Royalty: Elizabeth II in Prague (00:02:28)
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Royalty: Elizabeth II in Prague

Rights-Managed, Footage

Location and time:

Bohemia, Prague, 1990s


UK: Elizabeth II in Prague

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Catalan :

Bohèmia, Praga, Reina, Imperi britànic, de Isabel II, UK, 1990, Windsor, aristocràtica, drets d'autor, Príncep Felip, restaurant, luxe, discurs, acte, Havel, ,

Chinese Simplified :

波希米亚,布拉格,女王伊丽莎白二世,英国,20 世纪 90 年代,英国,帝国,温莎,贵族,皇室王子菲利普,餐厅、 豪华、 语音、 仪式,哈维尔,,

Czech :

Čechy, Praha, královna Elizabeth II, Velká Británie, 1990, britské, říše, Windsor, aristokratický, princezna, Princ Philip, restaurace, luxusní, řeč, obřad, Havel, ,

Danish :

Bøhmen, Prag, dronning Elizabeth II, UK, 1990 ' erne, britiske, empire, Windsor, aristokratiske, royalty, prins Philip, restaurant, luksus, tale, ceremoni, Havel, ,

French :

Bohême, Prague, Reine, empire britannique, Elizabeth II, UK, des années 1990, royauté aristocratique, Windsor, prince Philip, restaurant, luxury, discours, cérémonie, Havel, ,

Greek :

Βοημίας, Πράγα, βασίλισσα, Elizabeth II, Ηνωμένο Βασίλειο, της δεκαετίας του 1990, βρετανική, αυτοκρατορία, Windsor, αριστοκρατική, πνευματικά δικαιώματα, πρίγκιπα Φιλίππου, εστιατόριο, πολυτελή, ομιλία, τελετή, Havel, ,

Italian :

Boemia, Praga, regina, Impero britannico, Elisabetta II, UK, 1990, regalità aristocratica, Windsor, principe Filippo, ristorante di lusso, discorso, cerimonia, Havel, ,

Japanese :

ボヘミア、プラハ、クイーン、クイーンエリザベス II, 英国、1990 年代に、イギリス、帝国、ウィンザー、貴族、王族王子フィリップ、式典、Havel、音声、高級レストラン,

Slovak :

Bohemia, Praha, kráľovná Elizabeth II, UK, 1990, britskej, ríše, Windsor, aristokratický, licenčných poplatkov, princ Filip, Reštaurácia, luxusné, reči, obrad, Havel, ,

Vietnamese :

Bohemia, Praha, nữ hoàng Elizabeth II, Vương Quốc Anh, năm 1990, Anh, Đế quốc, Windsor, quý tộc, trả tiền bản quyền, Hoàng tử Philip, nhà hàng sang trọng, bài phát biểu, Lễ, Havel, ,




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22-07-2010 22:15:14

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