, the weight, which I was carrying for so long."

Plummer, John

(Captain of the US-Army) , speaking English:
-  "After ten years of self-ruin and alcoholism, I decided to change my life. An eight-year long process started, when I tried to expose my wartime experiences and my other guilt coming from that."

Phuc, Kim

(Napalm victim) , speaking English:
-  "Since then, I have nightmares very often. My body was very flimsy and I had very sharp pain. I always had to cry."

Phuc, Kim

(Napalm victim) , speaking English:
-  "The government sent me to Cuba, for training."

Phuc, Kim

(Napalm victim) , speaking English:
-  "I knew I was always under control. I have been always thinking about, how I could be free and do whatever I want. This was my dream. "

Plummer, John

(Captain of the US-Army) , speaking English:
-  "Returning back from Vietnam, I arrived to nothing. My marriage was spoiled. I had nightmares from the case which happened to the little girl in Trang Bang, and as I had nobody to share my wounds, I took refuge in alcohol."

Plummer, John

(Captain of the US-Army) , speaking English:
-  "When I first saw the photo and recognized the location, Trang Bang, there was no doubt for me anymore that this was the result of the air-attack that happened because of my command two days before. I felt like a slap in my face. As I looked at the picture, the pain and suffering on the children‘s face, their scared eyes – I knew that this was the result of something done by me. "

Phuc, Kim

(Napalm victim) , speaking English:
-  "I was running for a while. Then I felt hotness and became very tired suddenly. There were a lot of people on the streets and I asked for help. I was thirsty, and wanted to drink some water. Finally a soldier helped me. I kept on reiterating, that it is too hot, too hot."

Ut, Nick

(photographer in Vietnam) , speaking English:
-  "Some minutes later I heard the children shouting. They yelled its too hot, too hot. Somebody was asking for help. Then four or five children came and I ran up to them, to take some pictures. Then I glanced at the naked girl. I asked her, what happened. I took the picture about Kim Phuc, when she started to walk towards me. "

Plummer, John

(Captain of the US-Army) , speaking English:
-  "The air-action was successful. Everything happened according to the plan. "

Plummer, John

(Captain of the US-Army) , speaking English:
-  "The target was dug hostile units in the border of Trang Bang village. I was worrying about the civil inhabitants, so I asked about the situation twice, not to attack civilians, before I gave out the command to release the bombs."

Plummer, John

(Captain of the US-Army) , speaking English:
-  "Everything I could tell in my tears was that I am sorry. I did not want to hurt you. I am so sorry."

Phuc, Kim

(Napalm victim) , speaking English:
-  "I am not angry with John Plummer, even though he gave out the command to attack. I forgive him."




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