Soviet Union: 20th Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (00:02:10)
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Soviet Union: 20th Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union

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Location and time:

Soviet Union, Moscow, 14-02-1956


The Personality Cult and its Consequences (Russian: О культе личности и его последствиях), commonly known as the Secret Speech or the Khrushchev Report, was a report to the 20th Party Congress on February 25 1956[1] by Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev. In the speech, Khrushchev criticized actions taken by the regime of Joseph Stalin, particularly the purges of the military and the upper Party echelons, and the development of Stalin's personality cult, while maintaining support for the ideals of Communism by invoking Vladimir Lenin. The speech was a milestone in the Khrushchev Thaw.[2][3] It was also a sign of an intense power struggle within the Soviet leadership in which Khrushchev made an effort to discredit those who had survived the long rule of Stalin, notably Lavrentiy Beria. Superficially, the speech was an attempt to draw the Communist Party of the Soviet Union closer to Leninism. Khrushchev's aim, however, was primarily to garner public acceptance of the arrest and execution of Beria three years earlier,[4] as well as to legitimize his own recently consolidated power (seized from Stalin loyalists Vyacheslav Molotov and Georgy Malenkov). It was known as the "Secret Speech" because it was delivered at a closed session, and its actual text was printed only in 1989 [5], although many Party members had already been informed of the speech as soon as a month after Khrushchev delivered it. In April 2007, The Guardian newspaper (UK) included the speech in their series on "Great Speeches of the 20th Century

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Bulgarian :

Никита Хрушчов реч, изпълнение, аплодисменти, Ленин, ленинизма, Маркс, марксизъм, Съветския съюз, комунизма, другарю, Кремъл, Москва, 20-ия конгрес на комунистическата партия на Съветския съюз, Сталин, Клемент Gotwald, 1 минута мълчание, на Хрушчов тайна реч осъжда Сталин, култ към личността на Сталин, ,

Chinese Traditional :

尼基塔 · 赫魯雪夫演講、 性能、 掌聲,列寧,列寧主義,馬克思、 馬克思主義、 蘇聯、 共產主義,同志,克里姆林宮,莫斯科,史達林、 克裡門特 Gotwald、 默哀 1 分鐘,赫魯雪夫的秘密講話,譴責史達林,史達林的個人崇拜,蘇聯共產黨 20 代表大會,

Estonian :

Nikita Hruštšov kõne, tulemuslikkuse, Aplaus, Lenin, Leninism, Marx, marksism, Nõukogude Liidu, kommunism, seltsimees, Kreml, Moskva, NSV Liidu NLKP Stalini Klement Gotwald 1 minut vaikust, Hruštšovi saladus kõne hukka Stalin, Stalini isiku kultus, XX kongress,

Lithuanian :

Nikita Chruščiovas kalbos, kokybės, aplodismentų, Leninas, Leninizmas, Markso, marksizmas, TSRS, komunizmas, gausūs, Kremlius, Maskva, 20-ojo Kongreso TSKP, TSRS, Stalinas, Klement Gotwald, 1 minutės tylos, Chruščiovas 's Secret kalbos denonsuojančio Stalinas, Stalino asmenybės kulto, ,

Russian :

Речь Никиты Хрущева, производительность, аплодисменты, Ленина, ленинизм, Маркс, марксизм, советский союз, коммунизм, товарищ, Кремль, Москва, 20-м съезде Коммунистической партии Советского Союза, Сталин, Готвальдовском Klement, 1 минута молчания, секрет речи Хрущева, осуждение культа личности Сталина, Сталин,

Slovak :

Nikita Chruščov reči, výkon, potlesk, Lenin marxismu, Marx, marxizmus, ZSSR, komunizmus, súdruh, Kremeľ, Moskva, 20. zjazd komunistickej strany Sovietskeho zväzu, Stalin, Klement Gotwald 1 minúta ticha, Chruščovovej tajnej reči odsudzovať Stalin, Stalinov kult osobnosti, ,




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