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World's Fair: 1904 - Louisiana Purchase Exposition

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Location and time:

USA, St. Louis, 1904


In 1904, St. Louis hosted the world at a major international World's Fair. The Fair celebrated the centennial of the Louisiana Purchase (1803), one year late. It was delayed from a planned opening in 1903 to 1904 allow for full-scale participation by more states and foreign countries. The Fair opened April 30, 1904, and closed December 1, 1904. Of notable interest is that St. Louis had held an annual Saint Louis Exposition since the 1880s as agricultural, trade, and scientific exhibitions, but this event was not held in 1904, due to the World's Fair. The Fair's 1,200 acre (4.9 km²) site, designed by George Kessler [1], was located at the present-day grounds of Forest Park and on the campus of Washington University, and was the largest fair to date. There were over 1,500 buildings, connected by some 75 miles (120 km) of roads and walkways. It was said to be impossible to give even a hurried glance at everything in less than a week. The Palace of Agriculture alone covered some 20 acres (324,000 m²). Exhibits were staged by 62 foreign nations, the United States government, and 43 of the then-45 U.S. states. These featured industries, cities, private organizations and corporations, theater troupes, and music schools. There were also over 50 concession-type amusements found on "The Pike"; they provided educational and scientific displays, exhibits and imaginary 'travel' to distant lands, history and local boosterism (including Louis Wollbrinck's "Old St. Louis") and pure entertainment. 19,694,855 individuals were in attendance at the fair.[1]

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Arabic :

سانت لويس، ميزوري، الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية، والمعرض العالمي، 1904، "معرض شراء لويزيانا"، المعرض الدولي، العمارة الكلاسيكية الجديدة، ومبنى الحكومة، وقاعة المهرجان، Schloss Charlottenburg،,

Bulgarian :

САЩ, Сейнт Луис, Мисури, Международен панаир, 1904, Луизиана покупка експозиция, международно изложение, неокласическа архитектура, сградата правителството, Фестивалната зала, Schloss Шарлотенбург,

Catalan :

EUA, St Louis, Missouri, Fira, 1904, exposició de compra de la Louisiana, exposició internacional, arquitectura neoclàssica, edifici de govern, Festival Hall, Schloss Charlottenburg, ,

Chinese Simplified :

美国, 圣路易斯, 密苏里州, 世界 Fair, 1904, Louisiana 采购博览会, 国际博览会, 新古典主义建筑, 政府大楼, 节日大厅, 夏洛滕堡城堡, ,

Chinese Traditional :

美國, 聖路易斯, 密蘇里州, 世界 Fair, 1904, Louisiana 採購博覽會, 國際博覽會, 新古典主義建築, 政府大樓, 節日大廳, 夏洛滕堡城堡, ,

Czech :

USA, St. Louis, Missouri, Světová výstava, 1904, Louisiana Purchase Exposition, Mezinárodní výstava, klasicistní architektura, vládní budovy, Festival Hall, Schloss Charlottenburg, ,

Danish :

USA, St. Louis, Missouri, World's Fair 1904, Louisiana-købet Exposition, international exposition, nyklassicistisk arkitektur, regeringsbygning, Festival Hall, Schloss Charlottenburg, ,

Dutch :

St. Louis, Missouri, USA, World's Fair, 1904, Louisiana Purchase Exposition, internationale tentoonstelling, neoklassieke architectuur, regering Building, Festival Hall, Schloss Charlottenburg, ,

Estonian :

USA, St. Louis, Missouri, Maailmanäitus, 1904, Louisiana ost Exposition, rahvusvahelisel, neoklassikalise arhitektuur, hoone, Festival Hall, Schloss Charlottenburg, ,

Finnish :

Yhdysvalloissa, St. Louis, Missouri, maailmannäyttely, 1904, Louisiana Purchase Exposition, Kansainvälinen näyttely, uusklassinen arkkitehtuuri, hallintorakennus, Festival Hall, Schloss Charlottenburg,

French :

É.-u., St. Louis, Missouri, exposition universelle, 1904, Louisiana Purchase Exposition, exposition internationale, architecture néoclassique, l’immeuble du gouvernement, Palais des festivals, Schloss Charlottenburg, ,

German :

USA, St. Louis, Missouri, Weltausstellung 1904, Louisiana Purchase Exposition, internationale Ausstellung, neoklassische Architektur, Regierungsgebäude, Festspielhaus, Schloss Charlottenburg, ,

Greek :

ΗΠΑ, St Louis, Μισσούρι, παγκόσμια έκθεση, 1904, η αγορά της Λουιζιάνα Exposition, διεθνή έκθεση, νεοκλασικής αρχιτεκτονικής, κτήριο της κυβέρνησης, το Festival Hall, το Schloss Charlottenburg, ,

Haitian Creole :

Nan Etazini, Saint Louis, Missouri, nan lemonn an Fair, 1904, Lwizyana acha ekspozisyon, ekspozisyon entènasyonal, style Achitekti, gouvènman an kay, fèstival Hall, Schloss, Charlottenburg, ,

Hebrew :

בארה ב, סנט לואיס, מיזורי, ביריד העולמי, 1904, רכישת לואיזיאנה תערוכות, תערוכות בינלאומיות, אדריכלות נאו-קלאסית, בניין הממשלה, פסטיבל הול, שלוס שארלוטנבורג, ,

Hindi :

संयुक्त राज्य अमेरिका, सेंट लुइस, मिसौरी, विश्व मेले, 1904, लुइसियाना खरीद प्रदर्शनी, अंतरराष्ट्रीय प्रदर्शनी, Neoclassical वास्तुकला, सरकारी भवन, समारोह हॉल, Schloss शेर्लोटनबर्ग, ,

Hungarian :

USA-ban, a St. Louis, Missouri, a World's Fair, 1904, megvásárolja Louisiana államot kiállítás, a nemzetközi kiállítás, a neoklasszicista építészet, kormányzati épület, a fesztivál-terem, a Schloss Charlottenburg, ,

Indonesian :

Amerika Serikat, St Louis, Missouri, pameran dunia, 1904, pembelian Louisiana pameran, pameran internasional, arsitektur neoklasik, gedung pemerintah, Festival Hall, Schloss Charlottenburg, ,

Italian :

Stati Uniti d'America, St. Louis, Missouri, Fiera mondiale, 1904, Louisiana Purchase Exposition, esposizione internazionale, architettura neoclassica, edificio governativo, Festival Hall, Schloss Charlottenburg, ,

Japanese :

アメリカ、セントルイス、ミズーリ州、世界の見本市、1904 年、万国博覧会、日本万国博覧会、新古典主義建築、政府の建物、フェスティバル ホール、シャルロッテンブルク、,

Korean :

미국, 세인트 루이스, 미주리, 세계 박람회, 1904 년에, 루이지애나 구매 박람회, 국제 박람회, 정부 건물, 축제 홀, Schloss Charlottenburg, 신고전주의 건축,

Latvian :

St Louis, Missouri, USA, Pasaules gadatirgū 1904, Louisiana pirkšanas ekspozīcija, starptautiskās organizācijas pašraksturojumā, neoklasicisma arhitektūras, valdības ēkas, Festival Hall, Schloss Charlottenburg,

Lithuanian :

St. Louis, Missouri, Jungtinės Amerikos Valstijos, pasaulio mugė, 1904 m. Luizianos pirkimo ekspozicija, tarptautinė ekspozicija, klasicizmo architektūra, vyriausybės pastatą, Festival Hall, Schloss Charlottenburg, ,

Norwegian :

USA, St. Louis, Missouri, World's Fair, 1904 verdensutstillingen, internasjonal utstilling, neoklassiske arkitektur, offentlig bygning, Festival Hall, Schloss Charlottenburg, ,

Polish :

Stany Zjednoczone Ameryki, St. Louis, Missouri, World's Fair, 1904, ekspozycja zakup Luizjany, Międzynarodowa Wystawa architektury neoklasycystycznej, budynek rządu, Festival Hall, Schloss Charlottenburg, ,

Portuguese :

EUA, St. Louis, Missouri, feira mundial, 1904, Louisiana Purchase Exposition, exposição internacional, arquitetura neoclássica, o prédio do governo, o Festival Hall, o Schloss Charlottenburg, ,

Romanian :

Statele Unite ale Americii, St. Louis, Missouri, World's Fair, 1904, Louisiana Purchase expoziţie, expoziţia internaţională, arhitectură neoclasică, clădirea guvernului, sala festivalului, Schloss Charlottenburg, ,

Russian :

США, Сент-Луис, Миссури, Всемирная выставка, 1904, экспозиция Луизианы, Международная выставка, неоклассической архитектуры, здание правительства, Фестивал Холл, Шарлоттенбург, ,

Slovak :

USA, St. Louis, Missouri, svetovej výstavy, 1904, Louisiana nákup Exposition, Medzinárodná expozícia, neoklasickej architektúry, vládne budovy, Festival Hall, Schloss Charlottenburg, ,

Spanish :

Estados Unidos, St. Louis, Missouri, Feria Mundial, 1904, exposición de la compra de Luisiana, exposición internacional, arquitectura neoclásica, edificio de gobierno, Palacio de festivales, Schloss Charlottenburg, ,

Swedish :

USA, St. Louis, Missouri, världsutställning, 1904, Louisianaköpet Exposition, internationella exposition, neoklassisk arkitektur, Government Building, Festival Hall, Schloss Charlottenburg, ,

Thai :

สหรัฐอเมริกา เซนต์หลุยส์ มิซซูรี นิทรรศการนานาชาติ 1904 หลุยส์เซียนาซื้อนิทรรศการ นิทรรศการนานาชาติ สถาปัตยกรรมฟื้นฟูคลาสสิก รัฐบาล เฟสติวัลฮอลล์ Schloss มิทเท อ,

Turkish :

ABD, St. Louis, Missouri, Dünya Fuarı, 1904, Louisiana satınalma Fuar, Uluslararası Fuar, neoklasik mimarisinin, hükümet konağı, Festival Hall, Schloss Charlottenburg, ,

Vietnamese :

Hoa Kỳ, St Louis, Missouri, World's Fair, năm 1904, Louisiana Purchase Exposition, triển lãm quốc tế, kiến trúc tân cổ điển, chính phủ xây dựng, Festival Hall, Schloss Charlottenburg, ,




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