Berlin life: Post-war time, ruined building, citylife at Brandenburg Gate, traffic (00:00:10)
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Berlin life: Post-war time, ruined building, citylife at Brandenburg Gate, traffic

Rights-Managed, Footage

Location and time:

Germany, Berlin, 1940s


Berlin life: Post-war time, ruined building, citylife at Brandenburg Gate, traffic

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Chinese Simplified :

战争之后,柏林、 勃兰登堡大门、 勃兰登堡门、 城市生活、 城市景观、 人群、 生活用品,德国,生活方式,人上街头,战后,毁了建筑、 交通,

Chinese Traditional :

戰爭之後,柏林、 勃蘭登堡大門、 勃蘭登堡門、 城市生活、 城市景觀、 人群、 生活用品,德國,生活方式,人上街頭,戰後,毀了建築、 交通,

French :

après la guerre, Berlin, porte de Brandebourg, Brandenburger Tor, citylife, paysage urbain, foule, tous les jours, Allemagne, mode de vie, les gens sur la rue, post-war, ruiné bâtiment, trafic,

Hebrew :

לאחר המלחמה, ברלין, שער ברנדנבורג, ברנדנבורג, סיטילייף (citylife), נוף עירוני, הקהל, everydays, גרמניה, סגנון חיים, אנשים על הרחוב, הפוסט-המלחמה, הרס הבניין, תנועה,

Italian :

dopo la guerra, Berlino, porta di Brandeburgo, Brandenburger Tor, citylife, paesaggio urbano, folla, everydays, Germania, stile di vita, persone sulla strada, post-guerra, rovinata edificio, traffico,

Lithuanian :

po karo, Berlynas, Brandenburgo vartai, Brandenburger Tor, citylife, miesto peizažas, minia, everydays, Vokietija, gyvenimo būdą, žmonių ant gatvės, post-karo, sugadina pastato, eismo,

Slovak :

po vojne, Berlin Brandenburg Gate, Brandenburger Tor, citylife, panorámu, dav, nevzniknú, Nemecko, životný štýl, ľudia na ulici, post-vojny, zničil budovy, prevádzky,

Swedish :

efter kriget, Berlin, Brandenburger Tor, Brandenburger Tor, citylife, stadsbild, Skara, everydays, Tyskland, livsstil, människor på gatan, post-kriget förstörd byggnad, trafik,

Vietnamese :

sau chiến tranh, Berlin, Brandenburg Gate, Brandenburger Tor, citylife, cảnh quan thành phố, đám đông, everydays, Đức, lối sống, người trên đường phố, sau-chiến tranh, bị hủy hoại xây dựng, giao thông,




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