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Bavaria: Luitpold, Prince Regent of Bavaria portrait

Rights-Managed, Footage

Location and time:

Germany, Bavaria, 1900s


Luitpold, Prince Regent of Bavaria (12 March 1821–12 December 1912), was the regent and de facto ruler of Bavaria from 1886 to 1912, due to the incapacity of his nephews, Ludwig II and Otto. Luitpold was born in Würzburg, the third son of King Ludwig I of Bavaria and of his wife Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen. He was the younger brother of King Maximilian II of Bavaria and of King Otto of Greece. In addition to being in line to the throne of Bavaria, Luitpold was also heir presumptive to the throne of Greece since his brother Otto had no children. However, the Greek law of succession required that Otto's heir convert to the Eastern Orthodox Church in order to become king; Otto was not willing to do this. Otto was deposed in 1862 and replaced by a Danish prince who became King George I of Greece. Otto died in 1867, leaving Luitpold and his descendants as representatives of Otto's claim; however, Luitpold never pursued this. During the rule of his brother Maximilian II (1848–64), Luitpold did not play a significant political role. With the reign of his nephew Ludwig II (1864-1886) Prince Luitpold had increasingly to represent the royal house due to the king's long absence from the capital. In the Austro-Prussian War in 1866 Luitpold was commander of the 3rd Division. In 1869 he became Inspector General of the Bavarian army, during the Franco-Prussian War 1870/71 he represented Bavaria in the staff headquarters. As such he handed over on 3rd of December 1870 Ludwig's Kaiserbrief to the Prussian King William I offering the crown of the German Empire. In 1876 Luitpold was appointed field marshal.

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Catalan :

Retrat de Luitpold, Príncep Regent, Baviera, 1900, alemany, Alemanya, Imperi, emperador, Würzburg, germà, rei maximilian, seu, Mariscal de camp, ,

Chinese Simplified :

Luitpold, Prince, Regent, Bavaria, portrait, 1900s, german, Germany, empire, emperor, Würzburg, younger 兄弟, 马西米兰国王, 总部, 元帅,

Chinese Traditional :

Luitpold, Prince, Regent, Bavaria, portrait, 1900s, german, Germany, empire, emperor, Würzburg, younger 兄弟, 馬西米蘭國王, 總部, 元帥,

Czech :

Luitpold, kníže, Regent, Bavorsko, portrét, 1900s, němčina, Německo, říše, císař, Würzburg, mladší bratr, král maximilian, ústředí, polní maršál, ,

Danish :

Luitpold, prins, Regent i Bayern, portræt, 1900-tallet, tysk, Tyskland, empire, kejser, Würzburg, yngre bror, Kong maximilian, hovedkvarter, feltmarskal, ,

Dutch :

Luitpold van Beieren, Prins, Regent, Beieren, portret, 1900, Duitse, Duitsland, rijk, keizer, Würzburg, jongere broer, koning Maximiliaan, hoofdkwartier, veldmaarschalk, ,

Estonian :

Luitpold, prints-Regent, Bavaria, portree, 1900, Saksamaa, Saksamaa, impeerium, keiser, Würzburg, noorem vend, kuningas maximilian, peakorter, sõjaväelane, ,

Finnish :

Luitpold, prinssi Regent, Baijerin, muotokuva, 1900, Saksa, Saksa, empire, keisari, Würzburgin nuorempi veli, kuningas maximilian, pääkonttori, sotamarsalkka,

Hebrew :

Luitpold, פרינס ריג'נט, בוואריה, דיוקן, 1900, גרמני, גרמניה, האימפריה, קיסר, וירצבורג, אחיו הצעיר, המלך מקסימיליאן, מטה, פילד-מרשל, ,

Hindi :

Luitpold, प्रिंस, Regent, बावरिया, पोट्रेट, 1900s, जर्मन, जर्मनी, एम्पायर, सम्राट, Würzburg, छोटा भाई, राजा मैक्सीमिलियन, मुख्यालय, फील्ड मार्शल, ,

Japanese :

王子ルイトポルト摂政、バイエルン、肖像画、1900 年代、ドイツ、ドイツ、帝国、皇帝、ヴュルツブルク、弟、王マクシミリアン、本部、陸軍元帥、,

Korean :

Luitpold, 왕자, 리 젠 트, 바바리아, 초상화, 1900 년대, 독일, 독일 제국, 황제, 뷔르츠부르크, 남동생, 왕 막시밀리안, 본부, 육군 원수, ,

Latvian :

Luitpolda, Prince Regent, Bavārija, portrets, 1900, vācu, Vācija, impērijas imperators, Würzburg, jaunākais brālis, Maksimiliāns karalis, štābs, feldmaršals, ,

Lithuanian :

Luitpold, Prince Regent, Bavarijoje, portretas, 1900, Vokietijos, Vokietijos imperija, imperatorius, Würzburg, brolis, karalius maximilian, būstinė, feldmaršalas, ,

Russian :

Luitpold, принц, регент, Бавария, портрет, 1900, немецкий, Германия, империи, император, Вюрцбург, младшего брата, короля Максимилиана, штаб-квартира, фельдмаршал, ,

Thai :

Luitpold เจ้าชาย รีเจนท์ บาวาเรีย ภาพ ทศวรรษ 1900 เยอรมัน เยอรมัน จักรวรรดิ จักรพรรดิ เวือร์ซบูร์ก น้องชาย กษัตริย์แม็กซิมิเลียน สำนักงานใหญ่ จอมพล,




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