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Bulgaria: Aladzha monastery

Rights-Managed, Footage

Location and time:

Bulgaria, Golden sand, 2009


Bulgaria: Aladzha monastery Aladzha Monastery (Bulgarian: Аладжа манастир) is a medieval Orthodox Christian cave monastery complex in northeastern Bulgaria, 17 km north of central Varna and 3 km west of Golden Sands beach resort, in a protected forest area adjacent to the Golden Sands Nature Park. The monastery caves were hewn into a 25-m high vertical carst cliff near the upper edge of the Franga plateau on several levels. The complex also includes two small nearby catacombs. Dedicated to the Holy Trinity, it was an active hesychast monastic community of the Second Bulgarian Empire since the 12th century and perhaps survived until the early 18th century. Nearby, remains of a 5th-century cave monastery have also been found. A cave monastery may have existed not far from the modern monastery Aladzha, near Varna. Its early dating to the fourth century is secured by fragments of glassware, but coins of Justinian indicate that the complex may have still been in use during the 500s. Stone tombs in Aladza catacombs As late as the early 20th century, the forested hills surrounding the monastery and known as Hachuka (Mount of the Cross) or Latin, were regarded by locals as sacred and inhabited by a mythical chthonic daemon treasure keeper, Imri Pop or Rim-Papa. Today, the grotto is a popular tourist destination. Its present name appeared in the late Ottoman period; Alaca (Turkish for motley) referred to its colourful murals, now almost destroyed. Thematic light shows are being staged in the summer.

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Arabic :

بلغاريا، دير الادزها، الرمال الذهبية، والخراب، وسراديب الموتى، المسيحية الأرثوذكسية، جولدن ساندز الطبيعة بارك، الثالوث المقدس، هيسيتشاست، الجداريات، روك، الكهف،,

Chinese Traditional :

保加利亞、 阿拉修道院、 金色的沙灘、 廢墟、 墓穴,東正教基督徒、 金色沙灘自然公園、 三位一體、 hesychast、 壁畫、 岩、 洞,,

Estonian :

Bulgaaria, Aladzha klooster, kuldse liiva, häving, katakombid, õigeusu Christian, Golden Sands looduspargis, Püha Kolmainsuse, hesychast, murals, rock, koobas, ,

French :

Bulgarie, Aladzha monastery, sable doré, ruine, catacombes, chrétien orthodoxe, Golden Sands Nature Park, Sainte Trinité, hésychaste, peintures murales, roche, caverne, ,

Hebrew :

בולגריה, מנזר Aladzha, חולות זהובים, הרס, מערות קבורה, הנוצרית האורתודוקסית, פארק טבע חולות הזהב, השילוש הקדוש, hesychast, ציורי קיר, רוק, מערה, ,

Hungarian :

Bulgária, Aladzha kolostor, arany homok, a romlás katakombák, ortodox keresztény, Golden Sands Természetvédelmi Park, Szentháromság, hesychast, falfestmények, rock, barlang, ,

Indonesian :

Bulgaria, Aladzha biara, pasir keemasan, kehancuran, katakombe, Kristen Ortodoks, Golden Sands Nature Park, Holy Trinity, hesychast, mural, rock, gua, ,

Lithuanian :

Bulgarija, Aladzha vienuolynas, auksinis smėlis, griuvėsiai, katakombų, stačiatikių krikščionių, Golden Sands gamtos parkas, Holy Trinity, hesychast, freskomis, roko, urvas, ,

Norwegian :

Bulgaria, Aladzha klosteret, gylden sand, ødelegge, katakombene, ortodokse kristne, Golden Sands nasjonalpark, hesychast hellige treenigheten, veggmalerier, rock, grotte,

Romanian :

Bulgaria, Manastirea Aladzha, nisip auriu, ruina, catacombele, creştin-ortodox, Golden Sands Nature Park, Sfânta Treime, Isihastul, picturi murale, rock, pestera, ,

Slovak :

Bulharsko Aladzha kláštora, zlatý piesok, zrúcanina, katakomby, pravoslávny kresťan charakter parku Golden Sands, Najsvätejšej Trojice, hesychast, nástenné maľby, rock, jaskyne, ,

Thai :

บัลแกเรีย วัด Aladzha ทราย ทำลาย สุสาน วออโธดอกซ์คริสเตียน โกลเด้นแซนด์สวน ทรินิตี้ hesychast จิตรกรรม หิน ถ้ำ,

Turkish :

Bulgaristan, Aladzha Manastırı, altın kum, harabe, catacombs, Ortodoks Hıristiyan, Golden Sands doğa parkı, Holy Trinity, hesychast, duvar resimleri, rock, mağara, ,




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