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Cruiser Maxim Gorkiy: The ship docks at the port

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Russia, 1997


Cuiser Maxim Gorkiy: The ship docks at the port SS Maxim Gorkiy was a cruise ship that was, until 30 November 2008, owned by Sovcomflot, Russia, under long-term charter to Phoenix Reisen, Germany.[2] She was built in 1969 by Howaldtswerke Deutsche Werft, Hamburg, West Germany for the German Atlantic Line as SS Hamburg. In 1973 she was renamed SS Hanseatic. The following year she was sold to the Black Sea Shipping Company, Soviet Union and received the name Maxim Gorkiy in honour of the poet Maxim Gorky.[1][8] On 20 August 2008 the Maxim Gorkiy was sold to Orient Lines.[9] She was due to enter service with her new owners on 15 April 2009 under the name SS Marco Polo II,[10][11] but in November 2008 the relaunch of the Orient Lines brand was cancelled.[12] On 8 January 2009 the ship was sold for scrap,[13] and she was beached at Alang, India on 26 February 2009.[14] Although never used as such, the ship was originally planned as a dual ocean liner/cruise ship, for service between Hamburg and New York as well as cruising.[3][4][5] She was the first major passenger liner built in Germany since 1938.[3] On entering service for the Black Sea Shipping Company, she became the first four-star cruise ship operated under the Soviet flag.[15] Several variants have used of the ship's name throughout her career. Some sources refer to her with the prefix TS (turbine ship) instead of SS (steamship),[2][3] while her final name Maxim Gorkiy was also written as Maksim Gorkiy and Maxim Gorki

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Arabic :

الخط الأطلسي الألمانية، مكسيم، جوركيي، روسيا، الهانزية SS، هامبورغ، مكسيم غوركي، كايزر مكسيم جوركيي، أنه سفينة الأحواض، المنفذ، الفرقة، والركاب، الكابتن، قرش، السفر، قارب، غوركي، غوركي، جوركيج،,

Catalan :

Línia atlàntica alemany, Maxim, Gorkiy, Rússia, SS Hanseàtica, Hamburg, Maxim Gorky, Cuiser Maxim Gorkiy, va enviar molls, port, banda, passatgers, capità, timoner, viatges, vaixell, gorky, gorki, gorkij, ,

Chinese Simplified :

德国大西洋线、 格言、 省、 俄罗斯、 SS 汉萨、 汉堡、 高尔基、 Cuiser 马克西姆省,他用船码头、 港口、 乐队、 乘客、 船长、 舵手、 旅行、 小船、 高尔基、 高尔基,gorkij,,

Chinese Traditional :

德國大西洋線、 格言、 省、 俄羅斯、 SS 漢薩、 漢堡、 高爾基、 Cuiser 馬克沁省,他用船碼頭、 港口、 樂隊、 乘客、 船長、 舵手、 旅行、 小船、 高爾基、 高爾基,gorkij,,

Czech :

Německé Atlantické Line Maxim Gorkiy, Rusko, SS Hanseatic, Hamburg, Maxim Gorkij, Cuiser Maxim Gorkiy, že loď doků, port, kapely, cestující, kapitán, kormidelník, cestování, člun, Gorkij, gorki, gorkij, ,

Danish :

Tysk Atlantbanen, Maxim, Gorkiy, Rusland, SS hansestad, Hamborg, Maxim Gorky, Cuiser Maxim Gorkiy, han skib docks, port, band, passagerer, kaptajn, rorgængeren, rejser, båd, Gorkij, gorki, gorkij, ,

Dutch :

Duitse Atlantische spoorweg, Maxim, Gorkiy, Rusland, SS Hanseatic, Hamburg, Maxim Gorky, Cuiser Maxim Gorkiy, hij schip dokken, poort, band, passagiers, kapitein, stuurman, reizen, boot, Gorki, gorki, gorkij, ,

Finnish :

Saksan Atlantic Line, Maxim, Gorkiy, Venäjä, SS Hanseatic, Hampuri, Maksim Gorki, Cuiser Maxim Gorkiy, hän laiva docks, port, yhtye, matkustajien, kapteeni, perämies, travel, vene, Gorki, gorki, gorkij, ,

Haitian Creole :

Liy Atlantik Alman, Maxim, Gorkiy, Lawisi, SS hanse, Hamburg, -Maxim, Cuiser, Maxim Gorkiy, li bato waf, , bann, pasaje yo, kòmandan, timonier, vwayaj, bato, -, gorki, gorkij, ,

Hebrew :

קו אטלנטי הגרמני, מקסים, Gorkiy, רוסיה, SS Hanseatic, המבורג, מקסים גורקי, Cuiser Gorkiy מקסים, הוא שולח את רציפי נמל, הלהקה, הנוסעים, קפטן, הגאי, נסיעות, הסירה, גורקי, גורקי, gorkij, ,

Italian :

Linea Atlantic tedesco, Maxim, Gorkiy, Russia, SS anseatica, Amburgo, Maxim Gorky, Cuiser Maxim Gorkiy, egli nave banchine porto, banda, passeggeri, capitano, timoniere, viaggio, barca, gorky, gorki, gorkij, ,

Korean :

독일 대서양 선, Maxim, Gorkiy, 러시아, SS 한자, 함부르크, 막심 고리 키, Cuiser Maxim Gorkiy, 그는 우주선 도킹 스테이션, 포트, 밴드, 승객, 선장, 키 잡이, 여행, 보트, 고르 키, gorki, gorkij, ,

Latvian :

Vācu Atlantic Line, Maxim, Gorkiy, Krievija, SS Hanseatic, Hamburg, Maksims Gorkijs, Cuiser Maxim Gorkiy viņš kuģu piestātnes, ostas, band, pasažieriem, kapteinis, stūrmanis, ceļojumu, laiva, gorky, gorki, gorkij, ,

Romanian :

Germană Atlantic linie, Maxim, Gorkiy, Rusia, SS hanseatice, Hamburg, Maxim Gorky, Cuiser Maxim Gorkiy, el nava de docuri, portul, trupa, pasageri, căpitanul, cârmaci, turism, barca, Gorki, gorki, gorkij, ,

Slovenian :

Nemški Atlantic Line, Maxim, Gorkiy, Rusija, SS Hanseatic, Hamburg, Maksim Gorki, Cuiser Maxim Gorkiy, je ladja doki port, band, potnikov, kapitan, krmarja, potovanja, čoln, Gorki, gorki, gorkij, ,




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