Israels History: Pogrom - Funeral of murdered 41 Jewish people in Kielce (00:00:40)
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Israels History: Pogrom - Funeral of murdered 41 Jewish people in Kielce

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Poland, Kielce, 04-07-1946


Pogrom: Funeral of murdered 41 Jewish people in Kielce The Kielce pogrom was an outbreak of violence against the Jewish community in the city of Kielce, Poland on July 4, 1946, perpetrated by a mob of local townsfolk and members of government forces of the People's Republic of Poland. Following a false tale of child kidnapping, including allegations of blood libel[1] which led to a police investigation, violence broke out during which about 40 Jews were killed. Polish courts later tried and condemned nine people to death in connection with the incident. As the deadliest pogrom against Polish Jews after World War II, the incident was a significant point in the post-war history of Jews in Poland. The Kielce event took place only a year after the end of WWII and the Holocaust, shocking Jews in Poland, many Poles, as well as the international community. It has been considered a catalyst for the flight of most Jewish-Polish Holocaust survivors from the country.

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Израел, Палестина, Израел, библейски земя на Израел, Сион, юдаизъм, декларацията Балфур от 1917 г., Западния бряг, Синайския полуостров, Ивицата Газа, Голанските възвишения, Кнесет, Аушвиц, еврейски, евреи, погром, яребици, жълти звезди, затворници, Холокоста, влак, транспорт, железници, Полша, ковчези, Анти антисемитизма, бягат, бягат, Белзен концентрационен лагер, ционизъм, Клемънт Ричард Атли, Тел Авив, САЩ, Вашингтон, Спенсър, Хари Truman, U.S. президент, Ърнест Бевин, Берген-Белзен, Британски мандат, David Бен-Гурион, Теодор Херцел, Йерусалим, арабски, Хаим Azriel Вайцман, войник, Варшава, еврейската държава, бежанци, желязната завеса, демонстрации, флаг, Israels история, Хаим, погребение, 41 еврейския народ, ковчег, гробище, Киелце, етнически почистени, "еврейската къща" в 7 Planty St, ,




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Original video: Israels History
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