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Lech Walesa, 1980s

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Poland, Gdansk, 1980s


Lech Walesa was born on September 29, 1943 in Popowo, Poland. After graduating from vocational school, he worked as a car mechanic at a machine center from 1961 to 1965. He served in the army for two years, rose to the rank of corporal, and in 1967 was employed in the Gdansk shipyards as an electrician. In 1969 he married Danuta Golos and they have eight children. During the clash in December 1970 between the workers and the government, he was one of the leaders of the shipyard workers and was briefly detained. In 1976, however, as a result of his activities as a shop steward, he was fired and had to earn his living by taking temporary jobs. In 1978 with other activists he began to organise free non-communist trade unions and took part in many actions on the sea coast. He was kept under surveillance by the state security service and frequently detained. In August 1980 he led the Gdansk shipyard strike which gave rise to a wave of strikes over much of the country with Walesa seen as the leader. The primary demands were for workers' rights. The authorities were forced to capitulate and to negotiate with Walesa the Gdansk Agreement of August 31, 1980, which gave the workers the right to strike and to organise their own independent union. The Catholic Church supported the movement, and in January 1981 Walesa was cordially received by Pope John Paul II in the Vatican. Walesa himself has always regarded his Catholicism as a source of strength and inspiration. In the years 1980-81 Walesa travelled to Italy, Japan, Sweden, France and Switzerland as guest of the International Labour Organisation. In September 1981 he was elected Solidarity Chairman at the First National Solidarity Congress in Gdansk. The country's brief enjoyment of relative freedom ended in December 1981, when General Jaruzelski, fearing Soviet armed intervention among other considerations, imposed martial law, "suspended" Solidarity, arrested many of its leaders, and interned Walesa in a country house in a remote spot. In November 1982 Walesa was released and reinstated at the Gdansk shipyards. Although kept under surveillance, he managed to maintain lively contact with Solidarity leaders in the underground. While martial law was lifted in July 1983, many of the restrictions were continued in civil code. In October 1983 the announcement of Walesa's Nobel prize raised the spirits of the underground movement, but the award was attacked by the government press. The Jaruzelski regime became even more unpopular as economic conditions worsened, and it was finally forced to negotiate with Walesa and his Solidarity colleagues. The result was the holding of parliamentary elections which, although limited, led to the establishment of a non-communist government. Under Mikhail Gorbachev the Soviet Union was no longer prepared to use military force to keep communist parties in satellite states in power. Walesa, now head of the revived Solidarity labour union, began a series of meetings with world leaders. In April 1990 at Solidarity's second national congress, Walesa was elected chairman with 77.5% of the votes. In December 1990 in a general ballot he was elected President of the Republic of Poland. He served until defeated in the election of November 1995. Walesa has been granted many honorary degrees from universities, including Harvard University and the University of Paris. Other honors include the Medal of Freedom (Philadelphia, U.S.A.); the Award of Free World (Norway); and the European Award of Human Rights.

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Arabic :

سوليدارنوست، ليخ فاونسا، بولندا، غدانسك، الشيوعية، والإضرابات، والنقابات، الاشتراكية، عامل، العمال، حقوق الإنسان، التجريبي، ياروزلسكي، الحزب الشيوعي، الاحتفال، والسفن الحربية، والأسلحة، طائرات الهليكوبتر، البابا يوحنا بولس الثاني، جورباشيو، أرمي السوفياتية،,

Bulgarian :

Солидарност, Лех Валенса, Полша, Гданск, комунизъм, стачки, професионални съюзи, социализъм, работник, работници, човешките права, демо, Ярузелски, комунистическата партия, празник, военни кораби, оръжия, хеликоптери, папа Йоан Павел II, Gorbashew, съветската армия,

Catalan :

Solidarnost, Lech Walesa, Polònia, Gdansk, comunisme, vagues, sindicats, socialisme, treballadors, treballadors, drets humans, de demostració, Jaruzelski, el Partit Comunista, celebració, vaixells, armes, helicòpters, Pope John Paul II, Gorbashew, com soviètic, ,

Chinese Simplified :

Solidarnost, 波兰, 格但斯克, 共产主义, 罢工, 工会, 社会主义, 工人, 工人, 人权, 演示, 雅鲁泽尔斯基, 共产党, 庆典, 军舰, 武器, 直升机, 教皇约翰·保罗二世, Gorbashew, 苏联军队圆柱, ,

Chinese Traditional :

Solidarnost, 波蘭, 格但斯克, 共產主義, 罷工, 工會, 社會主義, 工人, 工人, 人權, 演示, 雅魯澤爾斯基, 共產黨, 慶典, 軍艦, 武器, 直升機, 教皇約翰·保羅二世, Gorbashew, 蘇聯軍隊圓柱, ,

Czech :

Solidarnost, Lech Walesa, Polsko, Gdaňsk, komunismus, stávky, odborové svazy, socialismus, pracovníka, dělníci, lidská práva, demo, Jaruzelski, komunistická strana, oslava, válečné lodě, zbraně, vrtulníky, papež Jan Pavel II, Gorbashew, sovětský Armee, ,

Danish :

Solidarnost, Lech Walesa, Polen, Gdansk, kommunisme, strejker, fagforeninger, socialisme, arbejdstager, arbejdstagere, menneskerettigheder, demo, Jaruzelski, kommunistiske parti, fest, krigsskibe, våben, helikoptere, pave Johannes Paul II, Gorbashew, sovjetiske Armee, ,

Dutch :

Solidarnost, Lech Walesa, Polen Gdansk, communisme, stakingen, vakbonden, socialisme, werknemer, werknemers, de rechten van de mens, demo, Jaruzelski de communistische partij, viering, oorlogsschepen, wapens, helikopters, paus Johannes Paulus II, Gorbashew, Sovjet-Armee, ,

Estonian :

Solidarnost, Lech Walesa, Poola, Gdansk, kommunism, streigid, ametiühingud, sotsialismi, töötaja, töötajate, inimõiguste, demo, Jaruzelski, Kommunistliku Partei, pidu, sõjalaevad, relvad, helikopterid, paavst Johannes Paulus II, Gorbashew, Nõukogude Armee,

Finnish :

Solidarnost, Lech Walesa, Puola, Gdansk, kommunismi, lakot, ammattiliittojen, sosialismi, työntekijä, työntekijöiden, ihmisoikeuksia, esittely, Jaruzelski, kommunistisen puolueen, juhla, sota, aseet, helikopterit, paavi Johannes Paavali II, Gorbashew, Neuvostoliiton Armee,

French :

Solidarnost, Lech Walesa, Pologne, Gdansk, communisme, grèves, syndicats, socialisme, travailleuse, travailleurs, droits de l’homme, démo, Jaruzelski, le parti communiste, célébration, navires de guerre, armes, hélicoptères, pape Jean Paul II, Gorbashew, Armee soviétique, ,

German :

Solidarnost, Lech Walesa, Polen, Gdansk, Kommunismus, Streiks, Gewerkschaften, Sozialismus, Arbeitnehmer, Mitarbeiter, Menschenrechte, demo, Jaruzelski, der Kommunistischen Partei, Feier, Kriegsschiffe, Waffen, Hubschrauber, Papst Johannes Paul II, Gorbashew, sowjetische Armee, ,

Greek :

Solidarnost, Λεχ Βαλέσα, Πολωνία, Γκντανσκ, κομμουνισμός, απεργίες, συνδικάτα, σοσιαλισμός, εργαζόμενος, εργαζομένων, ανθρώπινα δικαιώματα, demo, Γιαρουζέλσκι, το κομμουνιστικό κόμμα, γιορτή, πολεμικά πλοία, όπλα, ελικόπτερα, Πάπα Ιωάννη Παύλου ΙΙ, Gorbashew, Σοβιετικός Armee, ,

Haitian Creole :

Solidarnost, Lech Walesa, Polòy, Gdansk, sistèm kominis, grèv, òganizasyon Inyon komès yo, sosyalis la, travayè, travayè yo, dwa zimen yo, démonstration, Jaruzelski, a pati kòminis la, selebrasyon, bato de gè, zam, elikoptè, Pap Jan Pòl II, Gorbashew, Armee Inyon Sovyetik, ,

Hebrew :

Solidarnost, Lech שדה ואלנסה, פולין, גדנסק, קומוניזם, שביתות, איגודים, סוציאליזם, העובד, עובדים, זכויות האדם, הדגמה, ירוזלסקי, את המפלגה הקומוניסטית, חגיגה, אוניות, כלי נשק, מסוקים, האפיפיור יוחנן פאולוס השני, Gorbashew, מלחמת ברית המועצות.,

Hindi :

Solidarnost, लेक वालेसा, पोलैंड, गडांस्क, सांप्रदायिकता, हड़तालों, व्यापार संघों, समाजवाद, कार्यकर्ता, श्रमिक, मानव अधिकार, डेमो, Jaruzelski, कंयुनिस्ट पार्टी, उत्सव, युद्धपोतों, हथियार, हेलीकाप्टरों, पोप जॉन पॉल द्वितीय, Gorbashew, सोवियत Armee, ,

Italian :

Nel corso, Lech Walesa, Polonia, Gdansk, comunismo, scioperi, sindacati, socialismo, lavoratore, lavoratori, diritti umani, demo, Jaruzelski, il partito comunista, celebrazione, navi da guerra, armi, elicotteri, Papa John Paul II, Gorbashew, Armee sovietico, ,

Korean :

Solidarnost, 레흐 바웬사, 폴란드, 그단스크, 공산주의 파업, 노동 조합, 사회주의 근로자, 노동자, 인권, 데모, Jaruzelski, 공산당, 축 하, 군함, 무기, 헬리콥터, 교황 요한 바오로 2 세, Gorbashew, 소련 육군, ,

Latvian :

Solidarnost, Lech Wałęsa, Polija, Gdaņskas, komunisma, streiki, arodbiedrības, sociālisms, darba ņēmējs, strādniekiem, cilvēktiesības, demo, Jaruzeļskis, Komunistiskās partijas, svinības, karakuģiem, ieroči, helikopteri, pāvests Jānis Pāvils II, Gorbashew, padomju Armee,

Lithuanian :

Solidarnost, Lech Wałęsa, Lenkija, Gdanskas, komunizmas, streikų, profesinių sąjungų, socializmo, darbuotojas, darbuotojų, žmogaus teisių, Parodomoji versija, Jaruzelski, komunistų partija, šventė, karo laivų, ginklų, sraigtasparniai, popiežius Jonas Paulius II, Gorbashew, Sovietų Armee, ,

Polish :

Rosyjskiej, Lech Wałęsa, Polska, Gdańsk, komunizm, strajki, związki zawodowe, socjalizm, pracownik, pracowników, praw człowieka, demo, Jaruzelski, partii komunistycznej, uroczystości, okręty wojenne, broni, śmigłowce, papież Jan Paweł II, Gorbashew, armii radzieckiej, ,

Portuguese :

Solidarnost, Lech Walesa, Polónia, Gdansk, comunismo, greves, sindicatos, socialismo, trabalhador, trabalhadores, direitos humanos, demo, Jaruzelski, o partido comunista, celebração, navios de guerra, armas, helicópteros, Papa João Paulo II, Gorbashew, Armee soviético, ,

Russian :

Солидарность, Лех Валенса, Польша, Гданьск, коммунизм, забастовки, профсоюзов, социализм, рабочих, работников, права человека, демо, Ярузельский, Коммунистическая партия, праздник, корабли, оружие, вертолеты, папа римский Иоанн Павел II, Gorbashew, Советская армия, ,

Slovak :

Solidarnost, Lech Walesa, Poľsko, Gdansk, komunizmus, štrajky, odborové zväzy, socializmus, pracovníka, pracovníkov, ľudských práv, demo, Jaruzelski, komunistická strana, oslava, vojnové lode, zbrane, vrtuľníky, pápež Ján Pavol II., Gorbashew, Sovietsky Armee, ,

Spanish :

Solidarnost, Lech Walesa, Polonia, Gdansk, comunismo, huelgas, sindicatos, socialismo, trabajadores, trabajadores, derechos humanos, demo, Jaruzelski, el partido comunista, celebración, buques de guerra, armas, helicópteros, Papa John Paul II, Gorbashew, Armee soviético, ,

Ukrainian :

Солідарність, Лех Валенса, Польща, Гданськ, комунізму, страйки, профспілок, соціалізм, працівник, працівників, прав людини, демо, Ярузельському Комуністичної партії, святкування, військові кораблі, зброї, вертольоти, Папа Римський Іоанн Павло II, Gorbashew, радянський Armee, ,




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