Nuclear bomb: Protest against the nuclear bomb experiments, 1945 (00:01:54)
Original video: Atomic bomb: The explosion, testing, 1945 (00:01:19)

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Nuclear bomb: Protest against the nuclear bomb experiments, 1945

Rights-Managed, Footage

Location and time:

United States, Washington, 1945


USA, Washington: Protest against the nuclear bomb experiments

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Bulgarian :

Вашингтон, протест, атомната бомба, ядрена бомба, протест срещу ядрената бомба експерименти,

Catalan :

Washington, bomba nuclear protesta, bomba atòmica, protesta contra els experiments bomba nuclear,

Chinese Simplified :


Danish :

Washington, protest, atombombe, nuklear bombe, Protest mod atombombe eksperimenter,

German :

Washington, Protest, Atombombe, Atombombe, Protest gegen die Atombombe-Experimente,

Greek :

Ουάσιγκτον, διαμαρτυρία, ατομική βόμβα, πυρηνική βόμβα, διαμαρτυρόμενοι για τα πειράματα πυρηνικής βόμβας,

Haitian Creole :

Washington, pwotèstasyon, bonb atomik bomb nikleyè, pwotèstasyon kont bonm nikleyè an sou video,

Hebrew :

וושינגטון, מחאה, פצצת האטום, פצצה גרעינית, מחאה נגד הניסויים פצצה גרעינית,

Hungarian :

Washington, tiltakozás, atombomba, atombomba, az atombomba-kísérletek elleni tiltakozás,

Italian :

Washington, bomba nucleare protesta, bomba atomica, protesta contro gli esperimenti nucleari della bomba,

Latvian :

Washington, protests, atombumbu, kodolenerģijas bumbu, protestējot pret kodolenerģijas bumbu eksperimenti,

Norwegian :

Washington, protest, atombomben atombombe, Protest mot atombombe eksperimenter,

Portuguese :

Washington, bomba nuclear protesto, bomba atômica, protesto contra os experimentos de bomba nuclear,

Slovak :

Washington, protest, atómová bomba, atómová bomba, Protest proti jadrovej bomby experimenty,

Spanish :

Washington, bomba nuclear protesta, bomba atómica, protesta contra los experimentos de bomba nuclear,

Swedish :

Washington, protest, atombomben, atombomb, Protest mot atombomb experimenten,

Ukrainian :

Вашингтон, протест, атомної бомби, ядерна бомба, протест проти ядерної бомби експериментів,

Vietnamese :

Washington, kháng nghị, quả bom nguyên tử, bom hạt nhân, phản đối cuộc thử nghiệm bom nguyên tử,




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Original video: Atomic bomb: The explosion, testing, 1945
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02-08-2010 13:51:18

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