Hiroshima: survivors and injures (00:07:12)
Original video: Hiroshima: People and Ruins (00:00:19)

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Hiroshima: survivors and injures

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Location and time:

Japan, Hiroshima, 06-08-1945


Atomic bomb: bomb explosions, testing - in the air for, 1945 On July 16, 1945, an implosion bomb was successfully tested near Alamogordo, New Mexico. The production of this bomb, and its gun-type counterpart, ushered in the atomic age. The development of these weapons represented the culmination of more than three years of intense research and development effort. At Los Alamos, science and technology combined to produce a weapon of incredible power; enough even to end the most destructive war in history.

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French :

Bombe Atominc : expériences explosives, 1945, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, l'armée de USA, Amerika, Japan, U.S., bombe atomique, nucléaire, plane, la seconde guerre mondiale, armée, militaire, nucléaire, destruction, explosions nucléaires, radiations nucléaires, nuage atomique, champignons atomiques, Alamogordo, Nouveau-Mexique, Los Alamos, arme, attentats à la bombe - dans l'air pour tester, survivants, blessures, plaies, ,

Hungarian :

Atominc bomba: robbanásveszélyes kísérletek, 1945, Hiroshima, Nagaszaki, az USA, Amerika, Japan, U.S az USA hadserege, atombomba, nukleáris, sík, World War II, hadsereg, katonai, atomerőmű, megsemmisítése, nukleáris robbantásokat, nukleáris sugárzás, atomic cloud, atomic gomba, Alamogordo, Új-Mexikó, Los Alamos, fegyver, bomba robbanások - levegőt, tesztelés, túlélők, sérülés, seb, ,

Italian :

Atominc bomba: esperimenti esplosivi, 1945, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, USA, Amerika, Japan, U.S. esercito, bomba atomica, nucleare, piano, seconda guerra mondiale, esercito, militare, nucleare, distruzione, esplosioni nucleari, radiazioni nucleari, nube atomica, funghi atomici, Alamogordo, nuovo Messico, Los Alamos, arma, esplosioni della bomba - all'aria per test, superstiti, infortuni, ferita, ,

Japanese :

Atominc 爆弾: 爆発実験、1945 年、広島, 長崎, USA, Amerika, Japan, U.S. 軍, , 飛行機、原子爆弾第二次世界大戦、軍、軍事、原子力発電、破壊、核爆発、核放射、原子雲、原子のキノコは、アラモゴード, ニュー メキシコ州、ロスアラモス、武器、爆弾の爆発 - 空気をテスト、生存者、傷害、傷は、,

Portuguese :

Atominc bomba: experiências explosivas, 1945, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, exército de USA, Amerika, Japan, U.S., bomba atômica, nuclear, avião, segunda guerra mundial, exército, militar, energia nuclear, destruição, explosões nucleares, radiação nuclear, nuvem atômica, cogumelos atômicos, Alamogordo, Novo México, Los Alamos, arma, explosões de bomba - no ar para testes, sobreviventes, lesões, ferida, ,

Romanian :

Atominc bombă: experimente explozive, 1945, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, USA, Amerika, Japan, U.S. Armata, bombe atomice, nucleare, avion, al doilea război mondial, armata, militar, nucleare, distrugerea, explozii nucleare, radiatii nucleare, atomic nor, ciuperci Atomice, Alamogordo, New Mexico, Los Alamos, arma, explozii cu bombă - în aer pentru testare, supravieţuitori, leziuni, rana, ,




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Original video: Hiroshima: People and Ruins
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16-08-2010 14:50:21

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