Israels History: Jewish refugees - after the world war II. (00:00:44)
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Israels History: Jewish refugees - after the world war II.

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, 1945


Israels History: Jewish refugees - after the wolrd war II. An introduction to the events that led to the creation of Israel, the Jewish state, in 1948 Israel (Hebrew: יִשְׂרָאֵל‎, Yisrā'el; Arabic: إِسْرَائِيلُ‎, Isrā'īl), officially the State of Israel (Hebrew: About this sound מְדִינַת יִשְׂרָאֵל (help·info), Medīnat Yisrā'el; Arabic: دَوْلَةُ إِسْرَائِيلَ‎, Dawlat Isrā'īl), is a parliamentary republic in the Middle East located on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. It borders Lebanon in the north, Syria in the northeast, Jordan and the West Bank in the east, the Gaza Strip and Egypt on the southwest, and contains geographically diverse features within its relatively small area. Israel is the world's only predominantly Jewish state, with a population estimated in May 2010 to be 7,602,400 people, of whom 6,051,000 are Jews. Arab citizens of Israel form the country's second-largest ethnic group, which includes Muslims, Christians, Druze, and Samaritans. According to the May 2010 population estimate, including 300,000 non-citizen Arabs living in East Jerusalem, this minority numbers 1,551,400. The modern State of Israel traces its historical and religious roots to the Biblical Land of Israel, also known as Zion, a concept central to Judaism since ancient times. Political Zionism took shape in the late-19th century under Theodor Herzl, and the Balfour Declaration of 1917 formalized British policy preferring the establishment of a national home for the Jewish people. Following World War I, the League of Nations granted Great Britain the Mandate for Palestine, which included responsibility for securing "the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people". In November 1947, the United Nations voted in favor of the partition of Palestine, proposing the creation of a Jewish state, an Arab state, and a UN-administered Jerusalem.Partition was accepted by Zionist leaders but rejected by Arab leaders, leading to civil war. Israel declared independence on 14 May 1948 and neighboring Arab states attacked the next day. Since then, Israel has fought a series of wars with neighboring Arab states, and in consequence occupied territories, including the West Bank, Sinai Peninsula, Gaza Strip and the Golan Heights, beyond those delineated in the 1949 Armistice Agreements. Israel has signed peace treaties with Egypt and Jordan, but efforts by elements within both parties to diplomatically solve the problem have so far only met with limited success and some of Israel's international borders remain in dispute. Israel is a developed country and a representative democracy with a parliamentary system and universal suffrage. The Prime Minister serves as head of government and the Knesset serves as Israel's legislative body. The economy, based on the nominal gross domestic product, was the 41st-largest in the world in 2008. Israel ranks highest among Middle Eastern countries on the UN Human Development Index, and it has one of the highest life expectancies in the world.Jerusalem is the country's capital, although it is not recognized internationally as such.[a] Israel's main financial center is Tel Aviv, and its main industrial center is Haifa. In 2010, Israel joined the OECD.

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Catalan :

Israel, Palestina, estat d'Israel, terra bíblic d'Israel, Zion, judaisme, declaració Balfour de 1917, Cisjordània, Península del Sinaí, franja de Gaza, Golan Heights, Knesset, Auschwitz, jueva, jueus, progrom, extermini Nazi acampar, SS, Hitler, perdius, estrelles grogues, presoners, Holocaust, trens, transport, ferrocarril, l'IZL, Polònia, taüts, anti-semitisme, fugien, fugien, Camp de concentració Belsen, Regne Unit, Londres, sionisme, Richard amb Clement Attlee, Downing street 10Tel Aviv, Estats Units, Washington, Spencer, Harry Truman, U.S. President, Ernest Bevin, Bergen-Belsen, mandat britànic, David Ben-Gurion, Theodor Herzl, Jerusalem, àrabs, Azriel Chaim Weizmann, exèrcits àrabs, camell, soldat, Abdallah, Abdullah m ibn al-Hussein, rei de Jordan, Varsòvia, el New York Times, l'estat jueu, refugiats, de ferro són fugint cortina, manifestacions, bandera, Cavalleria, refugiats jueus, camions, bosc, gent, ,

Chinese Traditional :

以色列、 巴勒斯坦、 以色列、 以色列、 錫安、 猶太教、 貝爾福宣言 》 1917 年、 西岸、 西奈半島、 加沙地帶、 戈蘭高地、 以色列議會、 奧斯維辛集中營,猶太聖經土地、 猶太人、 大屠殺、 納粹死亡狀態營地,SS,希特勒,鷓鴣、 黃星、 囚犯、 大屠殺、 火車、 交通、 鐵路、 巴勒斯坦郵報、 波蘭、 棺材、 反猶太主義,逃離,逃離,貝爾森集中營,英國,倫敦,猶太複國主義、 克萊門特 · 理查 · 艾德禮,唐甯街 10 號特拉維夫,美國,華盛頓,斯賓塞,哈利 Truman, U.S.主席,歐尼斯特 · 貝文,貝爾根-貝爾森,英國授權,David 本-古裡安、 希歐多爾 · 赫茨爾、 耶路撒冷、 阿拉伯、 魏茨曼阿茲,阿拉伯軍隊,駱駝,士兵,阿卜杜拉、 阿卜杜拉 · 我 · 本 · 侯賽因國王的 Jordan、 華沙、 紐約時報、 猶太國家、 難民、 鐵窗簾,遊行示威,國旗,騎兵、 猶太難民、 卡車、 森林,人正在逃離,,

Dutch :

Israël, Palestina, staat van Israël, bijbelse Land van Israël, Zion, jodendom, Balfour-verklaring van 1917, Westelijke Jordaanoever, Sinaï-schiereiland, Gazastrook, Golan Heights, Knesset, Auschwitz, joodse, Joden, pogrom, Nazi death camp, SS, Hitler, patrijzen, gele sterren, gevangenen, Holocaust, trein, vervoer, spoorwegen, The Palestina Post, Polen, doodskisten, anti-semitisme, vluchtte, vluchten, het concentratiekamp Bergen-Belsen, UK, Londen, zionisme, Clement Richard Attlee, Downing street 10Tel Aviv, Verenigde Staten, Washington, Spencer, Harry Truman, U.S. President, Ernest Bevin, Bergen-Belsen, Brits mandaat, David Ben-Gurion, Theodor Herzl, Jeruzalem, Arabische, Azriel Chaim Weizmann, Arabische legers, camel, soldaat, Abdallah, Abdullah ik ibn al-Hussein, koning van Jordan, Warschau, de New York Times, Joodse staat, vluchtelingen, ijzeren gordijn, demonstraties, vlag, cavalerie, Joodse vluchtelingen, vrachtwagens, bos, mensen zijn op de vlucht, ,

French :

Israël, Palestine, état d'Israël, terre biblique d'Israël, Zion, judaïsme, Déclaration Balfour de 1917, Rive occidentale, la péninsule du Sinaï, la bande de Gaza, du Golan, Knesset, Auschwitz, juif, Juifs, pogrom Nazi mort camper, SS, Hitler, perdrix, des étoiles jaunes, des prisonniers, Holocauste, train, transport, chemins de fer, The Palestine Post, Pologne, cercueils, l'antisémitisme, s'est enfui, fuyant, Camp de Concentration de Belsen, UK, Londres, sionisme, Clement Richard Attlee, Downing street 10Tel Aviv, des États-Unis, Washington, Spencer, Harry Truman, U.S. le Président, Ernest Bevin, Bergen-Belsen, mandat britannique, David Ben-Gurion, Theodor Herzl, Jérusalem, arabes, Chaïm Azriel Weizmann, armées arabes, chameau, soldat, Abdallah, Abdullah je bin al-Hussein, roi de Jordan, Varsovie, le New York Times, Etat juif, réfugiés, Iron Curtain, démonstrations, drapeau, cavalerie, réfugiés juifs, camions, forêt, les gens fuient, ,

Greek :

Ισραήλ, Παλαιστίνη, το κράτος του Ισραήλ, βιβλική γη του Ισραήλ, Σιών, Ιουδαϊσμός, διακήρυξη Balfour του 1917, Δυτική Όχθη, χερσόνησο του Σινά, λωρίδα της Γάζας, Γκολάν, Knesset, Άουσβιτς, εβραϊκή, Εβραίοι, πογκρόμ, θανάτου των Ναζί στρατόπεδο, SS, Χίτλερ, πέρδικες, κίτρινα αστέρια, φυλακισμένοι, Ολοκαύτωμα, τρένο, μεταφοράς, σιδηροδρόμους, η δημοσίευση της Παλαιστίνης, Πολωνία, φέρετρα, αντι-αντισημιτισμό, τρεπόμενος σε φυγή, φεύγοντας, Belsen στρατόπεδων συγκέντρωσης, Ηνωμένο Βασίλειο, Λονδίνο, Σιωνισμός, Κλέμεντ Άττλη Richard, Downing street 10Τελ Αβίβ, ΗΠΑ, Ουάσιγκτον, Spencer, ο Χάρι Truman, U.S. Πρόεδρε, Ernest Bevin, Μπέργκεν-Belsen, βρετανική εξουσιοδότηση, David Ben-Gurion, Τέοντορ Χερτσλ, Ιερουσαλήμ, Αραβικά, Chaim Azriel Weizmann, αραβικοί στρατοί, καμήλα, στρατιώτης, Αμπντάλα, Αμπντουλάχ εγώ bin al-Hussein, βασιλιάς του Jordan, Βαρσοβία, οι New York Times, εβραϊκό κράτος, πρόσφυγες, σίδηρος κουρτίνα, διαδηλώσεις, σημαία, ιππικό, Εβραίους πρόσφυγες, φορτηγά, δάσος, άνθρωποι τρέπονται σε φυγή, ,

Hindi :

इजराइल, फिलीस्तीन, राज्य की इसराइल, इसराइल, सिय्योन, यहूदी धर्म, 1917 की घोषणा के बाल्फोर, वेस्ट बैंक, सिनाई प्रायद्वीप, गाजा पट्टी, गोलान हाइट्स, Knesset, आश्विट्ज, यहूदी बाइबिल भूमि, यहूदियों, नरसंहार, नाजी मृत्यु शिविर, एस एस, हिटलर, एक प्राकृतिक, पीले सितारे, कैदियों, प्रलय, ट्रेन, परिवहन, रेल, द फिलिस्तीन पोस्ट, पोलैंड, ताबूतों, विरोधी Semitism, भागे, भागने, Belsen एकाग्रता शिविर, ब्रिटेन, लंदन, इजरायलवाद, क्लेमेंट रिचर्ड एटली द्वारा, 10 डाउनिंग स्ट्रीटतेल अवीव, संयुक्त राज्य अमेरिका, वाशिंगटन, स्पेन्सर, हैरी Truman, U.S. अध्यक्ष, अर्नेस्ट Bevin, Bergen-Belsen, ब्रिटिश जनादेश, David बेन Gurion, थियोडोर Herzl, यरूशलेम, अरब, Chaim Azriel बीजमान, अरब सेनाओं, ऊंट, सैनिक, Abdallah, अब्दुल्ला अल-हुसैन, राजा का Jordan, वॉरसॉ, न्यूयॉर्क टाइम्स, यहूदी राज्य, शरणार्थियों, बिन लौह पर्दा, प्रदर्शनों, ध्वज, अश्वारोही, यहूदी शरणार्थियों, ट्रकों, वन, लोग पलायन कर रहे हैं, ,

Korean :

이스라엘, 팔레스타인, 이스라엘, 이스라엘, 시 온, 유대교, 1917 년의 Balfour 선언, 웨스트 뱅크, 시 나이 반도, 가자 지구, 골란 고원, 크 네 세트, 아우슈비츠, 유대인의 성경의 땅, 유대인, pogrom, 나치 죽음의 상태 캠프, 친위대, 히틀러, , 노란색 별, 포로, 홀로 코스트, 기차, 교통, 철도, 포스트는 팔레스타인, 폴란드, , 안티-유대인, 도망, 도망, Belsen 강제 수용소, 영국, 런던, 시온주의 클레멘트 리처드 Attlee, 다우닝 스트리트 10텔아비브, 미국, 워싱턴, 스펜서, 해리 Truman, U.S. 대통령, Ernest Bevin, 베 르 젠 Belsen, 영국 위임, David 벤구리온, Theodor Herzl, 예루살렘, 아랍, Chaim Azriel 바이 츠만, 아랍 군대, 낙 타, 군인, Abdallah 압둘라 나 빈 알-후세인, 임금의 Jordan, 바르샤바, 뉴욕 타임즈, 유태인 국가, 난민, 철 커튼, 데모, 플래그, 기병대, 유태인 피난민, 트럭, , 사람 달아 나는,




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