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Russia: City Bratsk - The Aluminium factory

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Location and time:

Russia, Bratsk, 1993


Bratsk (Russian: Братск) is a city in Irkutsk Oblast, Russia, located on the Angara River near the vast Bratsk Reservoir. Population: 259,335 (2002 Census). Although the name sounds like the Russian word for 'brother' ('brat'), it actually comes from 'bratskiye lyudi', an old name for the Buryats The Aluminium industry in Russia was arguably founded on 14 May 1932 when the Volkhov smelter in the Leningrad Oblast produced its first batch of aluminium. One year later, the first aluminium was produced by the Dneprovsky smelter in Ukraine. Despite the fact that in later years these smelters were steadily boosting output, it was not enough to meet the growing demands of the economy and construction of new production facilities in Russia began. In 1938, the 40,000 Mtpa Tikhvin Alumina Refinery was put into operation (today known as the Boxitogorsk Alumina Refinery), and in 1939 the Uralsk Aluminium and Alumina Complex was commissioned with an annual capacity of 70,000 Mt of alumina and 25,000 Mt of aluminium. World War II spurred industrial development in the eastern regions of the country. Faced with the threat of having a significant part of the state’s territories occupied by the enemy, the Soviet government ordered evacuation of production facilities on an unprecedented scale. The main equipment of the Volkhov and Tikhvin smelters was disassembled and transported to the Urals and Western Siberia where it was used to construct the Bogoslovsk and Novokuznetsk aluminium smelters. In 1943, the Novokuznetsk smelter produced its first aluminium in Siberia. Two years later, on 9 May 1945 – the Victory Day – the Bogoslovsk aluminium smelter also produced its first metal. During the post-war period the demand of the Soviet economy for strategic metals continued to grow, prompting a rapid development of the aluminium industry. In the 1950s, the Kandalaksha (1951), Nadvoitsy (1954) and Volgograd (1959) smelters were commissioned, as well as the Belaya Kalitva metals production facility (1954) which specialises in aluminium alloy-based products. In 1960, the Samara metal works began operations; today it is the largest producer of aluminium semi-finished and finished products in Europe. In addition to aluminium smelters and processing plants, the USSR was simultaneously engaged in the construction of alumina refineries. In 1959, the Pikalevo refinery, an integrated production facility processing nepheline concentrates was commissioned; in 1964, the Pavlodar aluminium smelter in Kazakhstan was put into operation; in 1970, the first batch of products was released by the Achinsk alumina refinery. The 1960s and 1970s saw construction of the Irkutsk, Krasnoyarsk and Bratsk smelters which were sited close to large hydro-electric power plants to make use of these cheap energy sources. Over the same period, the Krasnoyarsk metal works, the Pavlodar aluminium smelter and the Dmitrov pilot facility for production of aluminium tape were also commissioned. Due to the poor domestic raw materials supply unable to meet the rapidly increasing demand for aluminium, Russian metal producers were forced to procure alumina from overseas: Guinea, India and other countries. The Nikolaev alumina refinery in Ukraine became the first production facility in the industry designed to use high-quality imported materials. The Nikolaev alumina refinery was built in 1980 and initially refined African bauxite.

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Arabic :

روسيا، الألمنيوم، براتسك، السكك الحديدية "بايكال" أمور الخطوط الرئيسية، والتصنيع، والبيئة، الطبيعة، والمياه، والتلوث البيئي، صناعة، الفقر، صناعة الألومنيوم، مصنع الألومنيوم، وإطلاق النار، انفجار، العمال، النصب، والمداخن، والأشجار الدخان، ميتة، والغابات، وقطع الأشجار، والمياه الملوثة، جافاسلات وجبجنين fordításra،,

Bulgarian :

Русия, алуминий, Братск, Байкал Амур Mainline жп, производството, околната среда, природата, вода, замърсяването на околната среда, индустрията, бедността, алуминиева индустрия, фабрика за алуминий, пожар, взрив, работници, паметник, комин, дим, мъртви дървета, гора, сеч, замърсена вода, Javaslat jobb fordításra, ,

Catalan :

Rússia, alumini, Bratsk, tren Baikal Amur Mainline, fabricació, medi ambient, natura, aigua, contaminació ambiental, indústria, pobresa, indústria d'alumini, fàbrica d'alumini, incendi, explosió, treballadors, monument, pugi, fums, morts arbres, bosc, registre, l'aigua contaminada, Javaslat jobb fordításra, ,

Chinese Simplified :

俄罗斯,铝,布拉茨克,贝加尔湖阿穆尔主干线铁路,制造、 环境、 自然、 水、 环境污染、 工业、 贫穷、 铝工业、 铝制品厂,火灾,爆炸、 工人、 纪念碑、 烟囱、 烟气、 死树、 森林采伐,受污染的水,Javaslat 获得 fordításra,,

Chinese Traditional :

俄羅斯,鋁,布拉茨克,貝加爾湖阿莫爾骨幹鐵路,製造、 環境、 自然、 水、 環境污染、 工業、 貧窮、 鋁工業、 鋁製品廠,火災,爆炸、 工人、 紀念碑、 煙囪、 煙氣、 死樹、 森林採伐,受污染的水,JAVAslat 獲得 fordításra,,

Czech :

Rusko, hliník, Bratsk, Bajkalsko-amurská železnice, výroba, prostředí, příroda, vody, znečištění životního prostředí, průmyslu, chudoba, hliníkový průmysl, hliníkové továrny, oheň, trhání, dělníci, památník, komín, kouře, mrtvé stromy, Les, protokolování, kontaminovanou vodou, Javaslat jobb fordításra, ,

Danish :

Rusland, aluminium, Bratsk, Baikal Amur Mainline railway, produktion, miljø, natur, vand, forurening af miljøet, industri, fattigdom, aluminiumsindustrien, aluminium fabrik, brand, blast, arbejdstagere, monument, skorsten, røg, døde træer, skov, logføring, forurenet vand, Javaslat jobb fordításra, ,

Dutch :

Rusland, aluminium, Bratsk, Baikal Amoer Mainline railway, fabricage, milieu, natuur, water, milieuvervuiling, industrie, armoede, aluminium industrie, aluminium fabriek, brand, ontploffing, werknemers, monument, schoorsteen, rook, dode bomen, bos, logging, verontreinigd water, Javaslat jobb fordításra, ,

Estonian :

Venemaa, alumiinium, Bratsk, Baikali-Amuuri Mainline railway valmistamine, keskkond, loodus, vee, keskkonnareostuse, tööstuse, vaesuse, alumiinium tööstuse, alumiinium factory, tulekahju, lõhkeaukudes, töötajate, monument, mantelkorsten, suitsu, surnud puud, mets, metsaraie, saastunud vesi, Javaslat jobb fordításra, ,

Finnish :

Venäjä, alumiinia, Bratsk, Baikal Amur Mainline railway, valmistus, ympäristö, luonto, vesi, ympäristön saastumisen, teollisuuden, köyhyyden, alumiiniteollisuudelle, alumiini tehdas, tulipalo, räjähdys, työntekijöiden, muistomerkki, savupiippu, savua, kuolleita puita, metsä, hakkaus, saastunut vesi, Javaslat jobb fordításra,

French :

En Russie, en aluminium, Bratsk, chemin de fer Baïkal amour Mainline, fabrication, environnement, nature, eau, pollution de l'environnement, l'industrie, la pauvreté, industrie de l'aluminium, l'usine d'aluminium, feu, blast, travailleurs, monument, cheminée, fumées, dead arbres, forêt, exploitation forestière, l'eau contaminée, Javaslat jobb fordításra, ,

German :

Russland, Aluminium, Bratsk, Baikal-Amur-Magistrale Eisenbahn, Fertigung, Umwelt, Natur, Wasser, Umweltverschmutzung, Industrie, Armut, Aluminiumindustrie, Aluminium-Fabrik, Feuer, blast, Arbeiter, Denkmal, Schornstein, Rauch, tote Bäume, Wald, Protokollierung, verunreinigtes Wasser, Javaslat Jobb Fordításra, ,

Greek :

Ρωσία, αλουμινίου, Bratsk, Baikal Amur Mainline σιδηρόδρομος, παραγωγή, περιβάλλον, φύση, νερό, ρύπανση του περιβάλλοντος, βιομηχανία, φτώχεια, βιομηχανία αλουμινίου, αλουμινίου εργοστάσιο, πυρκαγιά, έκρηξη, εργαζομένων, μνημείο, φουγάρο, καπνός, τα νεκρά δέντρα, δάσος, υλοτομία, μολυσμένο νερό, Javaslat Τζομπ fordításra, ,

Haitian Creole :

Lawisi, aliminyòm, Bratsk, Baïkal / Mainline chemen, manifakti, anviwònman, nati, dlo, Polisyon anviwònman, endistri, povwete, endistri aliminyòm, aliminyòm faktori, dife, blast, travayè yo, moniman, smokestack, lafimen, mouri pyebwa, forest, enregistrement, par dlo, Javaslat, jobb fordításra, ,

Hebrew :

רוסיה, אלומיניום, Bratsk, הרכבת באיקל עמור קאלימפונג, ייצור, סביבה, טבע, מים, זיהום סביבתי, התעשייה, עוני, תעשיית אלומיניום, אלומיניום במפעל, אש, הפיצוץ, עובדים, מצבת זכרון, smokestack, עשן, מת עצים, יער, רישום, מים מזוהמים, Javaslat jobb fordításra, ,

Hindi :

रूस, एल्युमिनियम, Bratsk, बाइकाल अमुर Mainline रेलवे, निर्माण, पर्यावरण, प्रकृति, जल, पर्यावरण प्रदूषण, उद्योग, गरीबी, एल्यूमिनियम उद्योग, एल्यूमीनियम कारखाने, आग, ब्लास्ट, श्रमिकों, स्मारक, धूएँ की नाल, धुआं, मृत पेड़ों, वन, लॉगिंग, दूषित पानी, Javaslat jobb fordításra, ,

Hungarian :

Oroszország, alumínium, Bratsk, Baikal Amur fővonali vasútvonal, gyártás, környezet, természet, víz, környezetszennyezés, ipar, szegénység, alumínium ipar, alumínium gyár, tűz, robbanás, munkavállalók, emlékmű, kémény, füst, halott fák, erdők, fakitermelés, szennyezett víz, Javaslat tőzsdeügynök fordításra, ,

Indonesian :

Rusia, aluminium, Bratsk, kereta utama Baikal Amur, manufaktur, lingkungan, alam, air, pencemaran lingkungan, industri, kemiskinan, aluminium industri, aluminium pabrik, kebakaran, ledakan, pekerja, monumen, smokestack, asap, mati pohon, hutan, penebangan, air yang terkontaminasi, Javaslat jobb fordításra, ,

Italian :

Russia, alluminio, Bratsk, ferrovia Baikal Amur Mainline, produzione, ambiente, natura, acqua, inquinamento ambientale, industria, povertà, in alluminio, fabbrica di alluminio, incendio, esplosione, lavoratori, monumento, ciminiere, fumi, morti alberi, foresta, registrazione, acqua contaminata, para jobb fordításra, ,

Japanese :

ロシア、アルミニウム、ブラーツク、バイカル湖アムール メインライン鉄道、製造、環境、自然、水、環境汚染、産業、貧困、アルミニウム工業、アルミ工場、火災、爆発、労働者、記念碑、煙突、煙、死んだ木、林の伐採、汚染された水、Javaslat レポーター fordításra,

Korean :

러시아, 알루미늄, 브라츠크, 바이칼 아무르 본선 철도, 제조, 환경, 자연, , 환경 오염, 산업, 빈곤, 알루미늄 산업, 알루미늄 공장, 화재, 폭발, 근로자, 기념비, 굴뚝, 연기, 죽은 나무, , 로깅, 오염 된 물, Javaslat 업무 fordításra,

Latvian :

Krievija, alumīnija, Bratsk, Baikāla Amur maģistrālēm dzelzceļa, rūpniecība, vide, daba, ūdens, vides piesārņojumu, rūpniecības, nabadzības, alumīnija rūpniecības, alumīnija rūpnīca, uguns, domnu, strādniekiem, piemineklis, skursteņa, dūmus, miris koki mežā, mežizstrāde, piesārņoto ūdeni, Javaslat jobb fordításra,

Lithuanian :

Rusija, aliuminio, Bratsk, Baikalo Amūro magistralės geležinkelio, gamybos, aplinkos, gamtos, vandens, aplinkos taršą, pramonės, skurdo, aliuminio pramonėje, aliuminio gamyklos, gaisro, Srautinio, darbuotojai, paminklas, smokestack, dūmai, negyvų medžių, miškų, medienos ruoša, užteršto vandens, Javaslat jobb fordításra, ,

Norwegian :

Russland, aluminium, Bratsk, Baikal Amur Mainline jernbane, produksjon, miljø, natur, vann, miljøforurensning, industri, fattigdom, aluminium industrien, aluminium fabrikken, brann, blast, arbeidere, monument, forbrenning., røyk, døde trær, skog, hogger tømmer, forurenset vann, Javaslat jobb fordításra, ,

Polish :

Rosja, aluminiowe, Brack, Bajkał Amur Mainline kolejowe, produkcja, środowiska, przyrody, wody, zanieczyszczenia środowiska, przemysłu, ubóstwa, branży aluminium, fabryka aluminium, ogień, podmuch, pracowników, pomnik, komin, dym, martwe drzewa, Las, rejestrowania, zanieczyszczonej wody, Javaslat makler gie³dowy fordításra, ,

Portuguese :

Rússia, alumínio, Bratsk, ferrovia ferrovia Baikal-Amur, fabricação, ambiente, natureza, água, poluição ambiental, indústria, pobreza, indústria de alumínio, a fábrica de alumínio, fogo, raios, trabalhadores, monumento, chaminé, fumos, mortas árvores, floresta, registrando, água contaminada, Javaslat jobb fordításra, ,

Romanian :

Rusia, aluminiu, Bratsk, Baikal Amur magistrala feroviară, fabricaţie, mediu, natura, apa, poluarea mediului, industria, sărăcia, industria de aluminiu, fabrica de aluminiu, incendiu, explozie, lucrătorilor, Monumentul, smokestack, fum, mort de copaci, forestier, logare, ape poluate, Javaslat jobb fordításra, ,

Russian :

Россия, алюминий, Братск, рабочих, памятник, дымовой трубы, Байкал Амурская магистраль железной дороги, производство, окружающей среды, природы, воды, загрязнение окружающей среды, промышленности, бедность, алюминиевой промышленности, алюминиевый завод, пожар, взрыв, дым, мертвые деревья, леса, лесозаготовки, загрязненной воды, Javaslat jobb fordításra, ,

Slovenian :

Rusija, aluminija, Bratsk, Bajkalsko Amur kopno železniških, manufacturing, okolja, narave, vode, onesnaževanje okolja, industrijo, revščine, industriji aluminija, tovarni aluminija, ogenj, blast, delavci, spomenik, kotel, dima, mrtvih dreves, gozdov, sečnje, onesnažene vode, Javaslat jobb fordításra, ,

Spanish :

Rusia, aluminio, Bratsk, ferrocarril Baikal Amur Mainline, fabricación, medio ambiente, naturaleza, agua, contaminación ambiental, industria, pobreza, industria del aluminio, fábrica de aluminio, fuego, explosión, trabajadores, monumento, chimenea, humos, muertos de árboles, bosque, tala de árboles, agua contaminada, Javaslat jobb fordításra, ,

Thai :

รัสเซีย อลูมิเนียม Bratsk สาบไบคาล Amur Mainline รถไฟ ผลิต สิ่งแวดล้อม ธรรมชาติ น้ำ มลพิษทางสิ่งแวดล้อม อุตสาหกรรม ความยากจน อลูมิเนียมอุตสาหกรรม อลูมิเนียมโรง งาน ไฟไหม้ ระเบิด แรงงาน อนุสาวรีย์ smokestack ควัน ตาย ต้นไม้ ป่า ล็อก น้ำที่ปนเปื้อน Javaslat jobb fordításra,

Turkish :

Rusya, alüminyum, Bratsk, imalat, çevre, doğa, su, çevre kirliliği, sanayi, yoksulluk, Alüminyum Sanayi, alüminyum fabrikası, yangın, yok et, Baykal Amur ana hat tren, işçiler, anıt, baca, duman, ölü ağaçlar, orman, kirli su, Javaslat jobb fordításra, günlüğe kaydetme, ,

Ukrainian :

Росія, алюміній, Братськ, Байкал Амурська магістраль залізниці, для виробництва, навколишнє середовище, природа, води, забруднення навколишнього середовища, промисловості, бідність, алюмінієву промисловість, алюмінієвий завод, вогонь, вибух, робітників, пам'ятник, димова труба, дим, мертві дерева, ліс, ведення журналів, забрудненої води, Javaslat jobb fordításra, ,

Vietnamese :

Liên bang Nga, nhôm, Bratsk, đường sắt Baikal Amur Mainline, sản xuất, môi trường, thiên nhiên, nước, ô nhiễm môi trường, công nghiệp, đói nghèo, nhôm công nghiệp, nhà máy nhôm, lửa, vụ nổ, công nhân, Đài tưởng niệm, ống khói, hút thuốc lá, chết cây, rừng, khai thác gỗ, nước bị ô nhiễm, Javaslat jobb fordításra, ,




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