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Costa Brava: Figueras - cityscape, museum

Rights-Managed, Footage

Location and time:

Spain, Costa Brava, 2009


Costa Brava: Figueras - cityscape, museum The Costa Brava is a coastal region of northeastern Catalonia, Spain, in the comarques of Alt Empordà, Baix Empordà and Selva, in the province of Girona. Costa is the Catalan and Spanish word for 'coast', and Brava means 'rugged' or 'wild'. The Costa Brava stretches from Blanes, 60 km (37 mi) northeast of Barcelona, to the French border. In the 1950s, the Costa Brava was identified by the Spanish government and local entrepreneurs as being suitable for substantial development as a holiday destination, mainly for package holiday tourists from Northern Europe and especially, the United Kingdom and France. The combination of a very good summer climate, nature and excellent beaches was exploited by the construction of large numbers of hotels and apartments in such seaside resorts as Blanes, Tossa de Mar, and Lloret de Mar. Tourism rapidly took over from fishing as the principal business of the area. While part of the Costa Brava coastline lent itself to tourist developments on a very large scale, other parts have retained a more traditional look and have become "hidden gems" for visitors who want a little more than sun, sand and sangria. Small towns like Cadaqués, which is close to the French border and close to the foothills of the Pyrenees, have attracted artists, such as Salvador Dalí, Joan Miró and Pablo Picasso. The Dalí Theatre and Museum in Figueres is one of the most important and visited museums in Catalonia. One can also visit Dalí's House-Museum in Port Lligat, near Cadaqués and the Castle of Púbol in Púbol. The coast between Roses and Tossa de Mar has many delightful small coastal towns, such as Pals, Begur, Tamariu, S'Agaró, Empuriabrava, Llafranc, L'Estartit, Aigua Blava, Fornells, Calella de Palafrugell, Palamós and Sant Feliu de Guíxols.

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Arabic :

إسبانيا، كوستا برافا، كاتالونيا، السانجريا، البرانس، بابلو بيكاسو، وفيجويراس، سيتي سكيب، المتحف،,

Bulgarian :

Испания, Коста Брава, Каталония, Сангрия, Пиренеите, Пабло Пикасо, Figueras, градски пейзаж, музей, ,

Catalan :

Espanya, Costa Brava, Catalunya, sangria, Pyrenees, Pablo Picasso, Figueras, paisatge urbà, Museu, ,

Chinese Simplified :

西班牙, 哥斯达黎加, 加泰罗尼亚, 桑格利亚, 比利牛斯山脉, 毕加索, 菲格拉斯, 城市景观, 博物馆, ,

Chinese Traditional :

西班牙, 哥斯大黎加, 加泰羅尼亞, 桑格利亞, 比利牛斯山脈, 畢卡索, 菲格拉斯, 城市景觀, 博物館, ,

Czech :

Španělsko, Costa Brava, Katalánsko, sangria, Pyreneje, Pablo Picasso, Figueras, panoráma města, muzeum, ,

Danish :

Spanien, Costa Brava, Catalonien, sangria, Pyrenæerne, Pablo Picasso, Figueras, bybilledet, museum, ,

Dutch :

Spanje, Costa Brava, Catalonië, sangria, Pyreneeën, Pablo Picasso, Figueras, stadsgezicht, museum, ,

Estonian :

Hispaania, Costa Brava, Kataloonia, sangria, Pyrenees, Pablo Picasso, Figuerase, linnaruumi, muuseum, ,

Finnish :

Espanja, Costa Brava, Espanja, sangriaa, Pyreneiden, Pablo Picasso, Figueras, kaupunkikuvaan, museo, ,

French :

Espagne, Costa Brava, Catalogne, sangria, Pyrénées, Figueras, cityscape, Pablo Picasso, Musée, ,

German :

Spanien, Costa Brava, Katalonien, Sangria, Pyrenäen, Pablo Picasso, Figueras, Stadtbild, Museum, ,

Greek :

Ισπανίας, Κόστα Μπράβα, Καταλονία, σαγκρία, Πυρηναία, Πάμπλο Πικάσο, Figueras, αστικό τοπίο, Μουσείο, ,

Haitian Creole :

Espay, Costa Brava, Catalogne, sangria, Pyrénées, Pablo Picasso yo, Figueras, cityscape, mize, ,

Hebrew :

ספרד, קוסטה בראווה, קטלוניה, סנגריה, הפירנאים, פבלו פיקאסו, פיגראס, העירוני, מוזיאון, ,

Hindi :

स्पेन, कोस्टा ब्रावा, Catalonia, sangria, Pyrenees, पाब्लो पिकासो, Figueras, cityscape, संग्रहालय, ,

Hungarian :

Spanyolországban, Costa Brava, Katalónia, sangria, Pyrenees, Pablo Picasso, Figueras, városkép, Múzeum, ,

Indonesian :

Costa Brava, Catalonia, Spanyol, sangria, Pyrenees, Pablo Picasso, Figueras, cakrawala kota, museum, ,

Italian :

Spagna, Costa Brava, Catalogna, sangria, Pirenei, Pablo Picasso, Figueras, paesaggio urbano, Museo, ,

Korean :

스페인, 코스타 Brava, 카탈로니아, sangria, 피레네, 파블로 피카소, Figueras, 도시, 박물관, ,

Latvian :

Spānija, Kosta Brava, Katalonija, sangria, Pireneji, Pablo Pikaso, Figueras, cityscape, muzejs, ,

Lithuanian :

Ispanija, Kosta Brava, Katalonija, sangrija, Pirėnuose, Pablo Picasso, Figueras, miesto peizažas, muziejus, ,

Norwegian :

Spania, Costa Brava, Catalonia, sangria, Pyreneene, Pablo Picasso, Figueras, cityscape, museum, ,

Portuguese :

Espanha, Costa Brava, na Catalunha, sangria, Pyrenees, Pablo Picasso, Figueras, cityscape, Museu, ,

Romanian :

Spania, Costa Brava, Catalonia, sangria, Pyrenees, Pablo Picasso, Figueras, urbanism, Muzeul, ,

Russian :

Испания, Каталония, Коста Брава, Сангрия, Пиренеи, Пабло Пикассо, Фигейрас, городской музей, ,

Slovak :

Španielsko, Costa Brava, Katalánsko, sangria, Pyreneje, Pablo Picasso, Figueras, panorámu mesta, múzeum, ,

Slovenian :

Španiji, Costa Brava, Katalonija, sangria, Pirenejev, Pablo Picasso, Figueras, geografija, muzej, ,

Spanish :

España, Costa Brava, Cataluña, sangría, Pirineos, Pablo Picasso, Figueras, paisaje urbano, Museo, ,

Swedish :

Spanien, Costa Brava, Katalonien, sangria, Pablo Picasso, stadsbilden, Figueras, Pyrenéerna, museum, ,

Ukrainian :

Іспанія, Коста-Брава, Каталонія, Сангрія, Піренеях, Пабло Пікассо, Фігераса, міський пейзаж, музей, ,

Vietnamese :

Costa Brava, Catalonia, Tây Ban Nha, sangria, Pyrenees, Pablo Picasso, Figueras, cảnh quan thành phố, bảo tàng, ,




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