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Moscow: Red Square, Basil 's Cathedral

Rights-Managed, Footage

Location and time:

Soviet Union, Moscow, 1930s


Moscow: Red Square, Basil 's Cathedral

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Arabic :

موسكو، ساحة حمراء، وكاتدرائية باسيل، الكنيسة،,

Bulgarian :

Москва, червен площад, Василий Блажени, църквата, ,

Catalan :

Moscou, quadrat vermell, catedral de Basili, l'església, ,

Chinese Simplified :


Chinese Traditional :


Czech :

Moskva, červený čtvereček, Vasila Blaženého, kostel, ,

Danish :

Moskva, rød firkant, Basil's Cathedral, kirke, ,

Dutch :

Moskou, rode vierkant, Basiliuskathedraal, kerk, ,

Estonian :

Moskva, punane väljak, Vassili katedraalist, kirik, ,

Finnish :

Moskova, punainen neliö, Vasilin katedraali, kirkko, ,

French :

Moscou, place rouge, la cathédrale de Basile, église, ,

German :

Moskau, Roter Platz, Basilius Kathedrale, Kirche, ,

Greek :

Μόσχα, την Κόκκινη πλατεία, τον καθεδρικό του Βασιλείου, εκκλησιών, ,

Haitian Creole :

Moscow, wouj kare, katedral Basil a, legliz la, ,

Hebrew :

מוסקבה, ריבוע אדום, ואסילי הקדוש, הכנסייה, ,

Hindi :

मास्को, लाल चौक, बेसिल कैथेड्रल, चर्च, ,

Hungarian :

Moszkva, Vörös tér, Basil's Cathedral, templom, ,

Indonesian :

Moskow, Red Square, Basil's Cathedral, gereja, ,

Italian :

Mosca, Piazza Rossa, Cattedrale di Basilio, Chiesa, ,

Japanese :


Korean :

모스크바, 붉은 광장, 향미료의 대성당, 교회, ,

Latvian :

Maskava, Red Square, Bazila katedrāle, baznīca, ,

Lithuanian :

Maskva, Red Square, Basil's Cathedral, bažnyčia, ,

Norwegian :

Moskva, Red Square, Basil-katedralen, kirken, ,

Polish :

Moskwa, plac czerwony, Basil's Cathedral, Kościół, ,

Portuguese :

Moscou, Praça Vermelha, a Catedral do Basil, igreja, ,

Romanian :

Moscova, Red Square, Basil's Cathedral, Biserica, ,

Russian :

Москва, Красная площадь, Собор Василия Блаженного, Церковь, ,

Slovak :

Moskva, červené námestie, Basil's Cathedral, kostol, ,

Slovenian :

Moskva, Red Square, Basil's Cathedral, cerkev, ,

Spanish :

Moscú, Plaza Roja, Catedral de Basilio, de la iglesia, ,

Swedish :

Moskva, Röda torget, Basil's Cathedral, kyrka, ,

Thai :

มอสโก จัตุรัสแดง วิหารเบซิล เชิร์ช,

Turkish :

Moskova, Red Square, Basil Katedrali, kilise, ,

Ukrainian :

Москва, Червона площа, Василя блаженного, церква, ,

Vietnamese :

Moscow, quảng trường đỏ, Basil's Cathedral, giáo hội, ,




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