Atomic bomb: delivery in the bomb, 1945 (00:06:02)
Original video: Atomic bomb: The explosion, testing, 1945 (00:01:19)

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Atomic bomb: delivery in the bomb, 1945

Rights-Managed, Footage

Location and time:

Pacific, 1945


delivery in the bomb

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Arabic :

قنبلة ذرية، تسليم القنبلة، المحيط الهادئ، عام 1945، القنبلة،,

Bulgarian :

Атомната бомба, 1945, Тихия океан, доставка в бомба, бомба, ,

Catalan :

La bomba atòmica, lliurament del Pacífic, 1945, la bomba, bomba, ,

Chinese Simplified :

原子弹爆炸,1945 年,太平洋,交付的炸弹,炸弹,,

Chinese Traditional :

原子彈爆炸,1945 年,太平洋,交付的炸彈,炸彈,,

Czech :

Atomová bomba, 1945, Pacifik, dodání v bomba, bomba, ,

Danish :

Atombombe, 1945, pacific, levering i bombe, bombe, ,

Dutch :

Atomic bomb, 1945, pacific, levering in de bom, bom, ,

Estonian :

Tuumapomm, 1945, Vaikse ookeani, kohaletoimetamise pomm, pomm, ,

Finnish :

Atomipommi, 1945, pacific, toimitus pommi, pommi, ,

French :

La bombe atomique, 1945, livraison du Pacifique, à la bombe, bombe, ,

German :

Atombombe, 1945, Pazifik, Lieferung in die Bombe, Bombe, ,

Greek :

Ατομική βόμβα, 1945, Ειρηνικού, παράδοση στη βόμβα, βόμβα, ,

Haitian Creole :

Bonb atomik, livraison pasifik, an 1945, nan bonm lan, bonm lan, ,

Hebrew :

הפצצה האטומית, משלוח האוקיינוס השקט, 1945, הפצצה, פצצה, ,

Hindi :

परमाणु बम, 1945, प्रशांत, वितरण में बम, बम, ,

Indonesian :

Bom atom, pengiriman Pasifik, 1945, bom, bom, ,

Japanese :

原子爆弾、1945 年、太平洋、配達、爆弾、爆弾,

Korean :

원자 폭탄, 폭탄에 1945 년, 태평양, 배달 폭탄, ,

Latvian :

Atombumbu, 1945, Klusā okeāna, piegādes, bumba, bumba, ,

Polish :

Bomby atomowej, 1945, Pacyfiku, dostawy w bomba, bomba, ,

Portuguese :

Bomba atômica, 1945, entrega do Pacífico, na bomba, bomba, ,

Romanian :

Bomba atomica, 1945, pacific, livrare în bomba, bomba, ,

Russian :

Атомная бомба, 1945, Тихого океана, доставки в бомбы, бомбы, ,

Slovak :

Atómová bomba, 1945, Pacifik, dodanie bomba, bomba, ,

Spanish :

Bomba atómica de 1945, entrega Pacífico, en la bomba, bomba, ,

Swedish :

Atombomben, 1945, pacific, leverans i bomben, bomb, ,

Turkish :

Atom bombası, 1945, Pasifik, teslimi bomba, bomba, ,

Vietnamese :

Quả bom nguyên tử, 1945, Thái Bình Dương, giao hàng trong bom, bom, ,




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Original video: Atomic bomb: The explosion, testing, 1945
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