Doctor: Medicating injured cuban revolutionaries in the mountains, heal, cure, Cuban revolution (00:00:12)

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Doctor: Medicating injured cuban revolutionaries in the mountains, heal, cure, Cuban revolution

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Location and time:

Cuba, Sierra Maestra, 1950s


Doctor: Medicating injured cuban revolutionaries in the mountains, heal, cure, Cuban revolution

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Arabic :

كوبا، والثورة الكوبية، الثورة الكوبية، علاج، طبيب، والشفاء، المرض، والطب، والثورات، "سييرا مايسترا",

Bulgarian :

Куба, Кубинската революция, кубинските революционери, лекува, доктор, лекува, заболяване, медицина, революции, Сиера Maestra,

Catalan :

Cuba, revolució cubana, revolucionaris cubans, curar, doctor, curar, malaltia, medicina, revolucions, Sierra Maestra,

Chinese Traditional :

古巴,古巴革命,古巴革命者,治癒、 醫生、 療愈、 疾病、 醫藥、 革命,埃斯特,

Czech :

Kuby, kubánské revoluce, kubánského revolucionáře, vyléčit, doktore, léčit, nemoci, léky, revoluce, Sierra Maestra,

Danish :

Cuba, cubanske Revolution, cubanske revolutionære, helbrede, læge, helbrede, sygdom, medicin, revolutioner, Sierra Maestra,

Dutch :

Cuba, de Cubaanse revolutie, de Cubaanse revolutionairen, genezen, dokter, genezen, ziekte, geneeskunde, revoluties, Sierra Maestra,

Estonian :

Kuuba, Kuuba revolutsioon, Kuuba revolutsionäärid, ravi, arst, ravib, haiguse, ravimite, pöörded, Sierra Maestra,

Finnish :

Kuuba, Kuuban vallankumous, Kuuban vallankumouksellisia hoito, lääkäri, parantua, sairaus, lääketiede, vallankumoukset, Sierra Maestran,

Hebrew :

קובה, המהפכה הקובנית, מהפכנים קובני, לרפא, דוקטור, לרפא, מחלות, תרופות, מהפכות, Sierra Maestra,

Hungarian :

Kubában, a kubai forradalom, a kubai forradalmár, gyógyítani, orvos, gyógyítani, betegség, gyógyszer, forradalmak, Sierra Maestra,

Italian :

Cuba, la rivoluzione cubana, rivoluzionari cubani, curare, dottore, guarire, malattia, medicina, rivoluzioni, Sierra Maestra,

Lithuanian :

Kuba, Kubos revoliucijos, Kubos revoliucionieriai, išgydyti, gydytojas, išgydyti, ligos, medicina, revoliucijos, Sierra Maestra,

Norwegian :

Cuba, cubanske revolusjon, cubanske revolusjonære, kurere, lege, helbrede, sykdom, medisin, revolusjoner, Sierra Maestra,

Polish :

Kuba, kubańskiej rewolucji kubańskiej rewolucjonistów, leczenia, lekarz, leczenie, choroby, Medycyna, rewolucje, Sierra Maestra,

Romanian :

Cuba, Revoluția Cubaneză, revoluționarii cubanez, vindeca, medic, vindecă, boli, medicina, revoluţiile, Sierra Maestra,




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