The Popes: Pope Paul VI - Eucharistic Congresses in Bombay (Mumbai) (00:00:34)
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The Popes: Pope Paul VI - Eucharistic Congresses in Bombay (Mumbai)

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India, 1964


21-: Pope Paul VI - Eucharistic Congresses in Bombay (Mumbai)06-1963 - Pope Paul VI - Pope's inauguration Pope Paul VI - Eucharistic Congresses on Bombay (Mumbai), 1964 Pope Paul VI (Latin: Paulus PP. VI; Italian: Paolo VI), born Giovanni Battista Enrico Antonio Maria Montini (26 September 1897 – 6 August 1978), reigned as Pope of the Catholic Church and Sovereign of Vatican City from 1963 to 1978. Succeeding Pope John XXIII, who had convened the Second Vatican Council, he decided to continue it. He fostered improved ecumenical relations with Orthodox, Anglicans and Protestants, which resulted in many historic meetings and agreements. Montini served in the Vatican’s State Department from 1922 to 1954. While in the State Department, Montini and Domenico Tardini were considered as the closest and most influential co-workers of Pope Pius XII, who named him in 1954 Archbishop of the largest Italian dioceses, Milan, a function which made him automatically Secretary of the Italian Bishops Conference. John XXIII elevated him to the College of Cardinals in 1958, and after his death, Montini was considered the favourite successor. [citation needed] He took on the name Paul, to indicate a renewed worldwide mission to spread the message of Christ. He re-opened the Second Vatican Council, which was automatically closed with the death of John XXIII and gave it priority and direction. After the Council concluded its work, Paul VI took charge of the interpretation and implementation of its mandates, often walking a thin line between the conflicting expectations of various groups within the Roman Catholic Church. The magnitude and depth of the reforms affecting all areas of Church life during his pontificate exceeded similar reform policies of his predecessors and successors. [citation needed] Paul VI was a Marian devotee, speaking repeatedly to Marian congresses and mariological meetings, visiting Marian shrines and issuing three Marian encyclicals. Following his famous predecessor Ambrose of Milan, he named Mary to be the Mother of the Church during the Vatican Council. Paul VI sought the dialogue with the world, with other Christians, religions, atheism, excluding nobody. He saw himself as a humble servant for a suffering humanity and demanded significant changes of the rich in American and Europe in favour of the poor in the Third World. His positions on birth control (see Humanae Vitae) and other issues were controversial in Western Europe and North America, but applauded in Eastern and Southern Europe and Latin America. His pontificate took place during sometimes revolutionary changes in the world, student revolts, the Vietnam War and other upheavals. Paul VI tried to understand it all but at the same time defend the Deposit of Faith as it was entrusted to him. Paul VI died on 6 August 1978, the Feast of the Transfiguration. The diocesan process for beatification Paul VI began on 11 May 1993

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Ukrainian :

1963, Папа Paul VI, (Латинська Паулюс pp. VI; італійський Paolo VI), народився Giovanni Баттіста Енріко Antonio Maria Montini Montini (Італія), Рим, Ватикан, Папи, католицька церква, духовенство католицького, комунізм, Літургія реформи, теології, літак, площі, Швейцарський охоронці, Санкт Петра Святого Петра, базиліка, маса, Папа установки, Латинській, Літургія, Молитва, Бог, Христос, церква, Ісус, католицькі, Папа автомобіля, papamobile, церква свічки, розп'яття, хрести, солдати, Ватикан позначка, православної англікан протестанти, Іван XXIII, Alitalia, Кардинали, єпископи, богослужіння, черницею, Aldo Моро лорд Росс Brigate, євхаристійної конгресів, Індія, Мумбаї, Папа Paul VI - євхаристійного конгресів у Бомбеї, Папа Paul VI - євхаристійного конгресів у Бомбей (Мумбаї), 1964, релігії, віри, божественність загробне життя, молитися, священик, перехресно, духовенства, атеїзму, відомих людей, відоме, історії, історичної, особистість, відомого, важливо, ,

Vietnamese :

Năm 1963, giáo hoàng Paul VI, (Latin Paulus PP. VI; Italia Paolo VI), sinh Giovanni Battista Enrico Antonio Maria Montini, Montini, ý, Rome, Vatican City, The giáo hoàng, giáo hội công giáo, công giáo giáo sĩ, chủ nghĩa cộng sản, cải cách phụng vụ, thần học, máy bay, St. Peter's Square, các vệ sĩ Thụy sĩ, St. Peter's Basilica, khối lượng, giáo hoàng cài đặt, Latin, phụng vụ, cầu nguyện, Thiên Chúa, Chúa ơi, giáo hội, Chúa Giêsu, công giáo, giáo hoàng xe, papamobile, giáo hội nến, crucifixes, Thánh giá, binh sĩ, Vatican đánh dấu, chính thống, Anh giáo, tin lành, John XXIII, Alitalia, Hồng y, giám mục, nhà thờ Dịch vụ, một nữ tu, Aldo Moro, Brigate Rosse, Đại hội Thánh thể, Ấn Độ, Mumbai, giáo hoàng Paul VI - các đại hội Thánh tại Bombay, giáo hoàng Paul VI - các đại hội Thánh tại Bombay (Mumbai), 1964, tôn giáo, Đức tin, thần, thế giới bên kia, cầu nguyện, linh mục, xuyên, giáo sĩ, vô thần, nổi tiếng người, nổi tiếng, lịch sử, lịch sử, nhân cách, được biết đến, quan trọng, ,




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