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Octoberfest: Octoberfest - monsters

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Germany, Munich, 2000


September and October is time for Oktoberfest, a German beer festival in Munich. This year marks the 200 year celebration of the world famous Munich beer festival - Octoberfest. This is one of the world's biggest festivals, more than 6 million visitors attend every year. The history of Oktoberfest began in 1810 at the wedding of the Bavarian King Louis I and Princess Therese. All the residents of Munich were invited to the 5-day celebration. The highlight of the wedding was a horserace held in a field next to the city wall. To comemorate the event the site was named after the Princess. The site is now called Theresa's meadow. But how has this event become the “world's biggest beer garden”?

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Arabic :

Oktoberfest، octoberfest، ومهرجان البيرة، والبيرة، ضيف، نادلة، النادل، أنا الملك لويس، الأميرة تريز، ألمانيا، بافاريا، ميونيخ، الحصان، خيمة، الباردة، المعجنات، الجعة، الحانات، وحفلات الزفاف، دائري، شد، الرقص، المقاعد، Hofbräu-فيسثالي، والتضخم، والقاموس، 2000، وحوش،,

Bulgarian :

Октоберфест, Октоберфест, фестивал бира, бира, гости, сервитьорка, сервитьор, аз крал Луи, принцеса, Германия, Бавария, Мюнхен, кон, палатка, студ, гевречета, пивоварна, кръчми, сватби, въртележка, дърпане на въже, танц, седалки, Hofbräu-Festhalle, инфлация, речник, 2000, чудовища, ,

Danish :

Oktoberfest, Oktoberfesten, øl festival, øl, gæst, servitrice, tjeneren, jeg Louis King, prinsesse Therese, Tyskland, Bayern, München, hest, telt, kolde, saltkringler, bryggeri, pubber, bryllupper, karrusel, tovtrækning, dans, sæder, Hofbräu-Festhalle, inflation, ordbog, 2000, monstre, ,




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Original video: Beer Festival for the 177th time
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05-11-2010 15:02:45

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