Nuclear Power Plant: UK, Windscale - Construction of the plant (00:01:02)
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Nuclear Power Plant: UK, Windscale - Construction of the plant

Rights-Managed, Footage

Location and time:

UK, Windscale, 1954


Windscale fire ignites plutonium piles, with large radioactive release, similar to Chernobyl but not as bad, 08-10-1957...Nuclear Power in the United Kingdom generates a fifth of the country's electricity (19.26% in 2004). The Nuclear Installations Inspectorate oversee all nuclear power installations and, as of 2006, the United Kingdom operates 24 nuclear reactors. The country also uses nuclear reprocessing plants, such as Sellafield. The United Kingdom's first commercial nuclear power reactor began operating in 1956 and, at its peak in 1997, 26% of the nation's electricity was generated from nuclear power. Since then a number of stations have been closed, and others are scheduled to follow. The two remaining Magnox nuclear stations and four of the seven AGR nuclear stations are currently planned to be closed by 2015. This is a cause behind the UK's forecast 'energy gap', though secondary to the reduction in coal generating capacity. However the oldest AGR nuclear power station was recently life-extended by ten years, and it is likely many of the others can be life-extended, significantly reducing the energy gap.[1] All UK nuclear installations in the UK are overseen by the Nuclear Installations Inspectorate. Although the Government of the United Kingdom has recently given the go-ahead for a new generation of nuclear power stations to be built, the Scottish Government, with the backing of the Scottish Parliament, has made clear that Scotland will have no new nuclear power stations and is aiming instead for a non-nuclear future. As of 2007, there have been some significant developments towards nuclear fusion being implemented to solve the predicted energy crisis, most significantly and recently the drawing-up of plans to build one fusion power station, that will 'supply power to the National Grid within 20 years.'[2] The JET facility at Culham, Oxfordshire indicates that Britain has both the industry and workforce

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Arabic :

المملكة المتحدة، محطة للطاقة النووية، وندسكيل، البناء، والنبات، والذرة، 1954، الطاقة النووية،,

Bulgarian :

Великобритания, атомна електроцентрала, Windscale, строителство, завод, атом, 1954, ядрената енергия, ,

Catalan :

UK, planta nuclear, Windscale, construcció, planta, Àtom, 1954, energia nuclear, ,

Chinese Simplified :

英国核电 Plant, Windscale, Construction, plant, atom, 1954, nuclear 能源,

Chinese Traditional :

英國核電 Plant, Windscale, Construction, plant, atom, 1954, nuclear 能源,

Czech :

UK, jaderné elektrárny, Windscale, stavby, zařízení, atom, 1954, jaderná energie, ,

Danish :

UK, Nuclear Power Plant, Windscale, byggeri, anlæg, atom, 1954, kernekraft, ,

Dutch :

UK, Nuclear Power Plant, Windscale, bouw, installatie, atoom, 1954, nucleaire energie, ,

Estonian :

UK, tuumaelektrijaam, Windscale'i, ehitus, taime, aatomi, 1954, tuumaenergia, ,

Finnish :

Iso-Britannia, ydinvoimalan, Windscalen, rakentaminen, kasvi, Atomi, 1954, ydinenergia,

French :

UK, centrale nucléaire, Windscale, Construction, installation, atom, 1954, énergie nucléaire, ,

German :

UK, Kernkraftwerk, Windscale, Bau, Anlage, Atom, 1954, Kernenergie, ,

Greek :

Ηνωμένο Βασίλειο, πυρηνικό εργοστάσιο, Windscale, κατασκευή, φυτό, atom, 1954, πυρηνική ενέργεια, ,

Haitian Creole :

UK, fòs nikleyè Plant, Windscale, konstriksyon, plante, Atòm, 1954, enèji nikleyè,

Hebrew :

בבריטניה, תחנת-כוח גרעינית, Windscale, בנייה, צמח, אטום, 1954, אנרגיה גרעינית, ,

Hindi :

UK, नाभिकीय विद्युत संयंत्र, Windscale, निर्माण, संयंत्र, एटम, 1954, नाभिकीय ऊर्जा, ,

Hungarian :

UK, atomerőmű, Windscale, építőipar, növény, atom, atomenergia, 1954,

Indonesian :

UK, pembangkit listrik tenaga nuklir, Windscale, konstruksi, tanaman, atom, 1954, energi nuklir, ,

Italian :

UK, pianta di energia nucleare, Windscale, costruzione, impianto, atomo, 1954, energia nucleare, ,

Japanese :

イギリス、原子力発電所、Windscale、建設、プラント、原子、原子力エネルギー、1954 年,

Korean :

영국, 원자력 발전소, Windscale, 건설, 플랜트, 아톰, 1954, 원자력, ,

Latvian :

UK, atomelektrostacija, Windscale, būvniecības, augu, atoms, 1954, kodolenerģija, ,

Lithuanian :

Jungtinė Karalystė, atominės elektrinės, Windscale, statybos, augalų, atom, 1954, branduolinės energijos, ,

Norwegian :

UK, kjernekraftverk, Windscale, konstruksjon, anlegg, atom, 1954, kjernekraft, ,

Polish :

Elektrownia jądrowa, Windscale, budowlane, roślina, UK, atom, 1954, energii jądrowej, ,

Portuguese :

Reino Unido, Usina Nuclear, Windscale, construção, planta, átomo, 1954, energia nuclear, ,

Romanian :

Marea Britanie, centralei nucleare, Windscale, constructii, plante, atom, 1954, energie nucleară, ,

Russian :

Великобритания, АЭС, Виндскейлская, строительство, растений, атом, 1954, ядерной энергии, ,

Slovak :

UK, jadrovej elektrárne, Windscale, stavebné, zariadenia, atom, 1954, jadrová energia, ,

Slovenian :

UK, jedrske elektrarne, Windscale, gradbeništvo, rastlin, atom, 1954, jedrske energije, ,

Spanish :

Reino Unido, planta nuclear, Windscale, construcción, planta, átomo, 1954, energía nuclear, ,

Swedish :

UK, kärnkraftverk, Windscale, bygg, anläggning, atom, 1954, kärnenergi, ,

Thai :

สหราชอาณาจักร โรงไฟฟ้านิวเคลียร์ Windscale ก่อสร้าง โรงงาน อะตอม 1954 พลังงานนิวเคลียร์,

Turkish :

İngiltere, nükleer santral, Windscale, inşaat, bitki, atom, 1954, nükleer enerji, ,

Ukrainian :

Великобританія, АЕС, Windscale, будівництво, завод, atom, 1954, ядерної енергії, ,

Vietnamese :

Vương Quốc Anh, nhà máy điện hạt nhân, Windscale, xây dựng, thực vật, nguyên tử, năm 1954, năng lượng hạt nhân, ,




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