Solidarity : Ships, Port of Gdansk - a strike, 1980 (00:00:33)
Original video: Solidarity : How Solidarity was founded? (00:05:03)

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Solidarity : Ships, Port of Gdansk - a strike, 1980

Rights-Managed, Footage

Location and time:

Poland, Gdansk, 1980


Poland: Ships, Port of Gdansk - a strike, 1980

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Arabic :

بولندا، والسفن، وميناء غدانسك، الإضراب، 1980، التضامن، سوليدارنوست، فاليسا،,

Bulgarian :

Полша, кораби, пристанището на Гданск, стачка, 1980, солидарност, солидарност, Валенса, ,

Catalan :

Polònia, vaixells, Port de Gdansk, vaga, 1980, solidaritat, solidarnost, Walesa, ,

Chinese Simplified :

波兰、 船舶、 港口城市格但斯克,罢工,1980 年,团结一致,solidarnost,瓦文萨,,

Chinese Traditional :

波蘭、 船舶、 港口城市格但斯克,罷工,1980 年,團結一致,solidarnost,瓦文薩,,

Czech :

Polsko, lodě, přístav Gdaňsk, udeřit, 1980, solidarita, solidarnost, Walesa, ,

Danish :

Polen, skibe, havnen i Gdansk, strike, 1980, solidaritet, solidarnost, Walesa, ,

Dutch :

Polen, de schepen, de haven van Gdansk, staking, 1980, solidariteit, solidarnost, Walesa, ,

Estonian :

Poola, laevade, Gdanski sadam strike, 1980 solidaarsusel, solidarnost, Walesa, ,

Finnish :

Puola, alusten, satamakaupungissa Gdanskissa strike, 1980 solidaarisuus, solidarnost, Walesan, ,

French :

Pologne, bateaux, Port de Gdansk, grève, 1980, solidarité, solidarnost, Walesa, ,

German :

Polen, Schiffe, Hafen von Danzig, Streik, 1980, Solidarität, Solidarnost, Walesa, ,

Greek :

Πολωνία, πλοία, λιμάνι του Γκντανσκ, απεργία, 1980, αλληλεγγύη, solidarnost, Βαλέσα, ,

Haitian Creole :

Polòy, bato, pò Gdansk la, leve men sou, lane 1980, solidarite, solidarnost, Walesa, ,

Hebrew :

פולין, ספינות, יציאה של גדנסק, שביתה, 1980, סולידריות, solidarnost, ואלנסה, ,

Hindi :

पोलैंड, जहाजों, ग्दान्स्क बंदरगाह, हड़ताल, 1980, एकजुटता, solidarnost, वालेसा, ,

Hungarian :

Lengyelország, hajók, Port Gdansk, sztrájk, 1980, szolidaritás, solidarnost, Csaba, ,

Indonesian :

Polandia, kapal, pelabuhan Gdansk, pemogokan, 1980, solidaritas, solidarnost, Walesa, ,

Italian :

Polonia, navi, porto di Danzica, sciopero, 1980, solidarietà, Solidarnost ' formatosi, Walesa, ,

Japanese :

ポーランド, , グダニスク ポート ストライク、1980 年、連帯、ワレサ空港, solidarnost,

Korean :

폴란드, 배송, 그단스크 포트, 파업, 1980 년, 연대, solidarnost, 바웬사, ,

Latvian :

Polija, kuģiem, Gdaņskas ostā, streiku, 1980, solidaritāte, solidarnost, Valensas, ,

Lithuanian :

Lenkija, laivų, uosto bei Gdansk, streikuoti, 1980 m. solidarumo, solidarnost, Walesa, ,

Norwegian :

Polen, skip, Port i Gdansk, streik, 1980, solidaritet, solidarnost, Walesa, ,

Polish :

Polska, statki, Port w Gdańsku, strike, 1980, solidarności, solidarnost, Wałęsa, ,

Portuguese :

Polónia, navios, Porto de Gdansk, strike, 1980, solidariedade, solidarnost, Walesa, ,

Romanian :

Polonia, nave, Port Gdansk, grevă, 1980, solidaritate, susţinerile, Walesa, ,

Russian :

Польша, корабли, Порт Гданьск, забастовки, 1980, солидарность, солидарность, Валенса, ,

Slovak :

Poľsko, lode, prístave Gdansk, štrajk, 1980, solidarita, solidarnost, Walesa, ,

Slovenian :

Poljska, ladij, pristanišč Gdanska, stavke, 1980, solidarnost, solidarnost, Walesa, ,

Spanish :

Polonia, barcos, Puerto de Gdansk, huelga, 1980, solidaridad, solidarnost, Walesa, ,

Swedish :

Polen, fartyg, hamnen i Gdansk, strike, 1980, solidaritet, solidarnost, Walesa,

Thai :

โปแลนด์ เรือ ท่าของกดา นสค์ ตี 1980 เอกภาพ solidarnost, Walesa,

Turkish :

Polonya, gemiler, liman, Gdansk, strike, 1980, dayanışma, solidarnost, Walesa, ,

Ukrainian :

Польща, кораблі, порт Гданськ, страйк, 1980, солідарність, солідарність, Валенса, ,

Vietnamese :

Ba Lan, tàu, Port Gdansk, tấn công, 1980, đoàn kết, solidarnost, Wałęsa, ,




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Original video: Solidarity : How Solidarity was founded?
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