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Verdun: Skeleton Statue at Le Mort-Homme

Rights-Managed, Footage

Location and time:

France, 1916


Verdun: Statue at Le Mort-Homme

The Skeleton statue

On the front is the famous phrase "ils n'ont pas passe" (they did not pass), which came to represent the need and desire of the French to hold onto Verdun.

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Arabic :

فرنسا، مورت-أوم، هيكل عظمى، تمثال، فردان، والحرب العالمية الأولى,

Bulgarian :

Франция, Морт-Homme, скелета, статуя, Вердюн, първата световна война,

Catalan :

França, Mort Saint Malo, esquelet, estàtua, Verdun, primera Guerra Mundial,

Chinese Simplified :


Chinese Traditional :


Czech :

Francie, Mort Homme, kostry, socha, Verdun, nehrálo se,

Danish :

Frankrig, Mort-Homme, skelet, statue, Verdun, Verdenskrig,

Dutch :

Frankrijk, Mort-Homme, skelet, standbeeld, Verdun, eerste Wereldoorlog,

Estonian :

Prantsusmaa, Mort-Homme, skelett, skulptuuri, Verduni, I maailmasõda,

Finnish :

Ranska, Mort-Homme, luuranko, patsas, Verdun, ensimmäinen maailmansota,

French :

France, Mort-Homme, squelette, statue, Verdun, guerre mondiale,

German :

Frankreich, Ornes, Skelett, Statue, Verdun, Weltkrieg,

Greek :

Γαλλία, Mort-Homme, σκελετός, άγαλμα, Verdun, θ ' Παγκοσμίου Πολέμου,

Haitian Creole :

Lafwans, Mort-Homme, squelette, estati, Verdun, gè mondyal,

Hebrew :

צרפת, מורט-הום, שלד, פסל, ורדן, עדן,

Hungarian :

Franciaország, Mort-Homme, csontváz, szobor, Verdun, i. világháború,

Indonesian :

Perancis, Mort-Homme, kerangka, patung, Verdun, Perang Dunia I,

Italian :

Francia, Mort-Homme, scheletro, statua, Verdun, guerra mondiale,

Japanese :


Korean :

프랑스, 모트-옴므, 뼈대, 동상, 베 르 됭, 1 차 세계대전,

Latvian :

Francija, Morts Homme, skelets, statuja, Verdun, I pasaules kara,

Lithuanian :

Prancūzija, Mort-Homme, skeletas, statula, Verdun, I pasaulinio karo,

Norwegian :

Frankrike, Mort-Homme, skjelett, statue, Verdun, første verdenskrig,

Polish :

Francja, Mort Homme, szkielet, statua, Verdun, I wojny światowej.,

Portuguese :

França, Mort-Homme, esqueleto, estátua, Verdun, I Guerra Mundial,

Romanian :

Franţa, Mort-Homme, schelet, statuia, Verdun, primul război mondial,

Russian :

Франция, Морт-Homme, скелет, статуя, Верден, I мировой войны,

Slovak :

Francúzsko, Mort-Homme, kostra, socha, Verdun, svetovej vojne,

Slovenian :

Francija, Mort-Homme, okostje, kip, Verdun, svetovne vojne,

Spanish :

Francia, Mort-Homme, esqueleto, estatua, Verdun, I Guerra Mundial,

Swedish :

Frankrike, Mort-Homme, skelett, staty, Verdun, första världskriget,

Thai :

ฝรั่งเศส Mort-Homme โครงกระดูก รูปปั้น ดุน สงครามโลก,

Turkish :

Fransa, Mort-Homme, iskelet, heykel, Verdun, ı. Dünya Savaşı,

Ukrainian :

Франція, Мор-Омм, скелет, статуя, Верден, першої світової війни,

Vietnamese :

Pháp, Mort-Homme, bộ xương, bức tượng, Verdun, chiến tranh thế giới thứ nhất,




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