Disaster: Crystal Palace burns down, 1936 (00:01:56)
Original video: Disaster: Titanic - news of disaster broken, 1912 (00:02:31)

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Disaster: Crystal Palace burns down, 1936

Rights-Managed, Footage

Location and time:

UK, London, 1936


Disaster: Crystal Palace burns down, 1936

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Catalan :

desastre, Crystal Palace, cremar, 1936, incendis, danys, Regne Unit, Londres, fum, cendra, anglesa, pols, ,

Chinese Traditional :

災難, 水晶宮, 燒毀了 1936, 000 倫敦, 煙塵, ,

Greek :

καταστροφή, Κρίσταλ Πάλας, καεί, 1936, πυρκαγιά, ζημιές, Ηνωμένο Βασίλειο, Λονδίνο, καπνό, στάχτη, ingle, σκόνη, ,

Japanese :

災害、クリスタル ・ パレス、燃やす、1936 年、火災、損害、英国ロンドン、煙、灰、イングル、ほこり、,

Polish :

Katastrofa, Crystal Palace, spalić, 1936, pożaru, uszkodzeń, UK, Londyn, dymu, popiołu, kominku, kurz, ,

Portuguese :

desastre, Palácio de cristal, incendiar, 1936, incêndio, danos, Reino Unido, Londres, fumaça, cinzas, ingle, poeira, ,

Romanian :

dezastru, Crystal Palace, arde în jos, 1936, incendiu, deteriorarea, Marea Britanie, Londra, fum, cenuşă, ingle, praf, ,

Slovenian :

nesreče, kristalna palača, zažgal, 1936, požar, poškodbe, UK, London, dim, pepel, ingle, prah, ,

Spanish :

desastre, Palacio de cristal, quemar, 1936, incendio, daños, Reino Unido, Londres, humo, ceniza, ingle, polvo, ,

Swedish :

katastrof, Crystal Palace, bränna ner, 1936, brand, skada, Storbritannien, London, rök, aska, ingle, damm, ,

Thai :

ภัยพิบัติ คริสตัลพาเลซ เผา 1936 ไฟไหม้ เสียหาย เถ้า ควัน สหราชอาณาจักร ลอนดอน อินเกิลวู๊ ดล ฝุ่น,




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Original video: Disaster: Titanic - news of disaster broken, 1912
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