Soviet Union: 46th COMECON meeeting in Moscow (00:02:17)
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Soviet Union: 46th COMECON meeeting in Moscow

Rights-Managed, Footage

Location and time:

Soviet Union, Moscow, 18-12-1985


Soviet Union: 46th COMECON meeeting in Moscow

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Arabic :

الاتحاد السوفياتي، 46 الكوميكون meeeting، موسكو، سوسياليزم، كومونيزم، وأوروبا الشرقية، الاقتصاد،,

Bulgarian :

Съветския съюз, 46-та срещата на сив, Москва, socializm, communizm, Източна Европа, икономика, ,

Catalan :

Unió Soviètica, 46è meeeting COMECON, Moscou, socializm, communizm, Europa Oriental, l'economia, ,

Chinese Simplified :

第 46 互助会 meeeting,苏联莫斯科,socializm,communizm、 东欧国家的经济,,

Czech :

Sovětský svaz, 46 RVHP meeeting socializm, communizm, Moskva, ekonomika, východní Evropa,

Danish :

Sovjetunionen, 46th COMECON møde, Moskva, socializm, communizm, Østeuropa, økonomi, ,

Dutch :

Sovjet-Unie, 46e COMECON meeeting, Moskou, socializm, communizm, Oost-Europa, economie, ,

Estonian :

Nõukogude Liidu 46 VMNI meeeting, Moskva, socializm, communizm, Ida-Euroopa, majanduse, ,

Finnish :

Neuvostoliiton neljäskymmeneskuudes SEV meeeting Moskova, socializm, communizm, Itä-Euroopassa, talous, ,

French :

L'Union soviétique, 46e réunion de le COMECON, Moscou, socializm, communizm, europe de l'est, l'économie, ,

German :

Sowjetunion, 46. RGW Repräsentativräume, Moskau, Socializm, Communizm, Osteuropa, Wirtschaft, ,

Greek :

Σοβιετική Ένωση, 46ο COMECON meeeting, Μόσχα, socializm, communizm, Ανατολική Ευρώπη, οικονομία, ,

Haitian Creole :

Inyon Sovyetik, sa COMECON meeeting Moscow, socializm, communizm, Ewop de lès, ekonomi an, ,

Hebrew :

ברית המועצות, חשובה קומקון 46, מוסקבה, socializm, communizm, במזרח אירופה, כלכלה, ,

Hindi :

सोवियत संघ, 46 COMECON meeeting, मास्को, socializm, communizm, पूर्वी यूरोप, अर्थव्यवस्था, ,

Indonesian :

Uni Soviet, 46 meeeting COMECON, Moskow, socializm, communizm, Eropa Timur, ekonomi, ,

Italian :

Unione Sovietica, 46 ° meeeting del COMECON, Mosca, socializm, communizm, Europa orientale, economia, ,

Japanese :

ソビエト連邦、46 コメコン会議モスクワ、socializm、communizm、東ヨーロッパ、経済、,

Korean :

46 COMECON meeeting 소련 모스크바, socializm, communizm, 동부 유럽, 경제, ,

Latvian :

Padomju Savienība, 46 Sepp meeeting, Maskava, socializm, communizm, Austrumeiropā, ekonomiku, ,

Lithuanian :

Sovietų Sąjungos, 46-iam COMECON meeeting, Maskva, socializm, communizm, Rytų Europos, ekonomika, ,

Norwegian :

Sovjetunionen, 46te ATOMENERGI meeeting, Moskva, socializm, communizm, Øst-Europa, økonomi, ,

Polish :

Związek Radziecki, 46 RWPG meeeting, Moskwa, socializm, communizm, Europa, gospodarka, ,

Portuguese :

União Soviética, a 46ª Reunião do COMECON, Moscou, socializm, communizm, Europa Oriental, economia, ,

Romanian :

Uniunea Sovietică, 46 meeeting CAER, Moscova, socializm, communizm, Europa de Est, economie, ,

Russian :

Советский союз, 46 СЭВ meeeting, Москва, socializm, communizm, Восточной Европы, экономика, ,

Slovak :

Sovietsky zväz, meeeting 46 RVHP, Moskva, socializmu, communizm, východnej Európe, ekonomika, ,

Slovenian :

Sovjetske zveze, uporabnikov sme mednarodnega 46 sev, Moskvi socializm, communizm, Vzhodna Evropa, gospodarstvo, ,

Swedish :

Sovjetunionen, 46: e COMECON meeeting, Moskva, socializm, communizm, Östeuropa, ekonomi, ,

Thai :

สหภาพโซเวียต ๔๖ COMECON meeeting มอสโก socializm, communizm ยุโรปตะวันออก เศรษฐกิจ,

Turkish :

Sovyetler Birliği, 46 Yardımlaşma meeeting, Moskova, socializm, communizm, Doğu Avrupa, Ekonomi, ,




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