Battle of Westerplatte: German bomb attack on the peninsula of Westerplatte, invasion of Poland (00:01:40)

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Battle of Westerplatte: German bomb attack on the peninsula of Westerplatte, invasion of Poland

Rights-Managed, Footage

Location and time:

Poland, Westerplatte, Danzig, 1939


Battle of Westerplatte: German bomb attack on the peninsula of Westerplatte, invasion of Poland

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Arabic :

الهجوم الجوي، "معركة ويستربلات"، تفجير، دانزيغ، وغزو بولندا، بولندا، "حملة بولندا"، ويستربلات، والحرب العالمية الثانية,

Bulgarian :

въздушно нападение, битка на Westerplatte бомбардировките, Данциг нападението на Полша, Полша, Полша кампания, Westerplatte, Втората световна война,

Catalan :

atac aeri, batalla de Westerplatte, bombardejos, Danzig, invasió de Polònia, Polònia, la campanya de Polònia, Westerplatte, la Segona Guerra Mundial,

Chinese Simplified :

空袭, 半岛战役, 轰炸, , 波兰, 波兰, 波兰战役, 半岛, 二战,

Chinese Traditional :

空襲, 半島戰役, 轟炸, , 波蘭, 波蘭, 波蘭戰役, 半島, 二戰,

Danish :

luftangreb, Slaget af Westerplatte, bombning, Danzig, invasionen af Polen, Polen, Polen kampagne, Westerplatte, anden verdenskrig,

Dutch :

luchtaanval, slag van Westerplatte, bombardementen, Danzig, invasie van Polen, Polen, Polen-campagne, Westerplatte, tweede Wereldoorlog,

Estonian :

õhurünnaku, Westerplatte lahing, pommitamine, Danzig, sissetungi Poola, Poola, Poola kampaania, Westerplatte, II maailmasõja,

Finnish :

ilmahyökkäyksen, Westerplatten taistelu pommitukset, Danzig, Puola, Puola, toinen maailmansota, Westerplatte, Puola kampanjan hyökkäyksen,

French :

attaque aérienne, bataille de Westerplatte, bombardement, Danzig, invasion de la Pologne, Pologne, campagne de Pologne, Westerplatte, seconde guerre mondiale,

German :

Luftangriff, Schlacht von Westerplatte, Bombardierung, Danzig, Invasion von Polen, Polen, Polen-Kampagne, Westerplatte, Zweiter Weltkrieg,

Greek :

αεροπορική επίθεση, μάχη του Westerplatte, βομβαρδισμούς, Danzig, εισβολή στην Πολωνία, Πολωνία, εκστρατεία της Πολωνίας, Westerplatte, β ' Παγκοσμίου Πολέμου,

Haitian Creole :

atak nan lè, batay Westerplatte la, babondaj, Danzig, envazyon Polòy, Polòy, kanpay Polòy, Westerplatte, gè MONDYAL,

Hebrew :

התקפה אווירית, הקרב של Westerplatte, בפיגוע, דנציג, הפלישה של פולין, פולין, מסע פולין, Westerplatte, מלחמת העולם השנייה,

Italian :

attacco aereo, battaglia della Westerplatte, bombardamento, Danzig, invasione della Polonia, Polonia, campagna della Polonia, Westerplatte, seconda guerra mondiale,

Portuguese :

ataque aéreo, batalha de Westerplatte, bombardeio, Danzig, invasão da Polónia, Polónia, Polónia campanha, Westerplatte, segunda guerra mundial,

Swedish :

flygattack, strid av Westerplatte, bombningar, Danzig, invasionen av Polen, Polen, Polen aktion, Westerplatte, andra världskriget,

Vietnamese :

không kích, trận chiến Westerplatte, ném bom, Danzig, cuộc xâm lược Ba Lan, Ba Lan, chiến dịch Ba Lan, Westerplatte, chiến tranh thế giới thứ hai,




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