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Lenin: Lenin Statue Wreathing

Rights-Managed, Footage

Location and time:

Russia, 1996


Russia: Lenin Statue Wreathing

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Arabic :

روسيا، سولكوفو، لينين، وتمثال لينين، وريثينج، والزهور، وامرأة، "وريثينج تمثال لينين"، عام 1996،,

Bulgarian :

Русия, Solkovo, Ленин, статуята на Ленин, Wreathing, цветя, жена, Ленин статуя Wreathing, 1996, ,

Catalan :

Rússia, Solkovo, Lenin, estàtua de Lenin, Wreathing, flors, dona, Lenin estàtua Wreathing, 1996, ,

Chinese Simplified :

俄罗斯、 Solkovo、 列宁,列宁雕像、 Wreathing、 鲜花、 女人,列宁雕像缭绕,1996 年,,

Chinese Traditional :

俄羅斯、 Solkovo、 列寧,列寧雕像、 Wreathing、 鮮花、 女人,列寧雕像繚繞,1996 年,,

Czech :

Rusko, Solkovo, Lenin, sochu Lenina, Wreathing, květiny, Žena, Leninova socha věchýtkovitě, 1996, ,

Danish :

Rusland, Solkovo, Lenin, Lenin Statue, Wreathing, blomster, kvinde, Lenin-statuen Wreathing, 1996, ,

Dutch :

Rusland, Solkovo, Lenin, Lenin standbeeld, Wreathing, bloemen, vrouw, Lenin standbeeld Wreathing, 1996, ,

Estonian :

Venemaa, Solkovo, Lenin, Lenini kuju, Wreathing, lilled, naine, Lenini kuju Wreathing, 1996, ,

Finnish :

Venäjä, Solkovo, Lenin, Lenin patsas, Wreathing, kukkia, nainen, Leninin patsas Wreathing, 1996,

French :

Russie, Solkovo, Lénine, Statue de Lénine, Wreathing, fleurs, femme, Lenin Statue tordant, 1996, ,

German :

Russland, Solkovo, Lenin, Lenin-Statue, Wreathing, Blumen, Frau, Lenin Statue Wreathing, 1996, ,

Greek :

Ρωσία, Solkovo, Λένιν, άγαλμα του Λένιν, Wreathing, λουλούδια, γυναίκα, Λένιν άγαλμα Wreathing, 1996, ,

Haitian Creole :

Lawisi, Solkovo, Lenin, estati Lenin, Wreathing, flè, fanm, Lenin estati Wreathing, 1996, ,

Hebrew :

רוסיה, Solkovo, לנין, פסל לנין, Wreathing, פרחים, אישה, לנין פסל Wreathing, 1996, ,

Hindi :

रूस, Solkovo, लेनिन, लेनिन प्रतिमा, Wreathing, फूल, औरत, लेनिन प्रतिमा Wreathing, 1996, ,

Hungarian :

Oroszország, Solkovo, Lenin, Lenin szobor, Wreathing, virágok, , Lenin szobor Wreathing, 1996,

Indonesian :

Rusia, Solkovo, Lenin, Lenin patung, Wreathing, bunga, wanita, Lenin patung Wreathing, 1996, ,

Italian :

Russia, Solkovo, Lenin, statua di Lenin, Wreathing, fiori, donna, Lenin statua contorto, 1996, ,

Japanese :

ロシア、Solkovo、レーニン、レーニン像、Wreathing、花、女性、レーニン像は四本、1996 年,

Korean :

러시아, Solkovo, 레닌, 레닌 동상, Wreathing, , 여자, 레닌 동상 Wreathing, 1996 년,

Latvian :

Krievija, Solkovo, Lenin, Ļeņina statuja, Wreathing, ziedi, sieviete, Ļeņina statuja apvija, 1996.,

Lithuanian :

Rusija, Solkovo, Leninas, Lenino statula, Wreathing, gėlės, moteris, Lenino statula Wreathing, 1996, ,

Norwegian :

Russland, Solkovo, Lenin, Lenin Statue, Wreathing, blomster, kvinne, Lenin statuen Wreathing, 1996,

Polish :

Rosja, Solkovo, Lenin, pomnik Lenina, Wreathing, kwiaty, Kobieta, Wreathing pomnik Lenina, 1996, ,

Portuguese :

Rússia, Solkovo, Lenin, estátua de Lenin, Wreathing, flores, mulher, Lenin estátua Wreathing, 1996, ,

Romanian :

Rusia, Solkovo, Lenin, statuia lui Lenin, Wreathing, flori, femeie, Lenin statuia Wreathing, 1996, ,

Russian :

Россия, Solkovo, Ленина, Статуя Ленина, Wreathing, цветы, женщина, Ленин статуя возложение, 1996 года, ,

Slovak :

Rusko Solkovo Lenina, Lenin socha, Wreathing, kvety, žena, Lenin sochu Wreathing, 1996, ,

Slovenian :

Rusija Solkovo, Lenin, kip Lenin, Wreathing, cvetje, ženska, Lenin kip Wreathing, 1996, ,

Spanish :

Rusia, Solkovo, Lenin, estatua de Lenin, Wreathing, flores, mujer, Lenin estatua retorciéndose, 1996, ,

Swedish :

Ryssland, Solkovo, Lenin, Lenin statyn, Wreathing, blommor, Kvinna, Lenin statyn slingrande, 1996, ,

Thai :

รัสเซีย Solkovo เลนิน รูป ปั้นเลนิน Wreathing ดอกไม้ ผู้หญิง เลนินปั้น Wreathing, 1996,

Turkish :

Rusya, Solkovo, Lenin, Lenin heykeli, Wreathing, çiçek, kadın, Lenin heykeli Wreathing, 1996, ,

Ukrainian :

Росія, Solkovo, Леніна, статуя Леніна, Wreathing, квіти, жінку, статуя Леніна Wreathing, 1996, ,

Vietnamese :

Ở Nga, Solkovo, Lenin, bức tượng Lenin, Wreathing, Hoa, người phụ nữ, Lenin bức tượng Wreathing, 1996, ,




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