Bootcamp 2.: Department of Corrections in State of Illinois, USA (00:09:37)

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Bootcamp 2.: Department of Corrections in State of Illinois, USA

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Location and time:

USA, Illinois, 1998


The Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC) was established in 1970. During its creation, the agency combined administration of all state prisons, juvenile centers and adult and juvenile parole services under one direction for the first time. The creation of the training academy followed in 1974, which helped set the foundation of training the best staff possible for the agency’s correctional facilities. On July 1, 2006, the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice was formed, which separated the adult and juvenile corrections systems. When IDOC originated, Illinois only operated seven adult facilities. Since that time, stricter laws have resulted in increased sentencing and longer terms. To address this steady increase in the inmate population, the agency today operates 27 adult correctional centers as well as various work camps, boot camps and adult transition centers.

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Arabic :

إدارة السجون، إلينوي، السجون، والعدالة، والسجين، والبرنامجين، الشرطة، الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية، المخيم،,

Bulgarian :

Министерството на корекции, Илинойс, затвори, правосъдие, затворник, bootcamp, полицията, САЩ, лагер, ,

Catalan :

Departament de correccions, Illinois, centres penitenciaris, justícia, presoner, bootcamp, policia, EUA, campament, ,

Chinese Simplified :

部的更正、 伊利诺伊州、 监狱、 司法、 囚犯、 训练营,警察,美国,营地,,

Danish :

Institut for korrektioner, Illinois, fængsler, retfærdighed, fange, bootcamp, politi, USA, lejr, ,

Dutch :

Ministerie van correcties, Illinois, gevangenissen, justitie, gevangene, bootcamp, politie, USA, kamp, ,

Estonian :

Department of parandused, Illinois, vanglates, õigus, vang, bootcamp, politsei, USA, camp, ,

Finnish :

Department of korjaukset, Illinois, vankiloissa, oikeudenmukaisuus, vanki, bootcamp, poliisi, USA, leiri, ,

German :

Department of Corrections, Illinois, Gefängnisse, Justiz, Gefangener, Bootcamp, Polizei, USA, Lager, ,

Haitian Creole :

Depatman koreksyon, Ilinwa, jete yo nan prizon, jistis, prizonye, bootcamp, polis nan Etazini, kan, ,

Hebrew :

מחלקת תיקונים, אילינוי, בתי כלא, צדק, אסיר, תוכנת אתחול, משטרה, ארה ב, במחנה, ,

Hindi :

सुधार के विभाग, इलिनोइस, जेलों, न्याय, कैदी, bootcamp, संयुक्त राज्य अमेरिका, शिविर, पुलिस,

Indonesian :

Department of Corrections, Illinois, penjara, keadilan, tahanan, bootcamp, polisi, USA, kamp, ,

Korean :

, 일리노이, 형무소, 사법, 죄수, bootcamp, 경찰, 미국, 캠프, ,

Norwegian :

Institutt for rettelser, Illinois, fengsler, rettferdighet, fange, bootcamp, politi, USA, leiren, ,

Spanish :

Departamento de correcciones de Illinois, prisiones, justicia, preso, bootcamp, policía, Estados Unidos, campo, ,




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Original video: Bootcamp 1.: Department of Corrections in State of Illinois, USA
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