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Cuba: Fidel Castro among the people

Rights-Managed, Footage

Location and time:

Cuba, 1960s


Fidel Castro among the people

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Arabic :

فيدل كاسترو، بين الناس، كوبا، كاسترو،,

Bulgarian :

Фидел Кастро, сред хората, Куба, Кастро, ,

Catalan :

Entre la gent, Cuba, Fidel Castro Castro, ,

Chinese Simplified :

菲德尔 · 卡斯特罗,古巴人们· 卡斯特罗,

Chinese Traditional :

菲德爾 · 卡斯楚,古巴人們· 卡斯楚,

Czech :

Fidel Castro, mezi lidmi, Kuba, Castro, ,

Danish :

Fidel Castro, blandt folket, Cuba, Castro, ,

Dutch :

Fidel Castro, onder het volk, Cuba, Castro, ,

Estonian :

Fidel Castro, Kuuba, rahva seas Castro, ,

Finnish :

Fidel Castro, Kuuban kansan keskuudessa Castro, ,

French :

Fidel Castro, parmi le peuple, Cuba, Castro, ,

German :

Fidel Castro, unter das Volk, Kuba, Castro, ,

Greek :

Ο Φιντέλ Κάστρο, μεταξύ των ανθρώπων, την Κούβα, Κάστρο, ,

Haitian Creole :

Fidel Castro, nan mitan pèp la, Kiba, Pwezidan Kastwo, ,

Hebrew :

פידל קסטרו, בקרב העם, קובה, קסטרו, ,

Hindi :

फिदेल कास्त्रो, लोगों, क्यूबा के बीच, कास्त्रो, ,

Hungarian :

Fidel Castro, a nép között, Kuba, Castro, ,

Indonesian :

Fidel Castro, bangsa itu, Kuba, Castro, ,

Italian :

Fidel Castro, tra la gente, Cuba, Castro, ,

Japanese :

フィデル ・ カストロ、キューバの人々 の間カストロは、,

Korean :

사람들, 쿠바, 피델 카스트로 카스트로, ,

Latvian :

Fidel Castro, starp cilvēkiem, kuba, Castro, ,

Lithuanian :

Fidelis Castro, tarp žmonių, Kuba, Castro, ,

Norwegian :

Fidel Castro, blant folket, Cuba, Castro, ,

Polish :

Fidel Castro, wśród ludzi, Kuba, Castro, ,

Portuguese :

Fidel Castro, entre as pessoas, Cuba, Castro, ,

Romanian :

Fidel Castro, printre oameni, Cuba, Cristian, ,

Russian :

Фидель Кастро, среди людей, Куба, Кастро, ,

Slovak :

Fidel Castro, medzi ľuďmi, Kuba, Castro, ,

Slovenian :

Fidel Castro, med ljudmi, Kuba, Castro, ,

Spanish :

Fidel Castro, entre el pueblo, Cuba, Castro, ,

Swedish :

Fidel Castro, bland folket, Kuba, Castro, ,

Thai :

ฟี คน คิวบา Castro,

Turkish :

Fidel Castro, Küba halkı arasında Castro, ,

Ukrainian :

Фідель Кастро, в народі, куба, Кастро, ,

Vietnamese :

Fidel Castro, trong số những người, Cuba, Castro, ,




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