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Gustav Landauer one of the leading theorists on anarchism

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Germany, Munich, 1900s


Gustav Landauer was the second child of a Jewish shoe shop owner in Karlsruhe, Germany where he went through school. He was educated in philosophy, German studies and art history at Heidelberg, Strasbourg, and Berlin. After breaking off his studies in 1893, he worked as a freelance journalist and public speaker. His later works show the lasting influence of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Leo Tolstoy but he also felt attracted to the philosophy of Johann Gottlieb Fichte and the French mutualist anarchism of Pierre-Joseph Proudhon and the socialist anarchism theories of Mickhail Bakunin and especially the communist anarchism of Peter Kropotkin. His second wife, Hedwig Lachmann, was an accomplished translator, and they worked together to translate various works into German, including those of British playwright Oscar Wilde, including The Picture of Dorian Gray, and the American poet Walt Whitman. In the spring of 1889 in Berlin, Landauer met his sponsor and long-time friend, the author and philosopher Fritz Mauthner for the first time. In April 1891 he joined the Free Volksbühne Berlin and declared his support of the "Friedrichshagen Poet Circle" (Friedrichshagener Dichterkreis) for Naturalist literature. In February 1892 Landauer became a member of the Association of Independent Socialists (Verein Unabhängiger Sozialisten) and of a group of publishers for their mouthpiece "Socialist Organ of the Independent Socialists" (Sozialistisches Organ der unabhängigen Sozialisten). In this paper he wrote a number of articles about art, but also critical remarks about political issues as well as on the economic views of Karl Marx and Eugen Dühring. Together with friends from the literature group "The Young" (Die Jungen), who also worked with the Association of Independent Socialists, he founded the "New Free Volksbühne" (Neue Freie Volksbühne). At the end of 1892 Landauer married the seamstress Margarethe Leuschner.

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Catalan :

1900, landauer gustav, líder, teòrics, anarquisme, Alemanya, Munic, Associació de socialistes independents, política, polític, Karl Marx, ,

Chinese Simplified :

二十世纪,古斯塔夫 landauer、 领先、 理论家、 无政府主义、 德国,慕尼黑、 协会的独立的社会主义者,政治,政客,卡尔 · 马克思,

Danish :

1900-tallet, gustav landauer, førende, teoretikere, anarkisme, Tyskland, München, Sammenslutningen af uafhængige socialdemokrater, politik, politiker, Karl Marx, ,

Hindi :

1900s, गुस्ताव landauer, अग्रणी, सिद्धांतकारों, अराजकता, जर्मनी, म्यूनिख, स्वतंत्र समाजवादियों, राजनीति, राजनेता, कार्ल मार्क्स का एसोसिएशन, ,

Polish :

XX wieku, Gustava Landauera, prowadzi, teoretyków, anarchizm, Niemcy, Monachium, Stowarzyszenie niezależnych socjalistów, polityka, polityk, Karl Marx, ,

Russian :

1900, Густав Ландауэр, ведущих, теоретики, анархизм, Германия, Мюнхен, Ассоциация независимых социалистов, политика, политический деятель, Карл Маркс, ,

Slovak :

1900s, gustav landauer, vedúci, teoretikov, Anarchizmus, Nemecko, Mníchov, združenie nezávislých socialisti, politika, politik, Karl Marx, ,

Swedish :

1900-talet, gustav landauer, ledande, teoretiker, anarkism, Tyskland, München, föreningen för oberoende socialister, politik, politiker, Karl Marx, ,

Thai :

ภาพกลาย กุสตาฟ landauer ชั้นนำ theorists ลัทธิอนาธิปไตย เยอรมัน มิวนิค สมาคม socialists อิสระ การเมือง นักการ เมือง คาร์ล Marx,




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