Mount Everest: Interview with Sir Edmund Hillary, part2 (00:07:51)
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Mount Everest: Interview with Sir Edmund Hillary, part2

Rights-Managed, Footage

Location and time:

Nepal, 1953


Mount Everest: Interview with Sir Edmund Hillary, part2

being the first

medical, psychological and personal doubts of human ability and success

difference of climbing the Mount Everest now and in 1953

personal feeling on the top

took photos to prove to get there

Tenzing Norgay's religous ritual on the top

hugs on the peak




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Arabic :

المتسلق، شك، الشعب الشهير، المتسلق الأول، الطبية، جبل ايفرست، الجبال، نيبال، الذروة، الشخصية، الصورة، دليل، السير إدموند هيلاري، العمل الجماعي، تينزينغ نورغاي، المملكة المتحدة,

Bulgarian :

катерач, съмнение, известни хора, първи катерач, медицински, връх Еверест, планина, Непал, пика, персонален, снимка, доказателство, сър Едмънд Хилари, работа в екип, Tenzing Норвеж, Великобритания,

Catalan :

escalador, dubte, gent famosa, primer escalador, mèdic, Everest, muntanyes, Nepal, pic, personal, foto, prova, Sir Edmund Hillary, treball en equip, Tenzing Norgay, Regne Unit,

Chinese Simplified :


Chinese Traditional :


Danish :

bjergbestiger, tvivl, berømte mennesker, første bjergbestiger, medicinsk, Mount Everest, bjerge, Nepal, peak, personlig, foto, bevis, Sir Edmund Hillary, teamwork, Tenzing Norgay, Storbritannien,




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09-07-2014 15:17:56

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