Reinhard Spitzy: Hitler's attaché - interview with Spitzy (00:00:34)

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Reinhard Spitzy: Hitler's attaché - interview with Spitzy

Rights-Managed, Footage

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Germany, 1990s


Hitler's life: Hitler's attaché interview with Reinhard Spitzy.

He was wearing glasses with a golden frame. He held a huge magnifying glass in his hand (it was fobidden to take photographs of him like this). Ribbentrop stood beside him and said „My leader... soon we will have to draw our swords.” I thought Hitler would bite his head off. Instead Hitler just said „no Ribbentrop, no, not yet.”

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Arabic :

هتلر، الإمبراطورية الألمانية، برلين، النازية، الرايخ الثالث، Schleicher، مسيرة SA، الحزن SA الحزب، NS المجموعة، حياة هتلر، الملحق، مقابلة، Reinhard Spitzy، ألمانيا، SS-Hauptsturmführer، دبلوماسي،,

Bulgarian :

Хитлер, Германската империя, Берлин, Нацистката, Трети райх, Шлайхер, маршируващ СА, Грифин СА-парти, NS Group, Хитлеров живот, аташе, интервю, Райнхард Спитзи, Германия, СС-Хауптщюрмфюрер, дипломат, ,

Catalan :

Hitler, Imperi alemany, Berlín, nazi, Tercer Reich, Schleicher, Marching SA, la pena SA-Party, NS Group, Hitler's Life, Attaché, entrevista, Reinhard Spitzy, Alemanya, SS-Hauptsturmführer, diplomàtic, ,

Chinese Simplified :

希特勒, 德意志帝国, 柏林, 纳粹, 第三帝国, 施莱彻, 游行萨, 格里夫萨党, NS 集团, 希特勒的生活, 附件, 采访, 赖因哈德 · 斯皮齐, 德国, SS - 豪普茨图尔夫费尔, 外交官,,

Chinese Traditional :

希特勒, 德意志帝國, 柏林, 納粹, 第三帝國, 施萊徹, 遊行薩, 格裡夫薩黨, NS 集團, 希特勒的生活, 附件, 採訪, 賴因哈德 · 斯皮齊, 德國, SS - 豪普茨圖爾夫費爾, 外交官, 外交官, ,

Czech :

Hitler, Německé impérium, Berlín, Nacista, Třetí říše, Schleicher, pochodující SA, Smutek SA-party, NS Group, Hitlerův život, atašé, rozhovor, Reinhard Spitzy, Německo, SS-Hauptsturmführer, diplomat, diplomat, ,

Danish :

Hitler, Tysk Imperium, Berlin, Nazi, Tredje Rige, Schleicher, marcherende SA, Sorg SA-parti, NS Group, Hitlers liv, attaché, interview, Reinhard Spitzy, Tyskland, SS-Hauptsturmführer, diplomat, ,

Dutch :

Hitler, Duits Rijk, Berlijn, Nazi, Derde Rijk, Schleicher, marcheren SA, Grief SA-party, NS Group, Hitler's leven, attaché, interview, Reinhard Spitzy, Duitsland, SS-Hauptsturmführer, diplomaat, ,

Estonian :

Hitler, Saksa Impeerium, Berliin, Nats, Kolmas Reich, Schleicher, marssimas SA, Leina SA-partei, NS Group, Hitleri elu, atašee, intervjuu, Reinhard Spitzy, Saksamaa, SS-Hauptsturmführer, diplomaat, ,

Finnish :

Hitler, Saksan keisarikunta, Berliini, Natsi, Kolmas valtakunta, Schleicher, marssi SA, Grief SA-puolue, NS-ryhmä, Hitlerin elämä, avustaja, haastattelu, Reinhard Spitzy, Saksa, SS-Hauptsturmführer, diplomaatti, ,

French :

Hitler, Empire allemand, Berlin, Nazi, Troisième Reich, Schleicher, marche SA, Grief SA-party, NS Group, La vie d’Hitler, attaché, interview, Reinhard Spitzy, Allemagne, SS-Hauptsturmführer, diplomate, ,

German :

Hitler, Deutsches Reich, Berlin, Nazi, Drittes Reich, Schleicher, Marsch SA, Trauer-SA-Partei, NS-Gruppe, Hitlers Leben, Attaché, Interview, Reinhard Spitzy, Deutschland, SS-Hauptsturmführer, Diplomat, ,

Greek :

Χίτλερ, Γερμανική Αυτοκρατορία, Βερολίνο, Ναζί, Τρίτο Ράιχ, Schleicher, πορεία SA, Θλίψη SA-κόμμα, NS Ομάδα, ζωή του Χίτλερ, ακόλουθος, συνέντευξη, Reinhard Spitzy, Γερμανία, SS-Hauptsturmführer, διπλωμάτης, ,

Haitian Creole :

Hitler, Anpi Alman, Belen, Nazi, Twazyem Reich, Schleicher, mache SA, Grief SA-pati, NS Group, H lavi, ataché, entevyou, Reinhard Spitzy, Almay, SS-Hauptsturmführer, diplomat, ,

Hebrew :

היטלר, האימפריה הגרמנית, ברלין, נאצי, הרייך השלישי, שלייכר, צועד SA, היגון SA-צד, NS הקבוצה, היטלר חיים, נספח, ראיון, ריינהרד ספיזי, גרמניה, SS-אופשטורמפיהרר, דיפלומט, ,




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