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Bulgarian riviera: Sunny beach - cityscape

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Location and time:

Bulgaria, Sunny beach, 2009


Bulgarian riviera: Sunny beach - cityscape Sunny Beach (Bulgarian: Слънчев бряг, Slanchev Briag; Slanchev Bryag; Slunchev Briag; Slunchev Bryag; SB Dutch: Zonnestrand; German: Sonnenstrand; Russian: Солнечный берег, Solnechniy bereg) is a major seaside resort on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria, located approximately 35 km north of Burgas in Nessebar municipality, Burgas Province. It is the biggest and most popular holiday resort in Bulgaria, and is home to over 800 hotels with more than 300 000 beds. There are also 130 restaurants and numerous live music bars, pubs, nightclubs, discos, cafes. It has been undergoing continuous expansion for many years. In recent years almost the whole hotel base has been renovated and several new luxurious hotels have been built as well as many apartment complexes. It is widely believed in Bulgaria that Sunny Beach was heavily overdeveloped in the 2000s to the detriment of its greenery, former serenity, safety, and the quality of public services. Sunny Beach has a very small permanent population, but during the summer the resort is home to many thousands of tourists. The main strip of high-rise hotels backing onto the beach is several kilometers long and extends along a wide bay between Sveti Vlas and Nessebar. The resort's construction began back in Communist times, in 1958. Construction works began at a site, where two old wells supplying Nessebar with water in ancient times and during the Middle Ages, had been located. The climate of the area is Mediterranean, explaining Sunny Beach's popularity with tourists since the Soviet Union existed. Since that time the resort's popularity has grown among German holidaymakers, who add to the already large numbers of Russian visitors. More recently, Sunny Beach has begun to attract the attention of the British, Irish, Scandinavian and Dutch for which it is a more affordable alternative to the established Mediterranean resorts. Attractions for tourists include the sunning at the beach, water sports, nightlife, and the nearby historical site of Nessebar. There are two new Aqua Parks near the resort. Sunny Beach is mainly popular amongst young people. The Golden Orpheus International Festival of Popular Song, the Decade of Symphonic Music, part of the International Folklore Festival, fashion-shows and various beach competitions are held there. In 2008, the VIth Stranski-Kaischew Surface Science Workshop, a prestigious triennial international conference sponsored by the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and named in honor of two prominent Bulgarian scientists of the 20th century, was held in Sunny Beach.

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Arabic :

ريفييرا البلغارية، شاطئ مشمس، سيتي سكيب، تجمع، والمياه، الناس، بار، كروكوديل، ثعبان، الشاطئ، البحر، مظلة الشاطئ، قارب، طاحونة، نيسبار، مقهى، البحر الأبيض المتوسط، والمهرجان الدولي اورفيوس، سونباثير الناس،,

Bulgarian :

Българската Ривиера, Слънчев бряг, градски пейзаж, басейн, вода, хора, Бар, crocodil, змия, плаж, море, плажен чадър, лодка, вятърна мелница, Несебър, кафене, Средиземно море, Орфей Международен фестивал, sunbather хора, ,

Catalan :

Riviera búlgar, assolellada platja, paisatge urbà, piscina, aigua, persones, bar, crocodil, serp, platja, mar, paraigua de platja, vaixell, molí, Nessebar, cafeteria, mediterrània, Festival Internacional de Orpheus, vora del sunbather persones, ,

Chinese Simplified :

保加利亚里维埃拉、 阳光明媚的海滩、 城市景观、 池、 水、 人、 酒吧、 crocodil、 蛇、 海滩、 海、 沙滩伞、 小船,风车内, 塞伯尔,咖啡厅,地中海,俄耳甫斯国际艺术节,日光浴人,,

Chinese Traditional :

保加利亞裡維艾拉、 陽光明媚的海灘、 城市景觀、 池、 水、 人、 酒吧、 crocodil、 蛇、 海灘、 海、 沙灘傘、 小船,風車內, 塞伯爾,咖啡廳,地中海,俄耳甫斯國際藝術節,日光浴人,,

Czech :

Bulharská riviéra, Slunečné pobřeží, panoráma, bazén, voda, lidé, bar, crocodil, had, pláž, moře, slunečník, člun, větrný mlýn, Nessebar, kavárna, středomořské, mezinárodní Festival Orfeus, opalující lidí, ,

Danish :

Bulgarske riviera, Sunny beach, bybilledet, swimmingpool, vand, folk, bar, crocodil, slange, strand, hav, parasol, båd, vindmølle, Nessebar, café, Middelhavsområdet, Orpheus International Festival, sunbather mennesker, ,

Dutch :

Bulgaarse Rivièra, Sunny beach, cityscape, zwembad, water, mensen, bar, crocodil, slang, strand, zee, strand paraplu, boot, windmolen, Nessebar, café, mediterrane, Orpheus International Festival, zonnebader mensen, ,

Estonian :

Bulgaaria riviera, Sunny beach, linnaruumi, bassein, vesi, inimesed, Baar, crocodil, madu, beach, meri, beach vihmavari, paat, windmill, Nessebar, kohvik, Mediterranean, Orpheus International Festival, sunbather inimesed, ,

Finnish :

Bulgarian Rivieran, Sunny beach, kaupunkikuvan allas vettä, ihmiset, Baari, crocodil käärme beach, meri, ranta sateenvarjo, vene, tuulimylly, Nessebar, kahvila, Välimeren, Orpheus International Festival, auringonottaja ihmisiä, ,

French :

Riviera bulgare, Sunny beach, paysage urbain, piscine, eau, personnes, bar, rascasse, serpent, plage, mer, parasol de plage, bateau, moulin à vent, Nessebar, café, méditerranéen, Orpheus International Festival, gens sunbather, ,

German :

Bulgarische Riviera, Sonnenstrand, Stadtansicht, Pool, Wasser, Menschen, Bar, Crocodil, Schlange, Strand, Meer, Sonnenschirm, Boot, Windmühle, Nessebar, Café, Mediterranean, Orpheus International Festival, Lounger Menschen, ,

Greek :

Βουλγαρικά Ριβιέρα, ηλιόλουστη παραλία, τοπίο, πισίνα, νερό, άνθρωποι, μπαρ, crocodil, φίδι, παραλία, θάλασσα, παραλία ομπρέλα, βάρκα, ανεμόμυλος, Nessebar, café, Μεσόγειο, Ορφέα Διεθνές Φεστιβάλ, sunbather άνθρωποι, ,

Haitian Creole :

Riviera Bilgari, Sunny beach, cityscape, rezèvwa dlo, dlo, moun, bar, crocodil, sèpan, beach, lanmè, plaj cadres, bato, à, Nessebar, (Internet café), Méditerranée, fèstival entènasyonal nan Orphée, moun sunbather, ,

Hebrew :

הריביירה הבולגרית, סאני ביץ, נוף עירוני, בריכה, מים, אנשים, בר, גליל מעמד, נחש, חוף, ים, החף מטריה, סירה, טחנת הרוח, (nessebar), בית קפה, ים תיכוני, פסטיבל הבינלאומי אורפיאוס, אנשים sunbather, ,

Hindi :

बुल्गेरियन रिवेरा, सनी समुद्र तट, cityscape, पूल, पानी, लोगों, पट्टी, crocodil, नाग, समुद्र तट, समुद्र, समुद्र तट छाता, नाव, windmill, Nessebar, कैफे, भूमध्य, Orpheus इंटरनेशनल फेस्टिवल, sunbather लोगों को, ,

Hungarian :

Bolgár Riviéra, Sunny beach, városkép, medence, víz, emberek, bár, crocodil, kígyó, strand, tenger, napernyő, csónak, szélmalom, Nessebar, kávézó, mediterrán, Orpheus nemzetközi fesztivál, sunbather emberek, ,

Indonesian :

Bulgaria riviera, Pantai Sunny, pemandangan kota, Kolam Renang, air, orang, bar, crocodil, ular, pantai, laut, payung pantai, perahu, windmill, Nessebar, café, Mediterania, Orpheus International Festival, orang berjemur, ,

Italian :

Riviera bulgara, Sunny beach, paesaggio urbano, piscina, acqua, persone, bar, crocodil, serpente, spiaggia, mare, ombrellone, barca, mulino a vento, Nessebar, caffetteria, mediterranea, Festival internazionale di Orpheus, persone sunbather, ,

Japanese :


Korean :

불가리아 리비에 라, 햇빛 나는 해변, 도시 풍경, 수영장, , 사람, , crocodil, , 해변, 바다, 비치 파라솔, 보트, 풍차, Nessebar, 카페, 지중해, 오르페우스 국제 페스티벌, sunbather 사람, ,

Latvian :

Bulgārijas riviera, saulainā pludmalē, cityscape, baseins, ūdens, cilvēki, Bārs, crocodil, čūska, pludmales, jūra, pludmales lietussargu, laivu, vējdzirnavas, Nessebar, kafejnīca, Vidusjūras, Orfejs Starptautiskais festivāls, cilvēkiem, sunbather, ,

Lithuanian :

Bulgarijos riviera, Saulėtas Krantas, miesto peizažas, baseinas, vandens, žmonės, baras, crocodil, gyvatė, paplūdimys, jūros, paplūdimio skėčiu, valtis, vėjo malūnas, Nessebar, kavinė, Viduržemio jūros, Orfėjas Tarptautinis festivalis, sunbather žmonės, ,

Norwegian :

Bulgarske rivieraen, Sunny beach, bybildet, basseng, vann, folk, bar, crocodil, slange, stranden, sjø, strand paraply, båt, vindmølle, Nessebar, kafé, Middelhavet, Orpheus International Festival, sunbather mennesker, ,

Polish :

Riwiera bułgarska, Słoneczny Brzeg, gród, basen, wody, ludzie, bar, crocodil, wąż, plaża, morze, Plażowy parasol, Łódź, wiatrak, Nessebar, kawiarnia, basenie Morza Śródziemnego, Orfeusz International Festival, sunbather ludzi, ,

Portuguese :

Riviera búlgara, Sunny beach, cityscape, piscina, água, pessoas, bar, Hagga, cobra, praia, mar, guarda-sol, barco, moinho de vento, Nessebar, café, Mediterrâneo, Festival Internacional de Orfeu, banhista pessoas, ,

Romanian :

Riviera Bulgariei, Sunny beach, urbanism, piscina, apă, oameni, bar, crocodil, şarpe, plaja, mare, umbrelă de plajă, bărci, moară de vânt, Nessebar, cafenea, Marea Mediterană, Festivalul Internaţional de Orfeu, sunbather oameni, ,

Russian :

Болгарская Ривьера, Солнечный берег, городской пейзаж, бассейн, вода, люди, Бар, crocodil, змея, пляж, море, пляжный зонтик, лодка, ветряная мельница, Несебр, кафе, Средиземноморье, Орфей Международный фестиваль, sunbather человек, ,

Slovak :

Bulharskej riviéry, slnečné, panoráma mesta, bazén, voda, ľudia, bar, crocodil, had, pláž, more, slnečník, čln, veterný mlyn, Nessebar, café, Stredomoria, Orpheus medzinárodný Festival, opaľujúce ľudí, ,

Slovenian :

Bolgarski riviera, Sunny beach, cityscape, bazen, vode, ljudje, bar, crocodil, kača, plaže, morje, Suncobran, čoln, vetrnica, Nessebar, kavarna, Sredozemlje, Orfej Mednarodni Festival, Sunčati ljudi, ,

Spanish :

Riviera búlgara, Sunny beach, paisaje urbano, piscina, agua, personas, bar, crocodil, serpiente, playa, mar, sombrilla de playa, barco, molino de viento, Nessebar, café, Mediterráneo, Festival Internacional de Orpheus, gente de bañista, ,

Swedish :

Bulgariska Rivieran, Sunny beach, stadsbild, pool, vatten, människor, bar, crocodil, orm, stranden, havet, parasoll, båt, väderkvarn, Nessebar, café, Medelhavet, Orpheus International Festival, solbada människor, ,

Thai :

ริเวียร่าบัลแกเรีย ซันนี่บีช ตระการ สระว่ายน้ำ น้ำ คน บาร์ crocodil งู หาด ทะเล ร่ม ชายหาด เรือ วินด์มิลล์ เนสเซบา คาเฟ่ เมดิเตอร์เรเนียน เทศกาลนานาชาติซัก sunbather คน,

Turkish :

Bulgar riviera, Sunny beach, cityscape, havuz, su, insanlar, bar, crocodil, yılan, plaj, deniz, plaj şemsiyesi, tekne, yel değirmeni, Nessebar, kafe, Akdeniz, Orpheus Uluslararası Festivali, sunbather insanlar, ,

Ukrainian :

Болгарської Рів'єри сонячному пляжі міський пейзаж, басейн, води, люди, бар, crocodil, змія, пляж, море, Парасолька пляжу, човен, млин, Несебр, кафе, Середземномор'ї, Орфея Міжнародний фестиваль, sunbather люди, ,

Vietnamese :

Bungari riviera, Sunny beach, cảnh quan thành phố, ngoài trời, nước, người, bar, crocodil, rắn, bãi biển, biển, bãi biển umbrella, thuyền, windmill, Nessebar, quán cà phê, Mediterranean, liên hoan quốc tế Orpheus, sunbather người, ,




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