Balkan war: Serbian hospital - doctors and the wounded (00:00:54)
Original video: First Balkan war: Serbian artillery operations (00:00:52)

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Balkan war: Serbian hospital - doctors and the wounded

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Location and time:

Balkan, 1912


Serbian hospital - doctors and the wounded The First Balkan War, which lasted from October 1912 to May 1913, pitted the Balkan League (Serbia, Greece, Montenegro and Bulgaria) against the Ottoman Empire. The combined armies of the Balkan states overcame the numerically inferior and strategically disadvantaged Ottoman armies, and achieved rapid success. As a result of the war, almost all remaining European territories of the Ottoman Empire were captured and partitioned among the allies. Ensuing events also led to the creation of an independent Albanian state. Despite its success, Bulgaria was dissatisfied with the peace settlement and with the Ottoman threat gone, soon started a Second Balkan War against its former allies.

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Catalan :

Guerra de la primera Guerra dels Balcans, dels Balcans, 1912, 1913, Lliga Balcànica, Sèrbia, Grècia, Montenegro, Bulgària, l'Imperi otomà, exèrcits otomà, Península Balcànica, victòria de la Lliga Balcànica, tractat de Londres, soldats d'infanteria, guerra, soldats, armes, Cavalleria, lluita, lluita, hospital, metge, hospital serbi, metges, ferits, sacerdot de l'ortodox serbi, ,

German :

Den ersten Balkankrieg, Balkan-Krieg, 1912, 1913, Balkan Liga, Serbien, Griechenland, Montenegro, Bulgarien, Osmanen osmanische Armeen, Balkanhalbinsel, Balkan Liga Sieg, Vertrag von London, Infanteristen, Krieg, Soldaten, Waffen, Kavallerie, Kampf, kämpfen, Krankenhaus, Arzt, serbische Krankenhaus, Ärzte, verwundet, Serbisch-orthodoxen Priester, ,

Hindi :

प्रथम बाल्कन युद्ध, बाल्कन युद्ध, 1912, 1913, बाल्कन लीग, सर्बिया, ग्रीस, मोंटेनेग्रो, बुल्गारिया, तुर्क साम्राज्य, ओटोमन सेनाओं, Balkan प्रायद्वीप, बाल्कन लीग जीत, लंदन, पैदल सैनिकों, युद्ध, सैनिकों, हथियार, अश्वारोही, लड़ाई, लड़, अस्पताल, चिकित्सक, सर्बियन अस्पताल, डॉक्टरों, घायल, की संधि सर्बियन रूढ़िवादी पुजारी, ,

Swedish :

Första Balkankriget, Balkan kriget, 1912, 1913, Balkan ligan, Serbien, Grekland, Montenegro, Bulgarien, Osmanska riket, ottomanska arméer, Balkanhalvön, Balkanförbundet victory, fördrag av London infanterister, krig, soldater, vapen, kavalleri, kampen, slåss, sjukhus, läkare, serbiska sjukhus, läkare, sårade, serbisk-ortodox präst, ,




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Original video: First Balkan war: Serbian artillery operations
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