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The Balkan war - II.

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Europe, Balkan, 1910s


The term Balkan Wars refers to the two wars that took place in South-eastern Europe in 1912 and 1913. The First Balkan War broke out on 8 October 1912 when Bulgaria, Greece, Montenegro and Serbia (see Balkan League), having large parts of their ethnic populations under Ottoman sovereignty, attacked the Ottoman Empire, terminating its five-century rule in the Balkans in a seven-month campaign resulting in the Treaty of London. The Second Balkan War broke out on 16 June 1913 when Bulgaria, was dissatisfied over the division of the spoils in Macedonia, made in secret by its former allies, Serbia and Greece. Their armies repulsed the Bulgarian offensive and counter-attacked penetrating into Bulgaria, while Romania and the Ottoman Empire took the opportunity to intervene against Bulgaria and make territorial gains. In the resulting Treaty of Bucharest, Bulgaria lost most of the territories gained in the First Balkan War.

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Catalan :

guerra, soldats, atac, invasió, armes, canó, canó, buttle, militars, bomba, mort, Europa, Imperi otomà, Imperi rus, Regne de Sèrbia, Rússia, Prússia, guerra balcànica, balcànica, Bulgària, Montenegro, Sud-est europeu, primera guerra balcànica, tractat de Londres, guerra balcànica segon, Bucarest, Romania, ,

Haitian Creole :

lagè, sòlda yo, atak, envazyon an, zam, kanon, zam, buttle, militè yo, bonb lan, touye, Europe, disparisyon anpi Ottoman, Empire Lawisi, peyi wa peyi Sèbi, Lawisi, Prusse, balkan lagè, balkan, Bilgari, Montenegwo, disid pati lès Europe, pwemye Balkan lagè, trete de Boukarès London, dezyèm Balkan lagè, Woumani, ,

Latvian :

karš, karavīri, uzbrukums, iebrukumu, ieroči, lielgabalu, lielgabals, buttle, militāro, bumba, nāve, Eiropā, Osmaņu impērija, Krievijas impērija, Serbijas Karaliste, Krievija, Prūsijā, Balkānu karu, Balkānu, Bulgāriju, Melnkalni, Dienvidaustrumeiropas, pirmā Balkānu kara, līgums London, otrais Balkānu karu, Bukarestē, Rumānijā, ,

Lithuanian :

karo, kariai, ataka, invazija, ginklų, patranka, ginklų, buttle, karinis, bomba, mirtis, Europos, Osmanų imperija, Rusijos imperija, Serbijos Karalystės, Rusijos, Prūsijos, Balkanų karas, Balkanų, Bulgarija, Juodkalnija, Pietų-Rytų Europa, pirmasis Balkanų karas, sutarties pasirašymo Londonas, Antrasis Balkanų karas, Bukareštas, Rumunija, ,

Portuguese :

guerra, soldados, ataque, invasão, armas, canhões, armas, buttle, militar, bomba, morte, Europa, Império Otomano, Império Russo, Reino da Sérvia, Rússia, Prússia, guerra dos Balcãs, balkan, Bulgária, Montenegro, sudeste da Europa, primeira Guerra Balcânica, Tratado de Londres, Guerra Balcânica em segundo lugar, Bucareste, Roménia, ,




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