Iran hostage crisis: Photo of Ayatollah Mohammad Mousavi Khoeiniha, Iranian cleric and leader with Ebrahim Asgharzadeh (00:00:12)
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Iran hostage crisis: Photo of Ayatollah Mohammad Mousavi Khoeiniha, Iranian cleric and leader with Ebrahim Asgharzadeh

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Location and time:

Iran, 1979


Iran hostage crisis: Photo of Ayatollah Mohammad Mousavi Khoeiniha, Iranian cleric and leader with Ebrahim Asgharzadeh

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Catalan :

L'aiatol Mohammad Mousavi Khoeiniha, demostració, Ebrahim Asgharzadeh, Iran, crisi d'ostatges de l'Iran, líder, polític, política, revolucions, disturbis, estudiant, terrorisme,

Chinese Simplified :

Ayatollah Mohammad Mousavi Khoeiniha, 示威, Ebrahim Asgharzadeh, 伊朗, 伊朗人质危机, 领导人、政治家、政治, 革命, 暴乱, 学生, 恐怖主义,

Danish :

Ayatollah Mohammad Mousavi Khoeiniha, demonstration, Morten Asgharzadeh, Iran, Iran gidseltagningen, leder, politiker, politik, revolutioner, optøjer, studerende, terrorisme,

French :

L’ayatollah Mohammad Mousavi Khoeiniha, démonstration, Ebrahim Asgharzadeh, Iran, crise iranienne des otages, chef, politicien, politique, révolutions, émeutes, étudiant, le terrorisme,

German :

Ajatollah Mohammad Mousavi Khoeiniha, Demonstration, Ebrahim Asgharzadeh, Iran, Iran Geiselkrise, Führer, Politiker, Politik, Revolutionen, Aufruhr, Student, Terrorismus,

Greek :

Αγιατολάχ Mohammad Khoeiniha Μουσαβί, διαδήλωση, Ebrahim Asgharzadeh, Ιράν, κρίση ομήρων στο Ιράν, ηγέτης, πολιτικός, πολιτική, επαναστάσεις, ταραχές, φοιτητής, τρομοκρατία,

Italian :

L'Ayatollah Mohammad Mousavi Khoeiniha, dimostrazione, Ebrahim Asgharzadeh, Iran, crisi degli ostaggi in Iran, leader, politico, politica, rivoluzioni, sommossa, studente, terrorismo,

Portuguese :

Aiatolá Mohammad Mousavi Khoeiniha, demonstração, Ebrahim Asgharzadeh, Irã, crise de reféns do Irã, líder, político, política, revoluções, motins, estudante, terrorismo,

Slovenian :

Ajatola Mohammad Mousavi Khoeiniha, predstavitev, Andreja Asgharzadeh, Iranu, Iran talcev kriza, voditelj, politik, politiki, revolucije, izgredov, študent, terorizem,

Spanish :

El ayatolá Mohammad Mousavi Khoeiniha, demostración, Ebrahim Asgharzadeh, Irán, crisis del rehén de Irán, líder, político, política, revoluciones, disturbios, estudiantes, terrorismo,

Thai :

โดยมุฮัมมัด Mousavi Khoeiniha สาธิต Ebrahim Asgharzadeh อิหร่าน วิกฤติตัวประกันอิหร่าน ผู้นำ นักการเมือง การเมือง ปฏิวัติ จลาจล นักเรียน การก่อการร้าย,

Turkish :

Ayetullah Mohammad Mousavi Khoeiniha, gösteri, İbrahim Asgharzadeh, Iran, Iran rehine krizi, lider, politikacı, siyaset, ihtilal, isyan, öğrenci, terörizm,




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