3rd Olympics: St Louis, 1904, (00:07:46)
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3rd Olympics: St Louis, 1904,

Rights-Managed, Footage

Location and time:

USA, St Louis, 1904


St. Louis organizers repeated the mistakes made at the 1900 Summer Olympics in Paris. Competitions were reduced to a side-show of the World's Fair and were lost in the chaos of other, more popular cultural exhibits. David Francis, the President of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, declined to invite anybody else to open the Games and, on July 1 did so himself in a scaled-down short and humdrum "ceremony". Officially, the games lasted for four and a half months; in fact, James Edward Sullivan tried to hold an event every day for the duration of the fair. The Olympic caliber events were again mixed with other sporting events, but whereas Paris hardly ever mentioned them, Sullivan called all his sports events "Olympic." The IOC later declared that 94 of these events were Olympic. The participants totaled 651 athletes - 645 men and 6 women representing 12 countries. However, only 42 events (less than half) actually included athletes who were not from the United States. The actual athletics events that formed the bulk of the recognized Olympic sports were held from Monday, August 29 to Saturday, September 3.

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Arabic :

3rd، الألعاب الأولمبية، الألعاب الأولمبية، سانت لويس، الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية، 1904، العالم في المعرض، المعرض شراء لويزيانا، جورج واشنطن جامعة،,

Bulgarian :

3-ти, олимпийски игри, Олимпийските игри, Сейнт Луис, САЩ, 1904, света на справедлива, Луизиана покупка експозиция, Джордж Вашингтон университет, ,

Catalan :

3r, Jocs Olímpics, Jocs Olímpics, st louis, EUA, 1904, món de Fira, exposició de la compra de louisiana, george Universitat de washington, ,

Chinese Simplified :

3、 奥运会、 奥林匹克运动会、 圣路易斯、 美国,1904 年,世界的公平、 购买路易斯安那州博览会,乔治华盛顿大学,

Chinese Traditional :

3、 奧運會、 奧林匹克運動會、 聖路易斯、 美國,1904 年,世界的公平、 購買路易斯安那州博覽會,喬治華盛頓大學,

Czech :

3., olympiáda, olympijské hry, st louis, Spojené státy americké, 1904, svět je fér, louisiana koupě expozice, george washington university, ,

Danish :

3., OL, olympiske lege, St. louis, usa, 1904, world's fair, louisiana-købet exposition, george washington university, ,

Dutch :

3e, Olympische spelen, Olympische spelen, st louis, usa, 1904, wereld is eerlijk, louisiana purchase exposition, george washington Universiteit, ,

Estonian :

3., olümpiamängud, olümpiamängud, st louis, Ameerika Ühendriigid, 1904, world's fair, louisiana ostmine käsiraamatu, george Washingtoni Ülikool, ,

Finnish :

Kolmas, olympialaiset, olympialaiset, st louis, Yhdysvallat, 1904, maailma on oikeudenmukainen, Louisianan osto näyttely, george washington university, ,

French :

3ème, Jeux olympiques, Jeux olympiques, st louis, usa, 1904, monde de foire, exposition de l'achat de la Louisiane, george Université de washington, ,

German :

3., Olympia, Olympische Spiele, St. Louis, Usa, 1904, world's fair, Louisiana Purchase Exposition, George Washington University,

Greek :

3ος, Ολυμπιακοί Αγώνες, Ολυμπιακοί Αγώνες, st louis, ΗΠΑ, 1904, κόσμο του δίκαιο, η αγορά της Λουιζιάνα έκθεση, Γιώργος Πανεπιστήμιο της Ουάσιγκτον, ,

Haitian Creole :

3, jeux, je olenmpik yo, Sen Lwi, aux, 1904, Mondyal la byen ranje, Lwizyana acha ekspozisyon, george washington Inivèsite, ,

Hebrew :

3rd, האולימפיאדה, המשחקים האולימפיים, סיינט לואיס, ארה ב, 1904, העולם של הוגן, תערוכות רכישת לואיזיאנה, ג'ורג, אוניברסיטת וושינגטון,

Hindi :

3rd, ओलंपिक, ओलिंपिक खेलों, सेंट लुई, संयुक्त राज्य अमेरिका, 1904, दुनिया का मेला, लुइसियाना खरीद प्रदर्शनी, जॉर्ज वॉशिंगटन विश्वविद्यालय, ,

Hungarian :

3., olimpia, olimpiai játékok, St. louis, usa, 1904, világ 's fair, megvásárolja Louisiana államot kiállítás, george washington Egyetem, ,

Indonesian :

3rd, Olimpiade, Olimpiade, st louis, usa, tahun 1904, dunia yang adil, pembelian louisiana eksposisi, george washington university, ,

Italian :

3rd, Olimpiadi, giochi olimpici, st louis, usa, 1904, mondo di fiera, esposizione di acquisto della louisiana, george Università di washington, ,

Japanese :

3、オリンピック、オリンピック、セントルイス、アメリカ、1904 年に、世界 's 見本市会場、ルイジアナの購入博覧会、ジョージ ・ ワシントン大学,

Korean :

셋째, 올림픽, 올림픽, 세인트 루이스, 미국, 1904 년에, 세계의 공정, 루이지애나 구입 폭발, 조지 워싱턴 대학,

Latvian :

3, Olimpiskās spēles, Olimpiskās spēles, st louis, ASV, 1904, pasaulē ir godīga, louisiana pirkšanas ekspozīcija, george washington university, ,

Lithuanian :

3rd, olimpiada, olimpinės žaidynės, st louis, Jungtinės Amerikos Valstijos, 1904 m. pasaulio mugė, louisiana pirkimo ekspozicija, george washington university, ,

Norwegian :

3rd, OL, OL, St. louis, usa, 1904 world's fair, verdensutstillingen, george washington-Universitetet,

Polish :

3, Igrzyskach Olimpijskich, Igrzyska Olimpijskie, st louis, Stany Zjednoczone Ameryki, 1904, świata sprawiedliwego, ekspozycja zakup Luizjany, george washington university, ,

Portuguese :

3, Jogos Olímpicos, Jogos Olímpicos, st louis, EUA, 1904, mundo é justo, exposição da compra da louisiana, george washington university,

Romanian :

3a, Jocurile Olimpice, Jocurile Olimpice, st louis, Statele Unite ale Americii, 1904, lume pe târg, expoziţie de cumpărare louisiana, george washington university, ,

Russian :

3, Олимпиада, Олимпийские игры, Сент-Луис, США, 1904, мир ярмарка, экспозиция Луизианы, Джордж Университет Вашингтона, ,

Slovak :

3., olympijské hry, olympijské hry, st louis, usa, 1904, svet je spravodlivý, louisiana nákup príručky, george washington university, ,

Slovenian :

3., olimpijske igre, olimpijske igre, st louis, ZDA, 1904, world's fair, louisiana nakup priročniku, george washington university, ,

Spanish :

3 º, Juegos Olímpicos, Juegos Olímpicos, st. louis, Estados Unidos, 1904, mundo de feria, exposición de la compra de louisiana, george Universidad de washington, ,

Swedish :

3: a, OS, OS, st louis, usa, 1904, world fair, Louisianaköpet exposition, george washington university, ,

Thai :

3 โอลิมปิก โอลิมปิกเกมส์ เซนต์หลุยส์ สหรัฐ อเมริกา 1904 โลกของแฟร์ หลุยเซียน่าซื้อนิทรรศการ จอร์จวอชิงตันมหาวิทยาลัย,

Turkish :

3., Olimpiyatları, Olimpiyat Oyunları, st louis, ABD, 1904, Dünya'nın adil, louisiana satınalma fuar, george washington Üniversitesi, ,

Ukrainian :

3rd, Олімпійські Ігри, Олімпійські Ігри, Сент-Луїсі, США, 1904, світ в ярмарок, Луїзіана покупки експозиції, Джордж Вашингтон університету, ,

Vietnamese :

3, thế vận hội, thế vận hội, st louis, Hoa Kỳ, năm 1904, thế giới của Hội chợ, triển lãm vùng đất mua louisiana, george washington university, ,




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