The Beer Hall Putsch in Munich (00:04:38)
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The Beer Hall Putsch in Munich

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Location and time:

Germany, Munich, 08-11-1923


The Beer Hall Putsch in Munich began on the eighth of November 1923. This was Hitler's first attempt at a coup. Hitler and his followers deposed the Bavarian Government in the Bürgerbrau cellar. Subsequently, Hitler was sentenced to five years in prison , but he served only nine months. Hitler dictated his autobiography and philosophical treatise, Mein Kampf, to Rudolf Hess from prison.

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Catalan :

Hitler, Munic, Baviera, Alemanya, Beer Hall Putsch, putschist, Bürgerbrau bodega, Gustav von Kahr, 1923, el govern, la Convenció, plaça de Mary, SA, Sturmabteilung, Röhm, Heinrich Himmler, negociació, traïció, presó, Rudolf Hess, Mein Kampf, ,

Chinese Simplified :

希特勒德国巴伐利亚慕尼黑啤酒馆政变、 盲动主义、 Bürgerbrau 地窖,古斯塔夫 · 冯 · 卡尔,1923 年,政府,公约 》,玛丽的广场,SA、 后、 罗姆、 海因里希 · 希姆莱、 谈判,叛国罪,入狱,鲁道夫 · 赫斯,奋斗,,

Greek :

Ο Χίτλερ, Μόναχο, Βαυαρία, Γερμανία, Putsch αίθουσα μπύρα, putschist, Bürgerbrau κελάρι, Gustav von Kahr, 1923, η κυβέρνηση, η σύμβαση, πλατεία Mary, SA, Sturmabteilung, Röhm, Χάινριχ Χίμλερ, διαπραγμάτευση, προδοσία, φυλακή, Rudolf Hess, ο Αγών μου, ,

Hindi :

हिटलर, म्यूनिख, Bavaria, जर्मनी, बीयर हॉल बॉलरूम, putschist, Bürgerbrau, तहखाने, गुस्ताव वॉन Kahr, 1923, सरकार, कन्वेंशन, मरियम का चौक, एसए, Sturmabteilung, Röhm, हेनरिक Himmler, बातचीत, देशद्रोह, जेल, रुडोल्फ हेस, धारण Mein Kampf, ,

Hungarian :

Hitler, München, Bajorország, Németország, Beer Hall-puccs, putschist, Bürgerbrau, boros pince, Gustav von Kahr, 1923-ban, a kormány, az egyezmény, Mary's Square, SA, alapgondolatai, Röhm, Heinrich Himmler, tárgyalás, árulás, börtön, Rudolf Hess, a Mein Kampf, ,

Indonesian :

Hitler, Munich, Bayern, Jerman, bir Hall Putsch, putschist, Bürgerbrau gudang, Gustav von Kahr, 1923, pemerintah, Konvensi, Mary's Square, SA, Jerman, Röhm, Heinrich Himmler, negosiasi, pengkhianatan, penjara, Rudolf Hess, Mein Kampf, ,

Italian :

Hitler, Monaco di Baviera, Baviera, Germania, Putsch della birreria, putschist, Bürgerbrau cantina, Gustav von Kahr, 1923, il governo, la convenzione Piazza di Maria, SA, Sturmabteilung, Röhm, Heinrich Himmler, negoziazione, tradimento, prigione, Rudolf Hess, Mein Kampf, ,

Japanese :

ヒトラー、ミュンヘン, ババリア, ドイツ、ビールホール、putschist、Bürgerbrau セラー、グスタフ ・ フォン ・ カール、1923 年に、政府は、条約、メリーズ スクエア、SA、Sturmabteilung、Röhm、ハインリヒヒムラー、交渉、反逆、刑務所、ルドルフ ・ ヘス、我が闘争,

Latvian :

Hitlers, Minhenē, Bavārijā, Vācijā, alus zāli Putsch, putschist, Bürgerbrau pagrabs, Gustavs fon Kahr, 1923, valdība, konvencija, Mary Square, SA, Sturmabteilung, Rēms, Heinrich Himmler, sarunas, nodevību, cietumu, Rudolf Hess, Mein Kampf, ,

Lithuanian :

Hitleris, Miuncheno, Bavarijos, Vokietija, alaus Pučas, putschist, Bürgerbrau rūsys, Gustav von Kahr, 1923, vyriausybei, Konvencijos, Marijos aikštės, SA, Sturmabteilung, Röhm, Heinrich Himmlera, derybų, išdavystė, kalėjimą, Rudolf Hess, Mein Kampf, ,

Portuguese :

Hitler, Munique, Baviera, Alemanha, cerveja salão Putsch, putschist, Bürgerbrau adega, Gustav von Kahr, 1923, o governo, a Convenção Square da Mary, SA, Sturmabteilung, Röhm, Heinrich Himmler, negociação, traição, prisão, Rudolf Hess, Mein Kampf, ,

Swedish :

Hitler, München, Bayern, Tyskland, ölkällarkuppen, putschist, Bürgerbrau källare, Gustav von Kahr, 1923, regeringen, konventionen, Mary's Square, SA, Sturmabteilung, Röhm, Heinrich Himmler, förhandling, förräderi, fängelse, Rudolf Hess, Mein Kampf, ,




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