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2nd Olympics: Paris, 1900, rowing, sculling

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France, Paris, 1900


The 1900 Summer Olympics, today officially known as the Games of the II Olympiad, was an international multi-sport event which was celebrated in 1900 in Paris, France. No opening or closing ceremonies were held; competitions began on May 14 and ended on October 28. The Games were held as part of the 1900 World's Fair. Over a thousand competitors took part in 19 different sports. Women took part in the games for the first time and Charlotte Cooper became the first female Olympic champion. The decision to hold competitions on a Sunday brought protests from many American athletes, who travelled as representatives of their colleges and were expected to withdraw rather than compete on their religious day of rest. At the Sorbonne conference of 1895, Baron de Coubertin proposed that the Olympic Games should take place in 1900 in Paris. The delegates to the conference were unwilling to wait six years and lobbied to hold the first games in 1896. A decision was made to hold the first Olympic Games in 1896 in Athens and that Paris would host the second celebration. Most of the winners in 1900 did not receive medals, but were given cups or trophies. Professionals competed in fencing and Albert Robert Ayat (France), who won the épée for amateurs and masters, was awarded a prize of 3000 francs. Some unusual events were contested for the only time in the history of the Games including automobile and motorcycle racing[1], ballooning[2], cricket[3], croquet[4], Basque pelota[5], 200m swimming obstacle race and underwater swimming[6].

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Arabic :

البطولات الأولمبية، والرياضة، والعالم،، العضلات، 1900، باريس، فرنسا، التاريخ، اليونان، حركة، الجسم، والمنافسة، وألعاب القوى، دراجة هوائية، المبارزة, تشغيل, "الألعاب الأولمبية الصيفية"، حدث متعدد الرياضة الدولية، البارون دي كوبرتان، وسباق الدراجات النارية، تضخم ، الكريكيت، الكروكيه، الباسك pelota، المسار، حقل، السباحة، والمصارعة، والجمباز، الفرنسية, الملاكمة البريطانية، نهر، المحيط، اليخوت، سباق، ركوب الدراجات، ملعب، المنقذة للحياة، الرماية، رفع الأثقال، التجديف، الغوص، كرة الماء، المعرض العالمي، سانت لويس, ميزوري، تيودور روزفلت، والرئيس، الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية، 2، الأولمبياد، الألعاب الأولمبية، الدولي، والملاكمة النسائية، تسلق قطب، الأفارقة، الأنثروبولوجيا، سكولينج، السين،,

Chinese Simplified :

世界锦标赛冠军奥运会比赛比赛夏季奥运会、国际多运动项目、摩托车男爵、摩托车比赛、气球, 板球, 球拍, 巴斯克佩洛塔, 田径, 游泳, 摔跤, 体操, 法国, 英国拳击, 河流, 海洋, 游艇, 赛车, 自行车, 高尔夫, 救生, 射箭, 举重, 划船, 跳水, 水球, 世界博览会, , 总统奥运会、国际奥运会、女子拳击、极极攀岩、非洲人、人类学、舞蹈、塞纳河、,

Danish :

OL, sport, world, mesterskaber, muskel, 1900, paris, Frankrig, historie, Grækenland, bevægelse, krop, konkurrence, atletik, cykling, fægtning, løb, OL, internationale multi-sportsbegivenhed, baron de coubertin, motorcykel racing, ballooning , cricket, kroket, baskiske pelota, spor, field, svømning, brydning, gymnastik, franske, britiske boksning, floden, ocean, yacht, racing, cykling, golf, livreddende, bueskydning, vægtløftning, roning, dykning, vandpolo, world's fair, st. louis, missouri, Theodore, roosevelt, formand, usa, 2nd, olympiade, olympiske lege, international, kvinders boksning, pole klatring, afrikanere, antropologi, sculling, Seinen, ,




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