Sting: Exclusive shots about Sting's concert (00:02:01)
Original video: Sting: Exclusive interview with Sting, Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner (00:05:42)

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Sting: Exclusive shots about Sting's concert

Rights-Managed, Footage

Location and time:

Hungary, Budapest, 06-11-2010


Sting gave a concert in Budapest, this time. The singer was accompanied by the 45 members of the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra performed his hits . Those who saw it, said, it was not an everyday experience. The rock star talked about the tour, his special birthday gift, about being an actor, and about Lady Gaga.

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Arabic :

هنغاريا، الموسيقى، الساحة، روك، اللدغة، والاوركسترا، والاوركسترا، بودابست، وحفلة موسيقية,

Bulgarian :

Унгария, музика, сцена, рок, Стинг, оркестър, филхармония, Будапеща, концерт,

Catalan :

Hongria, música, arena, roca, picada, orquestra, Orquestra Filharmònica, Budapest, concert,

Chinese Simplified :

匈牙利、 音乐、 舞台上、 岩、 蜇、 乐团、 爱乐乐团、 布达佩斯、 音乐会,

Chinese Traditional :

匈牙利、 音樂、 舞臺上、 岩、 蜇、 樂團、 愛樂樂團、 布達佩斯、 音樂會,

Czech :

Maďarsko, hudba, arena, rock, sting, orchestr, filharmonie, Budapešť, koncert,

Danish :

Ungarn, musik, arena, rock, sting, orkester, philharmonic, Budapest, koncert,

Dutch :

Hongarije, muziek, arena, rock, sting, orkest, Filharmonisch Orkest, Boedapest, concert,

Estonian :

Ungari, muusika, arena, rock, sting, orkester, Filharmoonia, Budapest, kontsert,

Finnish :

Unkari, musiikki, arena, rock, sting, orkesteri, filharmonikot, Budapest, konsertti,

French :

Hongrie, musique, arène, rock, sting, orchestre, Orchestre philharmonique, Budapest, concert,

German :

Ungarn, Musik, Arena, Rock, Sting, Orchestra, Philharmoniker, Budapest, Konzert,

Greek :

Ουγγαρία, μουσική, αρένα, ροκ, τσίμπημα, ορχήστρα, Φιλαρμονική, Βουδαπέστη, συναυλία,

Haitian Creole :

Ongri, mizik, tèren, wòch, anse, okès, orchestre, Budapest, konsè,

Hebrew :

הונגריה, מוסיקה, ארנה, רוק, סטינג, תזמורת, התזמורת הפילהרמונית, בודפשט, קונצרט,

Hindi :

हंगरी, संगीत, arena, रॉक, स्टिंग, ऑर्केस्ट्रा, फिलहारमोनिक, बुडापेस्ट, संगीत कार्यक्रम,

Hungarian :

Magyarország, music, arena, rock, sting, zenekar, Filharmonikusok, Budapest, koncert,

Indonesian :

Hongaria, musik, arena, rock, sting, orkestra, philharmonic, Budapest, konser,

Italian :

Ungheria, musica, arena, roccia, sting, orchestra, Orchestra Filarmonica, Budapest, concerto,

Japanese :


Korean :

헝가리, 음악, 무대, , 스 팅, 오케스트라, 필하모닉, 부다페스트, 콘서트,

Latvian :

Ungārija, mūzika, arēnā, rock, sting, orķestris, Filharmonijas, Budapešta, koncerts,

Lithuanian :

Vengrija, muzika, arena, roko, sting, orkestras, filharmonija, Budapeštas, koncertas,

Norwegian :

Ungarn, musikk, arena, rock, sting, orkester, philharmonic, Budapest, konsert,

Polish :

Węgry, muzyka, arena, Skała, żądło, orkiestra, filharmonia, Budapeszt, koncert,

Portuguese :

Hungria, música, arena, rock, sting, orchestra, Orquestra Filarmônica, Budapeste, show,

Romanian :

Ungaria, muzică, arena, rock, sting, orchestra, Filarmonica, Budapesta, concerte,

Russian :

Венгрия, музыка, Арена, рок, Стинг, оркестр, филармония, Будапешт, концерт,

Slovak :

Maďarska, hudby, arena, rock, sting, orchester, filharmónia, Budapešť, koncert,

Slovenian :

Madžarska glasba, arena, rock, sting, orkester, filharmonija, Budimpešta, koncert,

Spanish :

Hungría, música, arena, roca, sting, orquesta, Orquesta Filarmónica, Budapest, concierto,

Swedish :

Ungern, musik, arena, rock, sting, orkester, philharmonic, Budapest, konsert,

Thai :

ฮังการี ดนตรี เวที ร็อค ต่อย วงดนตรี ฟิลฮาร์โม นิค บูดาเปสต์ คอนเสิร์ต,

Turkish :

Macaristan, müzik, arena, rock, sting, orkestra, Filarmoni, Budapeşte, konser,

Ukrainian :

Угорщина, Арена, рок, Стінг, оркестр, музика філармонії, Будапешт, концерт,

Vietnamese :

Hungary, âm nhạc, arena, đá, sting, dàn nhạc, philharmonic, Budapest, buổi hòa nhạc,




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Original video: Sting: Exclusive interview with Sting, Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner
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