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Jozef Tiso: Stepping on podium

Rights-Managed, Footage

Location and time:

Slovakia, 1940s


Jozef Tiso: Stepping on podium

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Arabic :

وصول، جوزيف Tiso، المنصة، وسياسي، والرئيس، والكاهن، سلوفاكيا، والكلام,

Bulgarian :

пристигане, Йозеф Tiso, подиум, политик, президент, жрец, Словакия, реч,

Catalan :

arribada, Jozef Tiso, podi, polític, President, sacerdot, Eslovàquia, discurs,

Chinese Simplified :

约瑟夫 · Tiso 的到来,登上领奖台,政治家,主席,牧师,斯洛伐克自由、 言论自由,

Czech :

Příjezd, Jozef Tiso, pódium, politik, prezident, kněz, Slovensko, řeč,

Estonian :

saabumist, Jozef Tiso poodiumil, poliitik, President, preester, Slovakkia, kõne,

Finnish :

saapumista, Jozef Tiso lavalle, poliitikko, puhemies, pappi, Slovakia, puhe,

French :

arrivée, Jozef Tiso, podium, homme politique, Président, prêtre, Slovaquie, discours,

German :

Ankunft, Jozef Tiso, Podium, Politiker, Präsident, Priester, Slowakei, Rede,

Greek :

άφιξη, Jozef Tiso, βάθρο, πολιτικός, Πρόεδρος, ιερέας, Σλοβακία, ομιλία,

Haitian Creole :

arrivée, Jozef, Tiso, podium, politisyen, Pwezidan, prèt la, Slovaki, diskou,

Hebrew :

ההגעה, יוסף טיסו, פודיום, פוליטיקאי, הנשיא, הכומר, סלובקיה, נאום,

Hindi :

आगमन, Jozef Tiso, पोडियम, राजनीतिज्ञ, राष्ट्रपति, पुजारी, स्लोवाकिया, भाषण,

Hungarian :

érkezés, Jozef Tiso, dobogó, politikus, elnök, pap, Szlovákia, beszéd,

Indonesian :

kedatangan, Jozef Tiso, podium, politikus, Presiden, imam, Slowakia, pidato,

Italian :

arrivo, Jozef Tiso, podio, politico, Presidente, sacerdote, Slovacchia, discorso,

Korean :

도착, 조셉 Tiso, 연단, 정치가, 대통령, 제 사장, 슬로바키아, 음성,

Latvian :

ierašanās, Jozef Tiso postaments, politiķis, prezidents, priesteris, Slovākija, runas,

Lithuanian :

atvykimo, Jozef Tiso, pakylos, politikas, prezidentas, kunigas, Slovakija, kalbos,

Norwegian :

ankomst, Jozef Tiso, podiet, politiker, President, prest, Slovakia, tale,

Portuguese :

chegada, Jozef Tiso, pódio, político, Presidente, padre, Eslováquia, discurso,

Slovak :

príchod, Jozef Tiso, pódium, politik, prezident, kňaz, Slovensko, reč,

Spanish :

llegada, Jozef Tiso, podio, político, Presidente, sacerdote, Eslovaquia, discurso,

Swedish :

ankomst, Jozef Tiso, podium, politikar, President, präst, Slovakien, tal,

Turkish :

varış, Jozef Tiso, podyum, politikacı, Başkan, rahip, Slovakya, konuşma,

Vietnamese :

đến, Jozef Tiso, bục, chính trị gia, tổng thống, linh mục, Slovakia, bài phát biểu,




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