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Bavaria: Ludwig I - king of Bavaria portrait

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Location and time:

Germany, Bavaria, 1820s


Ludwig I (25 August 1786 – 29 February 1868) was king of Bavaria from 1825 until the 1848 revolutions in the German states. Born in Strasbourg, he was the son of Count Palatine Maximilian Joseph of Zweibrücken by his first wife Augusta Wilhelmine of Hesse-Darmstadt. At the time of his birth, his father was an officer in the French army stationed at Strasbourg. He was the godson and namesake of Louis XVI of France. On 1 April 1795 his father succeeded Ludwig's uncle, Charles II, as duke of Zweibrücken, and on 16 February 1799 became Elector of Bavaria and Count Palatine of the Rhine, the Arch-Steward of the Empire, and Duke of Berg on the extinction of the Sulzbach line with the death of the elector Charles Theodore. His father assumed the title of King of Bavaria on 1 January 1806. Starting in 1803 Ludwig studied in Landshut where he was taught by Johann Michael Sailer and in Göttingen. In October 1810, he married Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen (1792–1854), the daughter of Frederick, Duke of Saxe-Hildburghausen. The wedding was the occasion of the first ever Oktoberfest. Ludwig strongly rejected the alliance of his father with Napoleon I of France but in spite of his anti-French politics the crown prince had to join the emperor's wars with allied Bavarian troops in 1806 and under François Joseph Lefebvre in 1809. In 1817 Ludwig was involved in the fall of Prime Minister Count Max Josef von Montgelas. He succeeded his father on the throne in 1825.

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Bulgarian :

Лудвиг I, крал, Бавария, Германия, немски, се посочва, американските, Страсбург, пфалцграфа Максимилиан, империя, Августа Вилхелмина фон Хесен-Дармщат, корона, император, портрет, ,

Catalan :

Ludwig, rei, Baviera, Alemanya, alemany, afirma, dècada de 1820, Strasbourg, comte palatí Maximilian, Imperi, Augusta Wilhelmine de Hessen-Darmstadt, Corona, emperador, retrat, ,

Chinese Traditional :

路德維希一、 國王,巴伐利亞、 德國、 德國,國家、 1820s,史特拉斯堡、 行宮伯爵馬克西米利安、 帝國,奧古斯塔威廉明娜的黑森州達姆施塔特,皇冠,皇帝肖像,,

Czech :

Ludvík, král, Bavorsko, Německo, německý, uvádí, dvacátých, Štrasburk, Palatin hrabě Maxmilián, říše, Augusta Wilhelmine Hesse-Darmstadt, koruny, císař, portrét, ,

Danish :

Ludwig I, konge, Bayern, Tyskland, tysk, hedder, i 1820 ' erne, Strasbourg, grev Palatine Maximilian, empire, Augusta Wilhelmine af Hessen-Darmstadt, crown, kejser, portræt, ,

Dutch :

Ludwig I, koning, Beieren, Duitsland, Duitse, Staten, jaren 1820, Straatsburg, paltsgraaf Maximilian, rijk, Augusta Wilhelmine van Hessen-Darmstadt, kroon, keizer, portret, ,

Finnish :

Ludwig I, kuningas, Baijeri, Saksa, Saksa, toteaa 1820-luvulla Strasbourg, Count Palatine Maximilian, empire, Augusta Wilhelmine Hessen-Darmstadt, crown, keisari, muotokuva, ,

German :

Ludwig i., König, Bayern, Deutschland, Deutsch, heißt es: der 1820er Jahre, Straßburg, Pfalzgraf Maximilian, reich, Augusta Wilhelmine von Hessen-Darmstadt, Krone, Kaiser, Porträt, ,

Greek :

Ludwig I, βασιλιάς, Βαυαρία, Γερμανία, η γερμανική, αναφέρει, 1820s, Στρασβούργο, Παλατίνο Maximilian, αυτοκρατορία, Αουγκούστα Wilhelmine του Hesse-Darmstadt, στέμμα, αυτοκράτορας, πορτρέτο, ,

Haitian Creole :

Ludwig mwen menm, wa, Bavaria, Almay, Almay, états, 1820s, Strasbourg, Maximilian konte Palatine, anpi, Augusta Wilhelmine Hesse-Darmstadt, kouwòn, anperè, pòtre, ,

Hungarian :

Ludwig, király, bajor, Németország, német, kimondja, az 1820-as évek, Strasbourg, Nádor gróf Maximilian, empire, Auguszta Vilma Hessen–darmstadti, korona, császár, portré, ,

Italian :

Ludwig I, re, Baviera, Germania, tedesco, afferma, 1820, Strasburgo, Conte Palatino Massimiliano, Impero, Augusta Wilhelmine d'Assia-Darmstadt, corona, imperatore, ritratto, ,

Japanese :

Ludwig、王、ババリア、ドイツ、ドイツ、状態は、1820 年代、ストラスブール、プファルツ マクシミリアン、帝国、ヴィルヘルミーネ ・ フォン ・ ヘッセン = ダルムシュタット、クラウン、皇帝の肖像画、,

Latvian :

Ludwig, karalis, Bavārijā, Vācijā, Vācijas, teikts 1820s, Strasbūra, Count Palatine Maksimiliāns, impērija, Augusta Vilhelmīni Hesse Darmstadt, vainagu, imperators, portrets, ,

Lithuanian :

Ludwig aš, karalius, Bavarija, Vokietija, Vokietijos, teigiama, dvidešimtaisiais metais Strasbūro, skaičius Palatine Maximilian, imperija, Augusta Wilhelmine Hesenas-Darmstadt, karūną, imperatoriaus, portretas, ,

Norwegian :

Ludwig I, konge, Bayern, Tyskland, tysk, stater, 1820-tallet, Strasbourg, antall Palatine Maximilian, imperium, Augusta Wilhelmine av Hessen-Darmstadt, kronen, keiser, portrett, ,

Polish :

Ludwig, król, Bawaria, Niemcy, niemiecki, Państwa, lat 20, Strasburg, Maksymilian hrabia Palatyn, Imperium, Augusta Wilhelmina Hesji-Darmstadt, korony, cesarz, portret, ,

Slovak :

Ludwig I kráľ, Bavorsko, Nemecko, nemecká, uvádza 1820s, Štrasburg, gróf Palatine Maximilian, ríše, Augusta Wilhelmine Hesse-Darmstadt, korunu, cisár, portrét, ,

Slovenian :

Ludwig I, kralj, Bavarska, Nemčija, nemški, navaja letoma, Strasbourg, Count Palatine Maximilian, imperij, Augusta Wilhelmine Hessen-Darmstadt, krono, cesar, portret, ,

Thai :

ลุดวิกแห่ง คิง บาวาเรีย ประเทศเยอรมัน เยอรมัน อเมริกา 1820s สตราสบูร์ก แม็กซิมิเลียน Count Palatine จักรวรรดิ Wilhelmine ออกัสตาแห่งเฮสส์ดาร์มส มงกุฎ จักรพรรดิ ภาพ เหมือน,

Turkish :

Ludwig, Kral, Bavyera, Almanya, Alman, devletler, 1820s, Strasbourg, Kont Palatine Maximilian, İmparatorluğu Augusta Wilhelmine Hesse-Darmstadt, taç, İmparator, portre, ,

Vietnamese :

Ludwig I, vua, bang Bayern, Đức, Đức, tiểu bang, năm 1820, Strasbourg, Bá tước Palatine Maximilian, Đế quốc, Augusta Wilhelmine của Hesse-Darmstadt, Vương miện, hoàng đế, gương điển hình, ,




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