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Infotainment: The cat is always upright

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Worldwide, 2010


If a cat falls from the 10th floor, it’s the same as if a man falls from the 40th. The cat defies the laws of gravity, because during its freefall it changes its wind resistance and increases its drag. How does it do it? And why does it always land on its feet?

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Bulgarian :

котка, винаги, изправено, черен, червен, кост, есен, скок, стая, диван, очите, въздух, баланс, мозъка, животно, развлекателния, ,

Catalan :

gat, sempre, en posició vertical, negre, vermell, OS, tardor, salt, sala, Sofà, ull, aire, equilibri, cervell, animal, infoentreteniment, ,

Dutch :

kat, altijd, rechtop, zwart, rood, bot, val, sprong, kamer, sofa, oog, lucht, evenwicht, hersenen, dier, Infotainment, ,

French :

chat, toujours, debout, noir, rouge, OS, chute, saut, chambre, canapé, oeil, air, équilibre, cerveau, animal, Infotainment, ,

German :

Katze, immer, stehend, schwarz, rot, Knochen, Herbst, Sprung, Zimmer, Sofa, Auge, Luft, Gleichgewicht, Gehirn, Tier, Infotainment, ,

Italian :

gatto, sempre in posizione verticale, nero, rosso, osso, caduta, salto, stanza, divano, occhio, aria, equilibrio, cervello, animale, Infotainment, ,

Japanese :


Korean :

항상 고양이, 직 립, 블랙, 레드, 뼈가, 점프, , 소파, , 공기, 균형, , 동물, 이슈, ,

Latvian :

kaķi vienmēr, stalti, melna, sarkanā, kaulu, kritums, lēkt, istabas, dīvāna, acu, gaisa, līdzsvaru, smadzeņu, dzīvnieks, izklaides, ,

Romanian :

pisica, întotdeauna în poziţie verticală, negru, roşu, osoase, toamna, Salt, camera, canapea, ochi, aer, echilibru, creier, animale, Infotainment, ,

Slovak :

mačka, vždy, vzpriamené, čierna, červená, kosti, jeseň, skok, izba, pohovka, oko, vzduchu, rovnováhu, mozgu, zviera, infotainmentu, ,

Thai :

แมว เสมอ ตรง ดำ แดง กระดูก ฤดูใบไม้ร่วง กระโดด ห้อง โซฟา ตา อากาศ สมดุล สมอง สัตว์ Infotainment,

Ukrainian :

кішки, завжди, прямостоячий, чорний, червоний, кістки, падіння, стрибок, зал, диван, очей, повітря, баланс, мозку, тварина, інформаційно-розважальних, ,




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05-11-2010 15:03:01

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