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Original video: 4th Olympics: London, 1908 - (00:08:25)

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Women's liberation: women's cycling

Rights-Managed, Footage

Location and time:

England, London, 1908


History: Protofeminism preceded feminism and is based on sources other than feminists' writings. Feminists' writings then began to appear, such as those by Christine de Pizan in the 15th century and Mary Wollstonecraft in the late 18th century. Starting in the 19th century, feminism tended to arise in what we now refer to as waves, especially in the United States and the United Kingdom. First-wave feminism sought equality in property rights, changes in the marriage relationship, and, eventually, in women's suffrage, or women's right to vote. Second-wave feminism, also sometimes called women's liberation, began in the 1960s and focused on discrimination and on cultural, social, and political issues, and books about it included The Feminine Mystique and The Second Sex. It was often accused of orienting to upper middle-class white women and, sometimes, of biological essentialism. Third-wave feminism began in the 1980s or early 1990s and addresses feminism across class and race lines, as being grounded in culture rather than biology, and through many issues, so there's less concentration on particular issues. Post-feminism is, depending on the participant, either a later development of feminism or a denial that feminism has any continuing justification, so not all feminists consider post-feminism a part of feminism, some viewing it rather as a critique of feminism.[7]

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Arabic :

المملكة المتحدة، إنجلترا، لندن، تحرير المرأة، والمرأة ركوب الدراجات، تحرر المرأة، فيمينيسم،,

Bulgarian :

Великобритания, Англия, Лондон, освобождение на жените, жените Колоездене, жените ИЪ, femenism, ,

Catalan :

Regne Unit, Anglaterra, Londres, l'alliberament de la dona, Ciclisme femení, lib de dones, femenism, ,

Chinese Simplified :


Chinese Traditional :


Czech :

Velká Británie, Anglie, Londýn, osvobození žen, ženská cyklistika, zrovnoprávnění žen, femenism, ,

Danish :

Forenede Kongerige, England, London, Women's liberation, kvinders cykling, Women's lib, femenism, ,

Dutch :

Groot-Brittannië, Engeland, Londen, bevrijding van de vrouw, vrouwen fietsen, vrouwen lib, femenism, ,

Estonian :

Suurbritannia, Inglismaa, London, Women's liberation, naiste Rattasõit, naiste lib, femenism, ,

Finnish :

Iso-Britannia, Englanti, Lontoo, naisten vapautusliikkeessä, Naisten pyöräily, naisten lib, femenism, ,

French :

Royaume-Uni, Angleterre, Londres, libération de la femme, cyclisme féminin, féministes, femenism, ,

German :

Großbritannien, England, London, Befreiung der Frauen, Frauen Radsport, Frauenrechte, Femenism, ,

Greek :

Ηνωμένο Βασίλειο, Αγγλία, Λονδίνο, απελευθέρωση των γυναικών, των γυναικών ποδηλασία, lib γυναικών, femenism, ,

Haitian Creole :

UK, Angletè, London, Liberasyon fanm, fanm kou gason a bisiklèt an, lib fanm, femenism, ,

Hebrew :

בבריטניה, אנגליה, לונדון, שחרור האשה, אופניים לנשים, lib נשים, femenism, ,

Hindi :

ब्रिटेन, इंग्लैंड, लंदन, महिलाओं की मुक्ति, महिला सायक्लिंग, महिला lib, femenism, ,

Hungarian :

Egyesült Királyság, Anglia, London, női felszabadulás, női kerékpár, a Women's lib, a femenism, ,

Indonesian :

UK, Inggris, London, pembebasan perempuan, perempuan Bersepeda, lib perempuan, femenism, ,

Italian :

Regno Unito, Inghilterra, Londra, liberazione delle donne, ciclismo femminile, lib femminile, femenism, ,

Japanese :

イギリス、イングランド、ロンドン、女性解放、女性のサイクリング、ウーマン ・ リブは、femenism、,

Korean :

영국, 잉글랜드, 런던, 여자의 해방, 여자 사이클, 여자의 lib, femenism, ,

Latvian :

Lielbritānija, Anglija, Londona, sieviešu atbrīvošanās, sieviešu riteņbraukšana, sieviešu lib, femenism, ,

Lithuanian :

JK, Anglijoje, Londone, moterų išsilaisvinimo, moterų dviračių, Women's lib, femenism, ,

Norwegian :

Storbritannia, England, London, kvinners frigjøring, women's sykling, Women's lib, femenism, ,

Polish :

Wielka Brytania, Anglia, Londyn, wyzwolenia kobiet, Kolarstwo kobiet, kobiet lib, femenism, ,

Portuguese :

Reino Unido, Inglaterra, Londres, a liberação das mulheres, as mulheres ciclismo, feminista, femenism, ,

Romanian :

Marea Britanie, Anglia, Londra, eliberare de femei, femei pe bicicleta, femeii lib, femenism, ,

Russian :

Великобритания, Англия, Лондон, освобождение женщин, женщин в Велоспорт, lib женщин, femenism, ,

Slovak :

UK, Anglicku, Londýne, oslobodenie žien, žien Cyklistika Dámske lib, femenism, ,

Slovenian :

Velika Britanija, Anglija, London, osvoboditev žensk ženske kolesarjenje, Women's lib, femenism, ,

Spanish :

Reino Unido, Inglaterra, Londres, liberación de la mujer, ciclismo de mujeres, feminista, femeneidad, ,

Swedish :

Storbritannien, England, London, kvinnors frigörelse, kvinnors cykling, Women's lib, femenism, ,

Thai :

สหราชอาณาจักร อังกฤษ ลอนดอน ปลดปล่อยผู้หญิง ผู้หญิงขี่จักรยาน lib ผู้หญิง femenism,

Turkish :

UK, İngiltere, Londra, kadın kurtuluş, bayanlar bisiklet, kadınlar lib, femenism, ,

Ukrainian :

Великобританія, Англія, Лондон, жіночий визволення жіночого Велоспорт lib жіноче, femenism, ,

Vietnamese :

Vương Quốc Anh, Anh, London, giải phóng của phụ nữ, phụ nữ chạy xe đạp, lib của phụ nữ, femenism, ,




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Original video: 4th Olympics: London, 1908 -
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