Animal: Nile Crocodils on the mainland (00:01:44)
Original video: Animal: Panda bears at the zoo (00:01:48)

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Animal: Nile Crocodils on the mainland

Rights-Managed, Footage

Location and time:

Worldwide, 2010


Nile Crocodiles have a dark bronze colouration above, with black spots on the back and a dirty purple on the belly. The flanks, which are yellowish green in colour, have dark patches arranged in oblique stripes. There is some variation relative to environment; specimens from swift flowing waters tend to be lighter in colour than those dwelling in lakes or swamps. They have green eyes. Like all crocodiles, they are quadrupeds with four short, splayed legs; long, powerful tails; a scaly hide with rows of ossified scutes running down their back and tail; and powerful jaws. They have nictitating membranes to protect their eyes and have lachrymal glands, and can cleanse their eyes with tears.

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Arabic :

تمساح, البر, حيوان, 2010، الأسنان، براون، النيل، البقع، الأرجواني القذرة، البطن، سطوح السفوح، والمشارب، والساقين مفلطح، ذيل قوية،,

Bulgarian :

Крокодил, континентален, животно, 2010, зъб, кафяво, Нил, петна, мръсни лилаво, корема, хълбоците, ивици, скосени краката, мощна опашка, ,

Catalan :

Cocodril, continental, animal, 2010, la dent, marró, Nil, taques, bruta porpra, ventre, flancs, ratlles, cames esteses, poderosa cua, ,

Chinese Traditional :

鱷魚、 內地、 動物,2010 年,牙、 棕色的、 尼羅河、 斑點、 髒紫色、 肚子、 側翼、 條紋、 八字的腿、 有力的尾巴,,

Czech :

Krokodýl, kontinentální, zvíře, 2010, zubní, hnědá, Nil, skvrny, špinavý fialová, břicho, boky, pruhy, rozevřené nohy, silný ocas, ,

Danish :

Krokodille, fastlandet, animal, 2010, tand, brune, Nilen, steder, beskidt lilla, mave, flanker, striber, spredte ben, kraftfulde hale, ,

Estonian :

Krokodill, mandri, loom, 2010, hammaste, pruun, Niilus, laigud, määrdunud lilla, kõht, Küljetükid, triibud, harali jalad, võimas saba,

German :

Krokodil, Festland, Tier, 2010, Zahn, Braun, Nil, Flecken, Schmutzig Lila, Bauch, Flanken, Streifen, gespreizten Beinen, mächtige Schwanz, ,

Haitian Creole :

Krokodil, tè pwensipal la, zannimo, 2010, dan, maron, larivyè Nil, tach, sal twal siperyè koulè, vant plen, flancs, bandes, janm splayed, ke pwisan an, ,

Hindi :

मगरमच्छ, मुख्य भूमि, पशु, 2010, दांत, भूरे रंग के, नील नदी, स्पॉट, गंदा है बैंगनी, पेट, flanks, पट्टियों, splayed पैर, शक्तिशाली पूंछ, ,

Polish :

Krokodyl, kontynentalnych, zwierząt, 2010, ząb, brązowy, Nilu, miejsca, brudne fioletowy, brzuch, boki, paski, rozstawione nogi, ogon potężny, ,




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Original video: Animal: Panda bears at the zoo
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07-12-2010 17:18:40

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