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Ceausescu: videoclip about the dictator

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Romania, 1980s


Nicolae Ceauşescu (Romanian pronunciation: [nikoˈla.e tʃa.uˈʃesku]; 26 January 1918 – 25 December 1989) was a Romanian politician who was the Secretary General of the Romanian Communist Party from 1965 to 1989, President of the Council of State from 1967, and President of Romania from 1974 to 1989. His rule was marked in the first decade by an open policy towards Western Europe and the United States, which deviated from that of the other Warsaw Pact states during the Cold War. He continued a trend first established by his predecessor, Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej, who had tactfully coaxed the Soviet Union into withdrawing troops from Romania in 1958. Ceauşescu's second decade was characterized by an increasingly erratic personality cult, nationalism and a deterioration in foreign relations with the Western powers as well as the Soviet Union. Ceauşescu's government was overthrown in a December 1989 military coup, and he and his wife were executed following a televised two-hour court session.

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Estonian :

Nicolae Ceauşescu, Rumeenia Kommunistlik Partei President Riiginõukogu, Varssavi pakti, külm sõda, Nõukogude Liidu, diktatuur, kommunism, sotsialismi, diktaator, revolutsioon, surm, surnud Elena, Rumeenia, peasekretäri, hukkamiste, sõdureid ja relvi, Mao, Disneyland, Micky Mouse, Nixon, Ceaușescu, ,

Haitian Creole :

Nicolae Ceauşescu, Elena, Woumani, sekretè jeneral Romanyen pati kòminis la, pwezidan an konsèy leta, pak Warsaw, lagè fwèt, Inyon Sovyetik, diktati, sistèm kominis, sosyalis la, diktatè, revolisyon, touye, mouri, egzekisyon yo, sòlda yo, zam, Mao, Disneyland, Micky sourit, Nixon, Ceaușescu, ,

Latvian :

Nicolae Ceauşescu Elena, Rumānija, ģenerālsekretārs Rumānijas Komunistiskās partijas priekšsēdētājs valsts Padome, Varšavas pakta, aukstā kara, Padomju Savienība, diktatūra, komunisma, sociālisms, diktators, revolūcija, nāve, miris, augstākajam soda mēram, karavīri, ieročus, Mao, Disneyland, Micky peles, Nixon, Ceaușescu, ,

Turkish :

Nicolae Ceauşescu, Elena, Romanya, Romanya Komünist Partisi, Danıştay, Varşova Paktı, soğuk savaş, Sovyetler Birliği, diktatörlük, komünizm, sosyalizm, diktatör, devrim, ölüm, ölü başkanı Genel Sekreteri, infaz, asker, silah, Mao, Disneyland, Mickey Mouse, Nixon, Ceaușescu, ,

Ukrainian :

Ніколає Чаушеску, Олена, Румунія, Генеральний секретар Румунська Комуністичної партії, президент державна рада, Варшавського пакту, холодної війни, Радянського Союзу, диктатури, комунізм, соціалізм, диктатор, революція, смерть, мертвий, страти, солдати, зброї, Мао, Діснейленд, Міккі миші, Ніксон, Ceaușescu, ,




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