1906 Intercalated Games, Athens: opening ceremony with King George I - sports events - running, tug of war, bicycle - closing ceremonies (00:02:11)

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1906 Intercalated Games, Athens: opening ceremony with King George I - sports events - running, tug of war, bicycle - closing ceremonies

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Greece, Athens, 22-04-1906


The 1906 Intercalated Games or 1906 Olympic Games were an international multi-sport event which was celebrated in Athens, Greece. They were at the time considered to be Olympic Games and were referred to as the "Second International Olympic Games in Athens" by the International Olympic Committee.[1] While medals were distributed to the participants during these games, the medals are not officially recognized by the IOC today[2] and are not displayed with the collection of Olympic medals at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland.

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歷史的運動,體育視頻素材體育視頻素材的歷史夏季奧運會,奧運視頻素材專營權費,皇室股票錄影,1906 年閏奧運會,雅典,我,開幕式上,國王喬治體育事件、 跑步、 拔河、 自行車、 閉幕儀式,希臘,奧林匹克運動會,奧林匹克,,

Finnish :

historian urheilu, Urheilu Kalusto videomateriaalia historia sport video Arkistokuvia olympialaisissa, olympialaiset video Arkistokuvia kuninkaalliset, Royalty video Arkistokuvia, 1906 kisoihin, Ateena, avajaiset, King George, urheilu tapahtumia, käynnissä, köydenveto, polkupyörä, sulkeminen seremonioita, Kreikan olympialaisten olympic, ,

French :

histoire du sport, séquences d'archives vidéo, histoire de séquences vidéo sport, le sport séquences vidéo Jeux olympiques, Jeux olympiques d'été redevance, redevance vidéo séquences d'archives, Jeux olympiques intercalés de 1906, Athènes, cérémonie d'ouverture, roi George I, sports événements, course, tir à la corde, vélo, clôture des cérémonies, la Grèce, des Jeux olympiques, olympiques, ,

Romanian :

istoria sportului, stoc material video sport, istoria sportului stoc material video, Jocurile Olimpice, Jocurile Olimpice de stoc video picior, de vara drepturi de autor, redevenţe stoc material video, 1906 intercalat jocuri, Atena, deschizătură ceremonie, regele George I, sport evenimente, Rularea, remorcher de război, biciclete, închiderea ceremonii, Grecia, Jocurile Olimpice, Olimpic, ,




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